Kickresume Review: Ratings and Customer Feedback

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April 9, 2024
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TL;DR: According to customer reviews of Kickresume, job seekers found its resume builder easy to use and liked the professional-looking resumes it creates; but many hesitated to give Kickresume top marks, noting the template-editing options are lacking, the AI functionality is underwhelming, and the tool is overpriced for what you get. In comparison, customers of Teal’s all-in-one AI Resume Builder, Cover Letter Generator, and Job Application Tracker loved Teal’s features for customizing resumes to unique job postings and for its flexible pricing options.

What Job Seekers Think About Kickresume

Finding a new job often feels like a full-time job. And with some postings attracting hundreds of applications, you need the best AI resume builder to help you stand out from the crowd.

A resume can get your foot in the door, but a great resume seizes a hiring manager’s attention, shows off how qualified you are, and—most importantly—conveys relevant skills and experiences.

An online resume builder gives you a leg up. This article explores whether Kickresume builder is the best option to elevate your career search.

Kickresume Reviews: What Is Kickresume?

Kickresume is an online resume maker with various design templates, AI functionality for resume copy, and a browser extension to build cover letters.

Kickresume is an online tool that helps you build resumes and cover letters so you can apply for jobs more effectively.

Kickresume helps you impress your future employer by conveying your story via professional resume with a variety of design templates to choose from, convenient import options from LinkedIn, and even a “Resume Checker” that provides graded feedback for you.

The Kickresume builder is optimized to create a great-looking resume quickly, primarily with its AI technology. Its AI enhancements for making a resume work in three key ways:

  1. Resume writing: Advanced AI features to compose your resume from scratch
  2. Resume writing assistance: Pre-written, AI-suggested phrases to fill in copy for each section of your resume
  3. Resume writing recommendations: AI-generated feedback and suggestions, including ideas to improve different parts of your resume and even talking points to include in interview answers for typical questions based on what’s in your resume

Kickresume helps you customize different sections of your resume with its step-by-step builder, such as with AI-generated, pre-written phrases.

But how does Kickresume’s builder hold up based on customer reviews? How do Kickresume customers feel about its benefits, AI features, and pricing?

And does Kickresume stand up to other career tools, such as Teal’s AI Resume Builder?

We studied customer reviews of Kickresume, summarized the main findings, and compared them to Teal reviews to determine if Kickresume is worth the investment and if the free version of Kickresume can get the job done or, more accurately, secured.

This way, you can decide if Kickresume is the right choice for you and your resume-building needs!

Chrome Web Store Reviews of Kickresume

5 / 5 ⭐

Let’s start with where Kickresume does well according to reviews from customers: its Chrome extension.

From Chrome Web Store reviews about Kickresume, the Kickresume browser extension has a perfect score of five out of five stars (albeit from just 11 reviews).

kickresume chrome extension review
This reviewer says Kickresume helped them with their cover letter.

This reviewer says Kickresume helped them with their cover letter.

Keep in mind that the Kickresume extension for Chrome web browsers is designed specifically for writing cover letters.

You can install it in Chrome and when you have a job posting in a window, you can open the browser extension and it will start writing a first draft of a cover letter based on the job posting.

This is a helpful feature provided by Kickresume because it tailors your cover letter specifically to unique job postings.

Unfortunately, Kickresume’s main resume builder doesn’t offer similar functionality for matching job postings to resumes. But when it comes to using their Chrome extension for cover letters, customers say the “extension is gold” and “perfect for anyone who’s job hunting!”

In contrast, Teal's AI Resume Builder surfaces important keywords from job descriptions and helps you add them to your resume to optimize it to that role.

Trustpilot Reviews of Kickresume

4.5 / 5 ⭐

Kickresume has many reviews on its Trustpilot profile, demonstrating its popularity. On Trustpilot, Kickresume has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on over 1,400 reviews from customers.

That’s a respectable average rating, meaning most people at least find Kickresume satisfactory.

Looking through the 5-star reviews, it’s clear many people got what they needed out of Kickresume without any major issues, like Mike, below, who said Kickresume was “effective yet simple.”

5-star kickresume review on trustpilot notes its simplicity
One reviewer appreciates the simplicity of Kickresume.

But for most world-class software, upwards of 80 percent of reviews give 5-star ratings. Only 73 percent of Kickresume’s 1,400+ reviews have a 5-star rating, showing that a decent portion of customers experienced hiccups.

What are some reasons Kickresume customers hesitate to give 5-star ratings? We wanted to explore them in case they could apply to your job search so you can make the right decision when choosing between the best AI resume builders.

Most customers enjoyed the creative resume designs, but many found the resume templates library limiting.

4-star Trustpilot review on Kickresume
This Kickresume reviewer likes how their resume looks but finds the template selection lacking.

This Kickresume reviewer likes how their resume looks but finds the template selection lacking.

In addition to few templates, many people commented on the underwhelming ways they could edit the templates.

After all, if you can’t adjust spacing or the size of sections, the content might not fit how you need it to. Can you imagine not being able to trim a three-page resume down to two pages because of otherwise avoidable layout issues?

4-star review of Kickresume's chrome extension
This reviewer notes that while Kickresume trumps word processors their resume template options were disappointing.

Summary of Kickresume Reviews on Trustpilot

The consensus on Trustpilot reviews of Kickresume is that the resume builder is easy to use, it can generate a decent-looking resume, and the AI options are serviceable.

But the AI isn’t as advanced as it could be for what Kickresume charges for their tool (more on that below), you run into feature limitations rather quickly (e.g., character limits, options to edit templates, etc.), and you’re unable to alter certain default options in templates for your needs.

Kickresume reviewer on Trustpilot points out pros and cons, including limited characters and AI limitations
This reviewer of Kickresume indicates that the dashboard is easy to use and the resume templates look good but the AI writer does not customize to job descriptions.

Social Reviews of Kickresume

What does customer feedback for Kickresume look like on social media?

Kickresume doesn’t have many social reviews, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. As much as customers will go out of their way to praise companies on social media when they’re impressed, they’re even more likely to provide negative comments when frustrated.

By that logic, having only a small amount of customer feedback on social media indicates that most customers at least find Kickresume’s AI-powered resume-making services sufficient—and only a few have major concerns.

But could those concerns impact your experience if you’re on the job hunt and have certain resume needs?

Reddit Kickresume Review

In a post on Reddit about Kickresume, one user echoed similar concerns mentioned above in a Trustpilot review about the difficulty in modifying the layout of different resume sections in the templates, indicating that this is not an isolated problem.

And to make things worse, the Reddit user also found Kickresume’s customer support lacking and not very sympathetic or informative in trying to help.

One Kickresume reviewer on Reddit found the lack of custom design options frustrating.

Quora Kickresume Review

Over in a Quora thread about Kickresume, one user summarized their experience.

They highlighted how Kickresume doesn’t let you import an existing version of your resume, save information directly from a LinkedIn profile, which can be frustrating for users who want to update a document they already have.

Additionally, they noted how the AI isn’t particularly advanced other than offering phrases and suggestions and how they felt disappointed that you could only export your resume into a PDF, lest you want the formatting to go belly-up. So if you plan on downloading your resume into a Word or PowerPoint document, Kickresume might not be for you.

Kickresume review on Quora
This Quora review of Kickresume laments limited importing options for content in resume templates and exporting options too.

Product Reviews of Kickresume

Let’s dive into one of Kickresume’s main features: its AI resume functionality. Kickresume bills its AI capabilities for writing relevant resumes as a standout part of its resume and cover letter builder, so we wanted to see if customers felt the same way.

Returning to Trustpilot reviews of Kickresume, although most customers appreciated the main features, such as the quality of the resume and cover letter builder itself and the professional look of the resumes it creates, multiple customers reported Kickresume’s AI to be fine but not exceptional.

The reviewer below, for example, said “GPT is far better.” (Note: Kickresume discloses their AI technology is powered by OpenAI’s GPT, so perhaps this reviewer feels they get better results using the source technology directly for customization options.) 

4-star Kickresume review on Trustpilot says GPT is better
One Kickresume reviewer on Trustpilot prefers GPT.

Another review mentioned the “AI needs quite a bit of improvement,” highlighting a common theme among many of the reviews that the AI decently populated resumes with short phrases but can get wordy with long-form content and doesn’t customize your resume to unique job postings.

4-star Truspilot review of Kickresume says AI resume builder needs improvements
This Truspilot review of Kickresume says the AI resume builder needs improvements.

This particular review also notes how the price of Kickresume isn’t of optimal value (albeit not “bad” value), leading us to wonder, is the Kickresume cost worth it?

Pricing Reviews of Kickresume

What is the price of Kickresume and—importantly—do customers feel the cost is worth the investment for helping them land their dream job?

Kickresume’s pricing page on their website, showing a typical freemium model, offering a free version plus three paid plans with monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments.

Kickresume’s free plan gives you four resume templates to choose from and AI functionality that caps out at providing pre-written phrases. Their paid plan at $19/month offers more resume templates, more AI tools, and a resume checker for graded feedback.

They also offer additional plans with longer-term commitments in exchange for both lower price points and free credits to onboard friends.

Since many users only wanted to use Kickresume once, they felt a $19 commitment was a bit hefty given the functionality.

Given Kickresume’s underwhelming AI and its lack of customizing content to unique job postings, you might be able to do the same with less on other resume builders, especially if you’re only embarking on a single job hunt.

On kickresume review says the resume builder is expensive
This review says the “platform is easy to navigate” but the Kickresume premium features are “expensive.”

Another Kickresume user summarized their experience like this: “Fairly underwhelming for the price.”

Trustpilot review of Kickresume says the resume and cover letter builder is fine but overpriced.
One Kickresume user thinks the resume and cover letter builder is fine but overpriced.

Summary of Kickresume Reviews

Kickresume Reviews: the pros

  • Great Chrome extension for cover letters
  • Easy-to-use resume builder
  • Quality-looking resumes

Kickresume Reviews: the cons

  • Limited template selection & options to edit templates
  • Overvalued for what you pay
  • Underwhelming AI functionality

Who’s Kickresume for?

Kickresume is best for job seekers who want an easy-to-use resume and cover letter builder to create a nice-looking resume without too much fuss if they just need a simple resume to apply for jobs en masse, instead of customizing their resume as part of a strategic job-search plan.

Pro Tip: If you’re considering a Kickresume alternative, consider a resume builder that not only lets you create a free resume but will tailor your resume to the unique job you’re applying for, as Teal does.

Teal's Resume Builder saves your entire job history to turn on and off for different roles
Teal's Resume Builder lets you customize versions of the resume for different roles.

Teal Reviews vs. Kickresume Reviews

When comparing Teal vs. Kickresume, it’s clear Teal provides better value, and customer reviews bear this out.

Looking at Teal reviews, customers feel Teal is a better overall option for people looking for a job who want a customized resume with more advanced AI tools.

In particular, Teal enables you to track job applications, and its AI customizes each version of your resume to job postings, great for multiple resumes.

Perhaps it was these features that motivated Meghan on Trustpilot to call Teal “AMAZING” and “incredible”!

five-star review of Teal chrome extension
A positive Teal review on Trustpilot.

Teal also offers a Chrome extension, but instead of a limited scope like Kickresume—don’t worry, Teal helps with your cover letter too!—with Teal’s extension, you can import job postings for customizing your resume and do side-by-side comparisons of resumes and postings.

Plus Teal has many more reviews in the Chrome Web Store, with 4.9 stars out of 5 from over 2,300 reviews!

5-star review of Teal chrome extension
A 5-star review of Teal’s Chrome extension for its AI resume and cover letter builder.

Teal customers also appreciate the superior AI functionality, which crafts custom resume sections not merely with pre-written snippets but on keywords from specific job postings.

One Teal reviewer praises the AI
A 5-star review of how super easy Teal is to use for creating resumes.

And Teal provides a resume score called a Match Score to let you know how well your resume stacks up to the job posting.

Teal also garners lots of love on social media. Check out this customer review on LinkedIn of Teal’s resume builder about Teal’s pricing transparency!

A review of Teal’s resume builder complimenting its pricing transparency.

Lastly, there are several public reviews crediting Teal for helping them land a job they're excited about.

LinkedIn post crediting Teal for helping them land a job at state farm
One job seeker credits Teal for helping them land a job at State Farm in their announcement post on LinkedIn.

Why Job Seekers Prefer Teal for Building Successful Resumes

When comparing Kickresume to Teal, Teal stands out for its features in helping you craft a resume tailored to the unique jobs you’re applying for and for its flexible pricing options that don’t push you into subscriptions you don’t need.

With flexible pricing, Teal offers:

  • A generous free plan
  • Weekly pricing options
  • Hassle-free cancellations

Paid Plan Pricing: Teal vs. Kickresume

  • Teal+: $9/week or $29/month
  • Kickresume: $19/month, $39/quarter, or $84/year

Kickresume offers a money-back guarantee within two weeks for its paid plans if you demonstrate to their customer service a pain point with their product.

But Teal offers flexibility because customers have to opt-in to auto-renew subscriptions. That way, you never pay for something you aren't using.

Teal also offers a convenient weekly fee at a lower price than Kickresume’s base cost, and both Teal’s weekly and monthly plans offer better value than Kickresume’s paid plans because of the advanced AI technology and matching capabilities to job postings.

Teal Features

What truly sets Teal apart is its all-in-one approach to personalized job hunting to help you grow in your career and land your dream job.

Not only does Teal offer AI resume and cover letter creation, it also includes:

  • Resume Analysis so you don’t miss any key details
  • A Match Score to ensure your resume aligns with every role
  • A Job Application Tracker to organize your search every step of the way
  • Contacts and Company Trackers help you remember who you know from where
  • Email follow-up templates and reminders so you never miss a follow-up again
  • World-class tech support to lean on if you get stuck
  • An extensive Career Hub chock-full of free resources for expert guidance

With Teal, you're not just mass-sending the same resume to countless job applications—you're tracking your entire job-search pipeline, learning from each step and improving as you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kickresume worth it?

Kickresume helps you create resume content, but some reviewers found its AI functionality underwhelming relative to the cost of the paid plan.  If you need a basic resume for a single job search to help you apply for jobs in bulk, the free version of Kickresume might be worth it. If you need to tailor your resume to each job or want to import your existing resume or LinkedIn profile to get started, try Teal's AI Resume Builder instead.

Is it safe to use Kickresume?

Yes, there are no security concerns with the Kickresume builder for creating your resume. Kickresume can connect to your LinkedIn profile and read and import your LinkedIn data, but they do this as a trusted third-party with the appropriate security protocols—as does Teal.

Does Kickresume cost money?

Kickresume has a free version but it offers limited functionality. The paid version of Kickresume has premium features and costs $19/month, $39/quarter, or $84/year. In contrast, Teal offers a generous free plan with unlimited resumes and its paid plan is $9/week.

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