Generate Resume Bullet Points with AI

The Resume Bullet Point Generator creates impactful bullet points for your resume to make your work experience shine. Generate metric-focused bullet points that highlight your biggest career achievements.

resume bullet point generator

Write Resume Achievements that Make an Impact

Generate Bullet Points that Focus on Tangible Results

Achievements that emphasize results will set you apart as a candidate.

Use AI to generate bullet points that show impact instead of listing out your past responsibilities.

Tailor Your Resume Bullet Points to the Job

In addition to being metric-focused, your resume achievements should highlight the experience that's most relevant to the position.

Generate resume bullet points that align closely with the core responsibilities of the job.

Match your resume to a specific job description, and let AI take care of the rest.

Speed Up Your Resume Creation Process with AI

You can leverage AI to enhance both the quality of your resume bullet points and the rate at which you create them.

Save hours on your resume by generating multiple achievements for each of your past positions.

Use Teal to accelerate your process so you can apply for more jobs and get hired sooner.

Write Resume Achievements that Make a Stronger Impression

If there’s one section of your resume that you need to get right, it’s your work experience.

Employers ultimately want to know not only that you can do the job, but that you can be successful in the role and deliver results for the organization.

Position yourself as the best candidate by enhancing your resume bullet points.

The Resume Bullet Point Generator is designed to select the most relevant achievements from your career and frame them most effectively by emphasizing metrics and numbers to demonstrate impact.

Take advantage of Teal to improve your achievements, accelerate your process, and get hired sooner.

How to Use the Resume Bullet Point Generator


Import Your Existing Resume into the Resume Builder

Don't have an existing resume? Import your LinkedIn profile, or build a resume from scratch in minutes.

The more career details you provide, the better your achievements will be.

how to use the resume bullet point generator - step 1 - import your existing resume
how to use the resume bullet point generator - step 2 - update your work experiences

Update Your Resume Work Experiences

To leverage the Resume Bullet Point Generator to its full potential, it’s best to provide the most updated, most relevant information in your Work Experience section to ensure that your achievements will be crafted in the most impactful way.

If you haven’t already, update your Work Experience section to include details for each of the last 2-3 roles you’ve held in your career.


Generate Your Resume Bullet Points with AI

Once your bullet points have been generated, you can save the ones you like best, and then as you build each resume, select which achievements you want to feature by toggling them on and off individually.

how to use the resume bullet point generator - step 3 - generate your bullet points with AI

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good resume bullet point?

When it comes to your resume, a great bullet point should meet the following criteria:

  1. It should clearly demonstrate your impact, ideally with metrics or numbers
  2. It should be written with strong, compelling action verbs
  3. It should be relevant to the specific position that you're applying to
  4. It should be no longer than 3 sentences
Should I generate my bullet points with AI?

Yes, the Resume Bullet Point Generator can be a very effective tool to jumpstart your resume creation process and increase the impact of your work experiences.

It's important to note that the quality of the output from our AI tool will depend on the level of information and detail that you include in your resume.

To improve the quality of your resume bullet points, make sure to both fully update your resume and attach a relevant job description to it. This will ensure that your achievements are tailored to the role you're applying for.

How does the bullet point generator work?

Teal uses the information from your existing resume to customize your bullet points.

Based on the content that you've added to your resume, the Resume Bullet Point Generator will create new achievements that both cater to your experiences and follow best practices.

Can I generate my achievements for free?

Yes, simply sign up for a free Teal account, and follow the steps outlined above.

You will be allotted 5 free resume achievement AI generations in the free tier, and unlimited AI usage as a Teal+ member (along with many other benefits).

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