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What Can You Do With A Master's Degree In Social Work In 2022?

A master's degree in social work can provide many opportunities to you. For example, with a MSW degree (master of social work), you can find a career in social services. In addition, it's possible to become a therapist when you have a master's degree in social work. Social workers in schools can help children cope with bullying and other issues.

Some of the master's in social work can also be applied to clinical settings. It all comes down to your personal preference.

After the Social Work MSW, some people may get a Ph.D. to research and teach. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of social workers in 2020 was $51,760 per year in the United States. 

What can you do with a master's degree in social work? Let's find out today. 

What You Can Do With A Master's Degree In Social Work

Graduate programs prepare you for the world out there! When you enroll in a MSW program, you are setting down a particular path. With a social work graduate degree, you can find yourself prepared to work for the mentally ill or those who face a terminal illness. You can help families with child welfare and a lot more. When working as a social worker, you would also be assisting people in coping with substance abuse

You can become a licensed clinical social worker or choose a different path. The choice is yours! Finding a suitable school to obtain your masters is essential. After graduating, you can work for government agencies, schools, and more! 

Consider the following career paths:

#1. Health Service Manager 

As a health service manager, you may find yourself responsible for training healthcare social workers. In addition, you may manage a facility for the physicians. You would do a lot, and it's vital to have effective communication and administration skills. 

The average salary of a health service manager in the United States is $80,457 per year. 

#2. Substance Abuse Counselor 

People who find it hard to leave drug or alcohol would benefit from a substance abuse counselor. They can guide people towards recovery. 

The median salary of a substance abuse counselor in the United States is $55,350 per year. 

#3. School Social Worker 

As a social school worker, you would be working with the parents, families, students, and the school administrators. In addition, school social workers help students cope with their school and community problems. They try to enhance the students' academic performance and ensure their well-being. 

The average salary of a school social worker in the United States is $49,455 per year, according to PayScale. 

Why Consider A Career In Social Work? 

When you consider social work a career, it shows you care about the community and people around you. You can become a community organizer, supervisor, clinician, advocate, or administrator and make a tangible effect in the lives around you.

You can also pair master's in social work with a law degree to provide legal services to people who need it the most.

As a clinical social worker, you would be providing psychotherapy to the patients. In addition, you would be providing counseling services to treat mental illness and other conditions.

If your client is dealing with grief, trauma, or relationship problems, then you can be a ray of hope. You would be working with the patient directly. 

In this profession, you would assess any mental health issues with your patients. Then, you would diagnose the disorders, and also, you would plan the appropriate treatment. 

Your communication skills must be excellent as the patients communicate with you! They want to open up, but you have to be welcoming and trustworthy. 

Wrapping It Up 

A master's degree in social work opens career opportunities to you and gives you a chance to do something better for society and humanity. Moreover, every profession pertaining to social work is vital as it helps prepare people to deal with a tough time.

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