The people behind Teal, helping you land the job you love

Our long-term goal: to help people make confident career decisions from the day they start working to the day they retire—starting with the job search.

Our Mission

To empower job seekers as they confidently grow and thrive in their careers. By shedding light on a complex process, we aim to level the playing field—ensuring everyone can pursue meaningful work that aligns with their unique goals and values.

A headshot photo of founder and CEO of Teal, Dave Fano

Our Story

Our founder, Dave Fano, was a seasoned professional at a crossroads in his career—uncertain of the path forward. He sought advice, tools, and resources to guide his decisions, but the process was fragmented and intimidating. This experience sparked a passion for making career navigation clear, more personal, and more empowering.

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Our Investors

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We're a remote-first company

Built on trust first, every team member is empowered to excel and innovate from wherever they are.

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Company Values

Our shared values unite us, guiding our efforts as one cohesive team.

Take Initiative
Step out of your comfort zone. Don't wait to be asked for something to start delivering value—just make sure what you're working on matters.
There's Got to Be a Better Way
Challenge the status quo. If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks, stop and ask yourself, is there a better way.
Start and End with Intentions
Focus on the end goal with an open mind. How can you solve for the intent?
Trust First
Foster an environment of integrity where we can rely on honesty—encouraging a positive and collaborative community.
Test & Learn Openly
Focus on having a growth mindset and encourage everyone to embrace diverse viewpoints. We come from varied industries, backgrounds, and stages in our careers.
No Prolonged Discomfort
Delaying action doesn't resolve matters. When faced with tough decisions or situations, address these issues head-on.
Embrace Feedback
We believe that feedback is essential for us to learn and grow, as individuals and as a company.

Meet some of the Teal leadership team

Our shared values unite us, guiding our efforts as one cohesive team.

A headshot photo of founder and CEO of Teal, Dave Fano

Dave Fano

My #1 tip for someone looking to grow their career: You don’t need permission from anyone to do so. You’re in the driver’s seat and have agency over your future.
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A comic book store clerk
A headshot photo of VP of Product & Operations at Teal, Lara Perlstein

Lara Perlstein

VP, Product & Operations
My favorite part of working at Teal would be the people! Not only the Teal team I get to work with every day but all our amazing members who are helping us to build the best product possible!
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Worked at a local ski shop called "hickory & Tweed"
A headshot photo of CTO of Teal, Keith Gould

Keith Gould

Traits I look for in candidates at Teal:
Easily mission alignment, which translates directly to empathy for real people facing hard career questions, wanting help and guidance.
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Beta Tester at a software game company
A headshot photo of VP of Marketing at Teal, Lia Zneimer

Lia Zneimer

VP, Marketing
My advice to someone joining a startup: Embrace a growth mindset and don’t be  afraid to make mistakes. When you’re growing quickly, you have to test and learn openly.
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