Our mission is to enable
fulfilling careers for everyone.

About Us

At Teal, we are a collective of individuals who have all been through uncertainty and career challenges before. We have all felt lost out at sea and lacked the support of a community. We want to help you through these moments.

Since late 2019, we’ve been building Teal to be a career partner that helps individuals advocate for themselves and build meaningful careers. We’ve spent the last few months changing gears to be able to quickly launch the tools that will help people most - and most immediately - during this time. They are the tools and guidance we wish we’d had.

What We Do

Careers aren't just a means of making money. The decisions you make surrounding each job offer you accept affect all parts of your life — everything from where you live to your personal satisfaction. That's why at Teal, our approach extends beyond just job seeking.

Expert Career
Guidance & Content

Teal guided sessions and exclusive content that will teach you best practices for anything related to your career — everything from resume writing to salary negotiation tactics.

Tools to Optimize your
Career Strategy

Most job tools that exist only focus on things like resume format or job postings. We've built an entire suite of tools that will teach you how to build your career overtime and track your achievements.

A Supportive Professional Community

Our community approach makes job searching a little less lonely. You can lean on other professionals for support or advice and also use them to expand your professional network and reach.

The Road Ahead

Find a program that you can join today for a one-time fee of $99. Behind the curtain, we have a lot of exciting things on the horizon including a more extensive suite of digital tools that will help manage your career, job search more efficiently and plan your growth. Additionally, we'll be launching a standalone Premium Membership you can sign up for separate from our program.

Until then, we'd love for you to join our growing community. Your participation and feedback is invaluable to our success of helping professionals on their journey.

Our Investors

Our Team

Dave Fano
CEO & Founder
Teresa Nolan
Chief of Staff
Erik Martin
Chief Community Officer
Satya Patel
Director of Career Services
Lara Perlstein
Member Operations
Staci Taustine
Career Guide
Mondrian Hsieh
Product Manager
Shu Shu Wu
Lead User Researcher
Leah Dungo
Lead Product Designer
Keith Gould
Lead Engineer
Jorge Sierra
Software Engineer
Cristina Silva
Front-End Developer

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