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What is Teal

A digital place for people to take control of their career path.

If you're looking to advance your career in the tech industry, Teal Membership provides you with the tools, community, and expert guidance you need to thrive.

Digital Career 

Management Platform

Teal gives you powerful tools that will give you confidence at every stage of your journey—from optimizing your job search, to clarifying your goals, and even nurturing a deeper understanding of yourself.

Community, Networking
& Career Events

Growing your career with other people is more effective (and more fun!) than doing it alone. As a member of the Teal Community, you’ll meet supportive and caring humans who will be there to cheer you along and provide backup when you need it most.

Live Workshops
& Expert Guidance

In addition to weekly programs and interactive events, you’ll have access to a growing collection of video content from experts. You’ll also have a library of time-saving templates and worksheets.

How We Stack Up

Premium Membership
starts at $13 per month.

Unlike transactional career coaches and courses that leave you hanging, Teal stays with you throughout your career and provides guidance, support, and community.

& Tools
Live Expert
Community &
Teal Membership $149 per year
1:1 Career Coaching $300 per session
Online Career Courses $197 per course

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