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The Resume Checker analyzes your existing resume for gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement to determine your holistic resume score. Get an accurate, detailed assessment of your current resume with recommendations you can act on.

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Resume Insights to Strengthen Your Next Application

Quickly Uncover Key Gaps in Your Resume

Get a detailed breakdown of the existing issues with your resume, and how to fix them.

Teal automatically checks your resume for weaknesses to quickly surface key opportunities where you can improve.

Watch your overall resume score increase in real-time as you make progress.

Check Your Resume for Quality Issues & Misalignments

Scan your resume for quality issues to avoid overlooking subtle yet important details.

Check your professional summary, achievements, and skills to ensure that your resume is aligned with best practices.

Identify qualitative issues that you can improve to showcase your career in the strongest possible light.

Find Ways to Enhance Key Sections of Your Resume

Receive personalized recommendations to strengthen the crucial parts of your resume.

Find opportunities to enhance your resume content with more strategic use of keywords in each of the main sections.

Leverage the Resume Checker to tailor your resume so you can make a meaningful impression on potential employers.

Is Your Resume in Good Standing?

Our Resume Checker examines each individual section of your resume to identify pressing issues that we have seen be influential in the hiring process.

The resume check is designed to deliver personalized recommendations for how you can enhance your resume content and appearance in meaningful ways.

We developed the resume score to give job seekers an easy, accurate mechanism to make sure their resume is in good shape, before they apply.

Get immediate feedback on the current state of your resume, and see how it stacks up in different categories:

  • Resume Structure
  • Information Completeness
  • Measurable Results
  • Language & Keyword Usage
  • Quality Signals
  • +5 More

How to Use the Resume Checker


Import Your Existing Resume into the Resume Builder

Don’t have an existing resume? Import your LinkedIn profile, or build a resume from scratch in minutes.

Add your resume
Analyze your resume score

Go to the “Analysis” section to check your Resume Score

To check your resume score and review the findings, simply head to the "Analysis" section by clicking the following tab.

Your resume analysis will run automatically, so there's no need to manually start or run anything. You'll see your results and recommendations immediately.


Review Your Results and Start Making Improvements

Once you’re in the “Analysis” section, you’ll see a list of your existing issues.

To view details about each issue, click the issue card to see the description, and click “Show Me” to see exactly where this issue exists on your resume.

Review your resume score

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the resume score calculated?

The Resume Checker uses a scoring system that factors in a variety of data points from different types of resume information. Some of these include:

  • Resume Structure
  • Measurable Results
  • Keyword Usage
  • and more

Using this criteria, we grade your resume on a scale of 0-100%, according to best practices that have been proven to drive hiring decisions.

What is considered a good resume score?

A good resume score is 80% or higher.

This means that your current resume version aligns with most of the recommended best practices, and is not missing any vital information.

Which resume issues are most important to check?

While we recommend addressing all of the issues that are highlighted by in the resume analysis, they won’t always have equal importance.

The exact order of priority will depend on your particular situation and which position you're applying for, but we urge you to address the issues from the “Resume Structure” group first if present. These issues are related to missing sections, missing information, or information that lacks completeness.

You want to maximize every inch of your resume to make the greatest possible impact/impression, so we suggest first making sure that your resume has all of the information it needs. Once you’ve taken care of that, then move on to updating/optimizing the information in the best possible way.

Does the resume check factor in ATS?

The Resume Checker analyzes your resume on many of the same factors and criteria that the ATS looks for.

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