8 Excellent Zety Alternatives for Job Seekers

Building that perfect resume is a daunting challenge for most job seekers. So is making the needed adjustments for every single role you apply for. 

And even once you get the content of your resume worked out, you need to think through the format and visual style, too.

To help job seekers like you craft stronger, more compelling resumes, a handful of tools like Zety have come along. Zety offers a wide range of resume templates. It also helps you build your resume by suggesting pre-written elements for your job description based on what you provide.

But Zety includes some frustrating limitations, and the app doesn’t make anything available for free.

In this blog post you’ll learn about eight of the best Zety alternatives, with features and pricing information for each.

3 key takeaways

  • Zety is a widely used resume builder with some frustrating limitations
  • Other options on the market offer a better overall experience
  • Teal combines an AI Resume Builder with several other powerful tools for a compelling (and mostly free) Zety alternative

1. Teal

Teal is a powerful Zety alternative that includes an AI Resume Builder, a Job Application Tracker, customizable templates, and a free Career Hub packed with resources. It’s the fastest way to improve your resume and cover letter, and its user-friendly design allows job seekers to quickly make the small tweaks needed to optimize their resume for every application and potential employer.

Remember: To secure your dream job, it's crucial to create your best-looking resume, one that is not only visually striking but also resonates effectively with recruiters.

There’s also much more to Teal, including a LinkedIn Profile Review that can analyze your LinkedIn profile in real time and offer suggestions for improvement directly within your browser. With the Contacts Tracker, you can add contacts, linking them to specific jobs to remember who you spoke to about which roles and when.

Best of all: Teal doesn’t hide its functionality behind a paywall. Most of the capabilities within Teal are available to all members, including those with a free subscription.

Join Teal today and build application materials that outpace what you’ve seen elsewhere.

Best features

  • AI-powered suggestions improve the tone and focus of your resume
  • Industry-specific resume examples show you what hiring managers expect to see
  • Job Application Tracker helps you keep track of your progress on multiple applications
  • Customizable resume templates help you make the best use of your resume real estate


Many Teal features are completely free, including some of the AI-powered features. For premium features like Unlimited Advanced Resume Analysis and Unlimited Keyword Matching, you can upgrade to Teal+ for $9/week.

2. MyPerfectResume

Most recruiters make their initial decision on whether to keep reading or move on from a resume within just 7.4 seconds! That’s not a lot of time to make a solid impression. MyPerfectResume wants to help you polish up your information so you can make those seconds count.

As far as the resume builder itself, it looks rather familiar. If you’ve just tested out Zety and you jump straight into MyPerfectResume, you might feel a sense of deja vu. 

That’s because the two resume builders are very similar in the setup stage, down to the recommended bullet points that show up when you get to the job description section.

In addition to the Resume Builder, you’ll find a CV Builder and Cover Letter Builder that work similarly. MyPerfectResume also offers a variety of training materials and a job board.

Be aware that MyPerfect Resume isn’t technically an AI resume builder. It’s just pulling pre-written phrases that it thinks might be relevant from its database—it’s not writing anything new. 

Best features

  • Easily build a professional resume in minutes.
  • Choose from pre-written bullet points that fit your work history.
  • See numerous examples of materials written using current best practices.


MyPerfectResume describes itself as a “free online resume maker,” but that’s not exactly true. If you want to download or use that “free” resume, you’ll need to pay $2.95 for 14 days of access—but then you’ll be auto-renewed at $23.95 every four weeks.

3. Novoresume

Novoresume has a different feel than Zety and MyPerfectResume. Your first step once arriving on Novoresume’s site is to pick a template and provide some basic information, which will register you for an account. 

Next, you land on a preformatted resume page full of blanks you’ll need to fill in. You can edit the sections to change the look, and Novoresume will offer guidance when it thinks your information isn’t strong enough, but it won’t supply content for you.

Novoresume is a great choice if you already have a good idea of what you want your resume to say, and it’s one option that can help you create a more eye-catching resume. But it might not be the best fit if you need help describing your experience.

Best features

  • Edit your resume’s look using the detailed tools provided.
  • See grammar-checker style suggestions on how to improve your written content.
  • Know what you’re paying for, thanks to transparent pricing.


Novoresume allows you to create a single resume or CV for free. If you need more, the company uses a straightforward pricing system. You can buy one month of access for $19.99, three months for $39.99, or an entire year for $99.99. These are one-time charges—Novoresume doesn’t use auto-renew tactics.

4. ResumeLab

ResumeLab is another online resume builder product that looks similar to Zety and MyPerfectResume. You supply basic information, and ResumeLab can step in with prepopulated phrases if you’re not sure what to say about job descriptions.

If you’ve tried MyPerfectResume or Zety, you won’t find anything new here in terms of structure, but you might get better auto-generated results.

Best features

  • Easily build a polished resume in just a few minutes.
  • Populate your work history with suggested phrases.
  • Add unique content to your resume’s footer, or add your own sections.


ResumeLab charges just $2.70 for a 14-day subscription. It will auto-renew on day 15 for decidedly more money. (ResumeLab doesn’t make the amount clear anywhere prior to paying the initial subscription.)

5. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is another tool that helps job seekers build resumes, CVs, and cover letters. It follows the same structure as Zety and ResumeLab, with a few important differences. Resume Genius offers job seekers additional documentation, training materials, and free-to-download cover letter and resume templates. And it’s lower in cost.

Best features

  • Download your Resume Genius resume for free as a text file.
  • Get the same functionality as Zety at a much lower monthly price.
  • Brush up your skills using a library of helpful explainers and resources.


Resume Genius has a $2.95 14-day trial, which auto-renews into an annual plan of $7.95/month ($95.40/year). Interestingly, Resume Genius does allow you to download your resume for free—but only as a plain text file.

6. CakeResume

CakeResume is an international job search platform that also provides a unique approach to building resumes, CVs, and portfolios.

CakeResume expects you to supply more of what you want your resume to say, but it does offer editing and design tools (along with dozens of templates across numerous industries) so you can make your resume shine. Resume snippets can help round out your message, too.

Best features

  • Advanced design tools let you modify your resume however you want.
  • Premium resume snippets can add polish and professionalism.
  • Usable free tier lets you experiment and learn the tool before you pay.


CakeResume allows you to build and download one resume for free, but it will show CakeResume branding. For more resumes, better snippets, and no branding, you’ll need the $10/month plan. A $15/month plan adds Google Analytics.

7. VisualCV

VisualCV is a professional-focused service for building CVs and resumes. The resume builder is easy to use and even allows you to build an entire website for your resume. You’ll find all sorts of professional templates, and there are quite a few educational resources here, too.

VisualCV also offers pro services, where human resume writers can review or even write your resume for you.

Best features

  • Beautiful resume templates help you stand out
  • Detailed editor allows more customization than some competitors
  • Wide range of educational resources 


VisualCV lets you test drive all resume templates and create one actual resume for free. After that, you’ll need to pay $15/month (billed quarterly) to develop your job search documents.

8. Kickresume

Kickresume is a resume builder, remote jobs board, and resume checker. The platform also includes generative AI-powered writers that can create your resume, CV, or even resignation letters.

Kickresume allows users to create resumes that are optimized and visually engaging, which is a great combination for getting seen and being memorable.

Kickresume’s resume checker is a strong addition for job seekers who already have a resume: It will analyze your existing resume and make dynamic suggestions for improvement.

Best features

  • Visually engaging resumes 
  • Unique remote-friendly job board Pyjama Jobs
  • Generative AI tools


Kickresume gives you four basic templates for free, but for the best experience, you’ll want their Premium plan. It costs $60 annually or $19/month if you don’t need the annual plan.

Choose Teal to build your professional resume today

Searching for a Zety alternative reveals a handful of tools that look and feel very similar. Since you’re already considering switching, why not switch to a service that offers much, much more?

Teal is different. It’s an AI Resume Builder,  Job Application Tracker, Linkedin Profile Review tool, and more.

Teal’s AI Resume Builder is the go-to tool for resume creation. It’s easier to get started, easier to customize, and easier to make incremental improvements, thanks to Teal’s intelligent pop-up suggestions.

Best of all? You can experience 90% of Teal without paying a cent! Ready to see what Teal can do for you? Sign up for your free Teal account today.

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