Job Application Tracker

Track & Organize Your Job Search

The leading tool for organizing, tracking, and managing all of your job applications in one place.

Save jobs throughout your search
A fast, convenient way to bookmark jobs
Track & organize job opportunities by stage
Keep a high level view of your job search pipeline
Get job description insights
View rich keyword & skill insights for every job
Job Bookmarking

Save Your Favorite Jobs Faster

Save job listings directly from your browser to accelerate your job search process. Use our Chrome Extension to start bookmarking jobs from anywhere.
create and edit resumes
Job Search CRM

Run a More Organized Job Search

Ditch the spreadsheets for a more structured, streamlined approach. Track and monitor all your job applications in one place to move faster and shorten your search.
analyze your resume
Job Insights

Tailor Your Applications with Job Insights

Use the keyword and skill insights from job descriptions to guide your application process. Use recommendations to create tailored resumes that land more interviews.
resume ai features
Job Application Checklists

Keep Making Progress

Stay one step ahead with custom checklists for each job application. Leverage your network for job referrals and get your foot in the door.
create ATS friendly resumes
Job Search Email Templates

Manage Your Follow Ups

Choose from 40+ email templates designed for every stage of the job search. Plan ahead and schedule follow ups for applications, interviews, and much more.
ai resume builder based on job description
Job Search Contact Management

Add Contacts to Jobs

Identify potential recruiters, hiring managers, and referrals for each job you are applying for. Grow your network and leverage the power of people within your job search.
ai resume builder based on job description

Streamline your Job Search


Find & Save

With the Teal Chrome Extension, you have the ability to save directly from the job board and it will appear in your tracker.



Stay on top of your search by using our tracker to view roles, key information, excitement levels and statues in one view!


Tailor & Apply

Gain guidance at every step, suggested keywords, cover letter generation, job match scoring and more!


Monitor & Follow Up

Editing your resume with Teal ensures you're presenting your best self when applying to roles.

Explore the Job Tracker

Job Tracker Features

Chrome Extension

Job boards include: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, BuiltIn and many more. Add job information, ratings, and notes in real time right from the Chrome Extension. Automatically detects compensation within the job description.


Add positions directly to your Teal Job Application Tracker to stay on top of your job search progress.  Organize all your job opportunities in one place.


Rate all your saved jobs to prioritize the ones you are interested in the most. Spend more time focusing on the positions that excite you the most.


Automatically extract the top keywords from your bookmarked jobs to know which positions are the best fit.  Include top keywords in your application materials to stand out.

Spreadsheet View

Imagine an excel or google sheets, but customized for all your job searches. Stay organized and quickly see your progress and pipeline at once with Teal’s Job Application Tracker. 


Email templates for every stage of the job search.  Reach out to recruiters and hiring managers faster and follow up on job applications.


Bookmark recruiters, hiring managers, coworkers, friends and much more.  Organize all your professional contacts in one place and leverage company referrals.


Add notes to every position, contact, and company to track tasks and improve your job search process.  


Not sure what to do next?  Leverage our personalized guidance and recommended tasks for every stage of the job search to keep making progress.

Advance your career like never before

Join thousands of professionals to enhance your resume,
track your job search, and land a job you love.
I just started using Teal yesterday for my current job search and I love it! *SO* much better than the spreadsheet I was using before to track all of my job opportunities.
Benny Bennett
Engineering Manager
Teal is the most useful tool I have come across for someone looking to manage a process of finding a new role.
Robert Tuck
Senior Director
Teal has revolutionized my job search! It's blown my mind because it has kept me so organized. Not only does it help me track my saved jobs, but I can also create custom resumes and cover letters to apply with and then track their status.
Pamela Brooke
Operations Systems Specialist

Need to level up your career even faster?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my job applications?

With Teal’s Job Application Tracker, you can bookmark jobs on any job board and keep all your job opportunities organized in one place.  Use Teal’s free Chrome extension to bookmark jobs directly to your Teal Job Search Tracker with just 1 click from 50+ job boards.  Rate your excitement, review top keywords, add notes, and track your progress using our job  tracking software.  Update your job application status as you make progress in your job search from bookmarked to negotiating and everything in between.

What is a job tracker tool?

The best way to track job applications is through leveraging technologies or a job tracking system to automate the tedious job search process and organize job-related information in an efficient way. Further, it saves you from spending your time maintaining messy spreadsheets and losing important information along the way.  A job tracker tool helps you manage your job search, track your job applications, and boost your chances of getting interviews and landing your dream job. A job tracker makes your job search simpler and more efficient.

How much does the job tracker cost?

Bookmark and track progress on unlimited jobs and make custom resumes all for free.  Easily add and track unlimited contacts and companies with your free Teal membership.  Get started today and track your entire job search in one place.