The Best AI Resume Builders: 5 Tools to Up Your Resume Game

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October 26, 2023
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Eager to land your dream job? It all starts with the perfect resume.

But resume writing can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and (let's face it) kind of a pain—especially when you’re applying to dozens (or even hundreds) of jobs.

People usually turn to an AI Resume Builder tool because they’re tired of:

  • Tailoring their resume from scratch for every single role they’re applying to
  • Writing strong resume achievements that include the most important keywords from the job description and show impact, not just responsibilities
  • Crafting a concise, professional summary that captures a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention
  • Wasting time writing custom cover letters for jobs they may or may not hear back from (because who has bandwidth for that much fan fiction?)

With an AI resume builder, you can save hours each week on your job search. Time you'd otherwise spend tailoring your resumes and cover letters at scale is now freed up to focus on parts of the job search that are higher-impact, like networking and preparing for interviews.

The good news: There are a number of AI-powered resume generators that make it possible to create a new resume from the ground up or optimize an existing resume through natural language processing and machine learning.

The best builder will help you create a polished resume in a matter of minutes and get precious time back to spend on other parts of your search—or, even better, things not related to the job search at all.

In this post, you'll explore some of the best AI resume builders on the market and what they have to offer:

  1. Teal
  2. Kickresume
  3. Zety
  4. ResumeGenius
  5. VisualCV

Struggling to update your resume for the job you’re excited about? Get started with Teal’s AI Resume Builder today.

1. Teal

Best AI resume builder

Teal is a career growth platform that empowers users to achieve new levels of success through specialized resources and tools, including its innovative AI Resume Builder.

Teal’s easy-to-use tool uses AI technology to quickly create, edit, and optimize resumes. Whether you're starting completely from scratch or have an existing resume to enhance, AI technology generates beautiful resumes that include job summaries, achievements, and even custom-tailored cover letters for specific job openings.

Ultimately, the Teal AI Resume Builder makes it incredibly quick and easy to create an optimized resume to expedite your job search and stand out from the crowd.

Key Feature #1: Quickly tailor each resume to fit the job description and highlight relevant experiences—all in one platform.

With most other AI resume builders, you have to copy and paste the link to the job description to start tailoring your resume… which means you need to keep track of those links in a Google Sheet, Excel document, or Notion page.

With Teal, you have a built-in Job Application Tracker so all of your jobs prospects are saved in one central place. All you have to do is toggle to “Matching Mode” in the AI Resume Builder to see exactly which keywords (hard and soft skills) are most important in the job description, and whether or not you have those words somewhere in your career history.

Best AI resume builder highlighting relevant keywords
Tailor your resume in minutes with Teal's Matching Mode.

For example, imagine you're a customer success manager with a fantastic career history of impact and steady professional growth. You've been searching for a new role for some time, but you keep getting automated "thanks, but no thanks" emails for almost every application.

But using Teal's Matching Mode, you find that your resume needs to incorporate some specific, unique keywords you hadn't considered for almost every role. Once you tailor your resume to every job you save in the Job Application Tracker, you begin to get those elusive interviews—transforming your job search with one tool.

Key Feature #2: GPT integration allows you to generate metric-driven achievements using keywords from the job description.

Using prewritten, generic resume bullets offered by some resume-building software won't help you highlight your unique impact or align your qualifications with a specific job.

The GPT-3 integration in the Teal Resume Builder allows you to produce metric-driven achievements that use the most important keywords from each specific job description.

Best AI resume builder writing achievements
Generate metric-drive achievements with AI.

For example, say you’re a social media manager and you were responsible for day-to-day management of a company’s TikTok account. Instead of “Oversaw the company’s TikTok strategy and created content,” Teal’s AI Resume Builder will generate resume bullet points like, “Grew the company’s TikTok following by 20% in 3 months with product-driven content, resulting in a 40% increase in sign-ups.”

Remember: the AI-generated Resume Achievements will provide you with a foundation to work from. It doesn’t know your exact accomplishments or pull specifics from your resume, but it gives you a great starting point based on the important elements of a strong resume achievement so all you have to do is tweak as needed.

Key Feature #3: Save an unlimited number of professional summaries and generate new ones with AI using keywords from the job description.

With some traditional AI Resume Builders, you create a brand-new resume for every job you apply to—but what happens when you have one professional summary that you want to use as the base across all versions of your resume, and you only want to tweak a few keywords without re-inventing the wheel?

Enter Teal. You have full control over which professional summary and resume achievements show up on each version of your resume.

Need to adjust a few words? Save those changes locally. Spot a typo that you don’t want to copy and paste back into the 50 other versions of your resume? Save that change to all resumes with one click.

You can create an unlimited number of professional summaries in the Teal Resume Builder and generate new ones with AI using keywords from the job description.

Generate multiple professional summaries with Teal's AI.

Imagine you're a project manager with a great foundational resume, but each time you apply for a new role, you edit specific keywords and skills to align with the job description. This becomes a time-consuming task (especially when you're trying to emphasize aspects of your experience across different industries).

Using Teal's intuitive design, you can choose which professional summary is best for every PM role. And when you need to make a minor tweak for one application? You're able to save it to just one copy. And, upon realizing that you need to use different terminology across multiple versions, you fix it universally with a single click. No more repetitive editing. No more oversight errors.

Key Feature #4: Merge your resume and a job description to create cover letters for each job application in under 30 seconds.

Some platforms offer generic, prewritten cover letter templates, which is great—but only if you want the same content as every other applicant.

Teal’s AI Resume Builder allows for you to merge your resume and a job description to quickly create cover letters for each job application. You’ll need to edit the output before submitting, but the results are a great starting place.

(Note: Before using the best AI Cover Letter Generator, you’ll need to match your resume to a specific job. This allows the AI to pull directly from both the job description and resume to provide relevant copy!)

Best AI resume builder with cover letter generation
Create unique cover letters for every application.

Picture this: you're a recent graduate, ready to job hunt but stuck on crafting unique cover letters. Generic templates feel overused and impersonal, making each application a daunting task.

You decide to give Teal a try, and in less than 30 seconds, it merges your resume with job descriptions, generating distinctive cover letters. A bit of editing, and you're set with a personalized pitch, making your application process smoother and more effective with cover letters that stand out, just like your capabilities.


The best part? Teal's AI Resume Builder is 100% free to use. Simply sign up using your email address and get started right away. Or, upgrade to Teal+ to enjoy additional features that include unlimited AI-generated resume summaries and achievements, keywords, cover letters, and more.

Pricing for Teal+ starts at just $9 per week, though you can save on a monthly or quarterly subscription at $29 per month or $79 every three months.

Ready to quickly tailor your resume with a concise, professional summary and strong resume achievements to grab attention and stand out? Sign up for Teal for free now.

2. Kickresume

Kickresume is another platform that uses AI to make creating or optimizing a resume easier than ever before. Specifically, Kickresume runs on the OpenAI platform, offering a wide range of templates to choose from.

Already trusted by more than 2.5 million job seekers globally, Kickresume's AI Resume Writer tool allows you to start by selecting an eye-catching template and entering your job title. From there, the tool can automatically generate professional sections for your work experience, summary, education, and more.

Key features

  • AI cover letter writer that automatically creates cover letters to match and complement your resume visually
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop versions
  • Built-in proofreading tools to help you avoid mistakes
  • Access to more than 1,500 resume examples to give you some much-needed inspiration


Kickresume offers a free version that includes four basic resume templates with matching cover letter templates and one basic website template. This version also includes unlimited downloads of your resume.

For access to additional features, including more than 35 professional resume templates and matching cover letter templates, an AI resume checker tool, full customization options, and priority chat/email support, consider a monthly or annual plan with costs ranging from $5 to $10 per month.

3. Zety

Another option to consider in your AI resume builder search is Zety, a tool that uses the latest in AI technology to create professional resumes in seconds.

Zety's resume builder was developed by hiring professionals to take the time, stress, and hassle out of generating a resume from scratch or optimizing an existing resume.

All you have to do is choose from one of the many available resume templates to get started. From there, select your desired position, and you'll receive AI-generated suggestions for each section of your resume that you can customize to suit your needs.

After you're happy with the content of your resume, feel free to customize your design further and download a polished copy in .doc or .pdf format. It's that easy!

Key features

  • 18 fully customizable templates for a wide range of industries and seniority levels
  • Resume builder scoring feature, which offers detailed tips for improvement
  • Ability to save/download multiple versions of your resume as needed
  • Ready-to-use content suggestions curated by Zety's team of Certified Professional Resume Writers


While there's no free version or free trial period available for Zety, you can get a two-week trial for just $2.70—and you can cancel at any time. You also have the option to subscribe monthly at $23.70 per month or save with a full-year subscription at $71.40 annually.

With a yearly subscription, you'll also enjoy access to unlimited resumes and cover letters and the ability to custom-tailor your resume to individual job postings.

4. ResumeGenius

ResumeGenius boasts that its Online Resume Builder tool can create your professional resume in 15 minutes. This AI-powered software was designed by a team of certified resume writers, allowing you to start entirely from scratch or upload an existing resume. With this tool, you'll start by answering a few basic questions (such as how much experience you have in your desired field and your highest level of education.

From there, you'll select a template and enter your relevant work experience. For each section, you'll receive AI-generated bullet point suggestions that you can choose to include (or exclude) from your finished resume.

This same process is repeated for each portion of your resume (including your skills and career objectives) until you have a polished document that you can download and save—that is after you create your account.

Key features

  • More than 500 resume and cover letter templates
  • Ability to download your resume as a .doc, .pdf, or .txt file to suit your needs
  • Inspiration in the form of hundreds of sample resumes, CVs, and cover letters across different jobs and industries
  • Additional career resources, such as interview advice and more


There’s no free version of ResumeGenius, though a $2.95 14-day trial includes a free .txt file download of your completed resume.

A monthly subscription is available for $7.95 per month or $95.40 annually and includes unlimited downloads, cover letter templates, and additional features.

5. VisualCV

If you're looking for an AI-powered tool to handle professional resumes and CVs, you may want to check out VisualCV.

This platform offers more than 20 different resume and CV templates to help you personalize your document and built-in AI tools that allow you to create a resume or CV in minutes.

Start by choosing one of VisualCV's professional templates, then customize it to your liking. From there, you can instantly download your finished resume as a .pdf or publish it to your own website.

Unlike other AI resume builders that rely on artificial intelligence to generate resume content, VisualCV uses this technology to perform custom analytics so you can address weaknesses and stand out from your competition.

Key features

  • Mobile-friendly resume templates that are optimized for search engines
  • Analytics that allow you to track views and downloads of your resume
  • Cover letter builder that saves you time and hassle
  • Shareable resume links and the ability to download your resume as a .pdf


VisualCV offers a free account that allows you to test drive all their resume templates and create your first resume at no charge.

For full access to the library of more than 30 professional templates and unlimited resume creation/downloads, sign up for a monthly or quarterly plan (billed at $24 per month or $15 per month, respectively).

How AI is revolutionizing resume building

When ChatGPT debuted in late 2022, it quickly took the world by storm. Today, ChatGPT and similar AI platforms have revolutionized almost every industry imaginable. The business of using ChatGPT to write resumes and cover letters is no different.

Gone are the days of painstakingly writing every last line of your resume from scratch. Today, AI technology makes it possible to make a resume in a matter of minutes.

Some of the best AI resume builders use this technology to auto-generate content specific to a desired job description or job. The result is an effective resume that's more likely to be noticed by potential employers, hiring managers, and applicant tracking systems alike.

Create better resumes with Teal

A resume builder will revolutionize your job search—saving you time, effort, and energy.

And if you're looking for the best intuitive, easy-to-use, and effective tool, Teal's AI Resume Builder has you covered.

With AI generated summaries, achievements, and cover letters, Teal has everything you need to create a better resume.

Automate, personalize, and optimize your resume. Sign up for Teal for free today.

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