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April 25, 2024
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TL;DR: Enhancv is an online resume builder that offers tools to help you create a strong resume and cover letter. Users like the ability to quickly create and customize new resumes, but some found the resume score feature to be lacking. Teal’s AI Resume Builder lets you build ATS-compatible resumes and cover letters while using AI to score how well your resume matches up to a specific job description or posting with concrete suggestions for improvements.

Looking to update your resume or CV? Enhancv is an online resume builder with professional templates, a built-in resume checker to catch any errors, and resume tailoring based on specific jobs. But does it live up to the hype? This Enhancv review explores what real users think of Enhancv as a resume builder.

Enhancv key features

  • Library of professionally designed templates to create a visually appealing and modern resume
  • Built-in resume checker that identifies typos, grammatical mistakes, and formatting inconsistencies
  • Skill recommendations based on the job description

Enhancv challenges

Some users thought the resume suggestions weren’t helpful and the free version was very limited. Others felt the paid version was too expensive for what you got. Negative reviews mentioned that the platform was buggy and had poor customer service.

Enhancv homepage
Enhancv is a popular resume builder

Struggling to land interviews with your resume? Get started with Teal’s AI Resume Builder for free.

Enhancv reviews by site

While Enhancv gets praise for its user-friendly interface, extensive resume template library, and helpful resume tailoring feature, other reviewers express mixed feelings. Some appreciated the built-in suggestions to improve their resumes. Others found the customization options limited and had concerns about the accuracy of AI content and suggestions.

Enhancv reviews on TrustPilot

4.5 / 5 ⭐️

TrustPilot reviewers enjoyed the available templates and found the platform user-friendly with good quality output for resumes. Some users also appreciated the built-in AI features that check for grammar and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatibility. 

However, there were a few critical reviews mentioning limitations of the free plan and its cost, as well as issues with formatting and rearranging resume sections.

TrustPilot review of Enhancv
This user thought Enhancv was simple and easy to use.

Enhancv reviews on Reviews.io

4.5 / 5 ⭐️

On Reviews.io, reviewers liked Enhancv’s user-friendly interface, wide selection of templates, and AI-powered features, like resume scoring and grammar checking.

Other user reviews found the templates, resume structure and formatting abilities, and free plan were too limited, but thought it was an otherwise great site.

Reviews.io review of Enhancv
One reviewer thought Enhancv was a solid tool but lacking in its AI capabilities.

Enhancv reviews on Product Hunt

3.7 / 5 ⭐️

On Product Hunt, users appreciated the ease of use and the variety of templates, especially for beginners or those needing a quick resume refresh.

However, others found the free plan restrictive and the AI-generated text lacking in personalization.

Product Hunt review of Enhancv
This reviewer found the product helpful but the customer service unresponsive.

Enhancv reviews on SaaSworthy

4.4 / 5 ⭐️

Reviewers on SaaSworthy thought Enhancv was user-friendly and a helpful starting point for building a resume with the wide selection of resume templates and resume tailoring tools.

In contrast, some people thought the customization options were limited and had issues with the AI-generated content.

SaaSworthy 4-star review of Enhancv
This reviewer liked the resume builder but wanted more formatting options.

Informal Enhancv reviews by social media platform

Not all Enhancv users went to a review site to share their feedback. This section summarizes user sentiment regarding the resume builder across social media sites.

Enhancv reviews on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users appreciated the ability to use AI to create resumes and the fact that Enhancv gives you a resume score along with suggestions.

Other users were not impressed and found that they ran into errors when writing their resume.

LinkedIn post on Enhancv
One LinkedIn reviewer found Enhancv to be helpful.

Enhancv Reviews on Reddit

Many Reddit users had a positive experience with the paid version of Enhancv, but others were frustrated by the mandatory logo watermarks on the free version.

Reddit post on Enhancv
Reddit users had mixed opinions of Enhancv.

Enhancv Reviews on X

Many users on X enjoyed Enhancv for building resumes with the paid version, while others struggled with the customer service and billing.

X post on Enhancv
One X user had a positive experience with the resume builder.

Enhancv Reviews on Instagram

Instagram users had positive reviews to share about Enhancv, but it’s worth noting that all reviews were sponsored by the company, and unbiased opinions were not readily available.

Instagram post of Enhancv
This sponsored review praised Enhancv for creating resumes that stand out.

Enhancv Resume Builder Review

In general, reviewers liked Enhancv’s resume app and the ability to import an existing resume instead of starting from scratch. One user said the drag-and-drop feature made refreshing your resume easy.

Some people ran into issues with difficult template formatting or errors from the imported resumes. Others thought the only downside was that the AI abilities on the free version were not as good as other AI tools.

4-star TrustPilot review of Enhancv
One user wanted improvements to the importing feature.

Enhancv Resume Score Review

Enhancv’s resume score feature had mixed reviews. Some users liked that it uses AI to suggest improvements, but many users found the suggestions unhelpful and the scoring system buggy.

TrustPilot review of Enhancv
This reviewer didn’t think some of Enhancv's AI suggestions were helpful.

Enhancv Pricing Reviews

Enhancv offers both a free and paid plan, which can be billed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. The paid subscriptions are $24.99 billed monthly, $49.97 billed every 3 months ($16.66 per month), or $79.94 billed every 6 months ($13.32 per month).

Enhancv pricing
Enhancv has a limited free plan and a paid tier for most features.

Some reviewers thought the free version was almost unusable as they couldn’t remove branding for Enhancv at the bottom of each resume.

Others found value in the paid version but thought it was too expensive and were frustrated by the lack of warnings before charged for the recurring subscription.

4-star TrustPilot review of Enhancv
This Enhancv reviewer wasn’t warned they would be charged.

Teal offers a comprehensive free plan with no watermarks and the ability to download an unlimited number of AI resumes. To go further in your job search, Teal+ offers more powerful features with simple pricing.

Teal pricing plans
Teal has straightforward subscription plans with no hidden fees.

Enhancv Review Pros

  • User-friendly interface and a library of professional templates
  • Helps job seekers highlight relevant skills for specific jobs
  • Offers personalization options with custom fonts, colors, and layouts

Enhancv Review Cons

  • Free plan has a logo watermark on all the resumes, creating an unprofessional aesthetic
  • Some reviews mention the AI cover letters based on job title might be generic or require significant editing
  • Access to premium features like advanced templates, unlimited downloads, and other AI functionalities require a paid subscription

Who is Enhancv best for?

Enhancv is a good tool for professionals early in their career looking for a simple way to create a resume. However, since the free version has a watermark on all resumes, Enhancv is more suitable for someone willing to pay for the premium tier. And if you are open to paying for a resume tool, there are other AI resume builders available with more features.

Teal Reviews vs Enhancv Reviews

When comparing Teal reviews to Enhancv reviews, job seekers love that Teal does more than just resumes. Teal is an assistant for every step of your job search, from finding job postings, tracking them, creating AI-powered resumes and cover letters, and even sending follow up emails to hiring managers and recruiters.

Professionals on social media love Teal for how it helps manage their full job search, saves them time, and offers most of its features for free.

LinkedIn post on Enhancv
One Teal user loved how much time she saved in her job search.

Other users credit Teal for simplifying the resume process.

LinkedIn post on Teal's resume builder
This job seeker found Teal useful in reducing the stress of resume creation

Several more users raved about Teal's free Job Tracker to manage application statuses and to-dos.

LinkedIn post on Teal's Job Tracker

Teal also scores 4.9 / 5 stars on the Chrome Web Store, whereas Enhancv doesn’t have a Chrome extension.

Chrome Webstore review of Teal's Chrome extension
This user found Teal’s Chrome extension to be a major help in her job search.

Teal is like having a recruiter in your pocket, going way beyond resumes with unique features to help in your job search every step of the way.

Why Job Seekers Prefer Teal

Job seekers love that they can manage their entire job search with just one useful tool—Teal. From finding jobs, writing resumes and cover letters, tracking applications, and more, you can do it all with one great site.

Here’s why you’ll love Teal:

Get more for free

Unlike some services that restrict the features you need the most, Teal gives you access to 90% of its features for free. No more worrying about running out of AI credits or dealing with intrusive watermarks on your resume.

No more writer’s block

Stop struggling with writing your resume. Teal's achievement assistant helps you craft impactful statements based on your actual work experiences that match the job description and help your resume stand out from the crowd.

Goes beyond resumes

Teal is more than just a resume tool (but you can also create unlimited resumes). Craft a stunning cover letter using the AI cover letter builder, and stand out with customizable email templates designed for every stage of the hiring process.

Flexible payment options

Teal works with your budget. Start your job search for free, pay only for the time you need with weekly or monthly plans, and cancel anytime. There's no commitment, just the flexibility to find the right plan that fits your needs.

In addition to writing resumes and cover letters, Teal offers all of this:

  • A job tracker so you can track your applications, schedule follow-up emails, and keep notes on each job you apply for.
  • A contact and company tracker so you can build a personal CRM to network regularly.
  • Email templates for every stage of the job search, from following up on your application to sending a thank you note after an interview.

Stop wasting time juggling multiple tools! Sign up for Teal today and manage your entire job search from a single platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Enhancv worth it?

Some users find Enhancv helpful for building resumes, but other reviewers believe the price is too high for what it does. Teal offers more features.

Is Enhancv free?

Enhancv has a limited free version, but removing the Enhancv branding and watermarked branding on resumes requires upgrading to a paid plan.

What is better than Enhancv?

Teal is a better alternative to Enhancv that has a far more offerings on its free version as well as a more comprehensive platform for your job search.

Is it easy to cancel Enhancv?

Some users reported that they were unexpectedly billed for a subscription but were able to cancel their service afterward by contacting customer service.

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