Teal Reviews: Ratings & User Feedback

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March 20, 2024
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Teal is a personal career growth platform that gives you the tools, skills, and resources to accelerate your career—starting with the job search.

Whether you're looking for a new role or trying to advance your career, Teal has a variety of dynamic features to streamline your approach. Teal's AI Resume Builder simplifies tasks like resume writing, optimization, editing, and tailoring. The Job Application Tracker helps members save and track their applications, contacts, interviews, and more in one place.

Teal's tools and resources bring clarity and simplicity to a murky process with these core features:

  • AI generation for professional summaries, work experience, and cover letters
  • Tools like Resume Analysis and Job Description Match bridge any gaps between your experience, modern best practices, and each unique role you're applying for
  • A Job Application Tracker with Chrome Extension that pairs with 40+ job boards so you can find, save, and apply for positions while staying organized
A graphic of Teal reviews
Customize your resume and track your entire job search with Teal.

Teal reviews by site

Below, you'll find information about how Teal's tools and services make the job search better, easier, and more successful for Teal members.

Teal reviews on Chrome Web Store

4.9 / 5 ⭐

Members rated the Teal Chrome Extension 4.9 out of 5 in the Chrome Web Score. And while plenty of reviews cover the functionality of the Chrome Extension, many also underscore the overall value of Teal.

Comprehensive Teal reviews

TLDR: Teal's suite of job search tools is known for its user-friendly design and efficient job tracking. Members are thrilled with the AI Resume Builder and the Chrome Extension's seamless integration with job boards, which streamline the application process. 

Teal reviews also highlight a more streamlined workflow—from writing resumes to managing job applications—all in one central hub.

A screenshot of a Teal review from the Chrome Web Store
Track your job-search progress and polish your resume in one platform.

C Monte ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

When it comes to tools for job seekers, teal is among the most useful, well-designed, and practical resources I have found. I am sorry to all others with high reviews like Top Resume, Zipjob (which I didn’t like and was a waste of money), and even Indeed.

It is one of the best AI resume and cover letter builders for people who need to personalize their resumes. One of the features that I just found out and love is saving jobs from LinkedIn with the job track Chrome extension, which is a lifesaver. Among other features, I love the option to toggle specific resume sections on or off.

I've been using Tealhq for three weeks, and while I have yet to land a job, I'm thrilled to have found it. I plan to continue using it to stay competitive, even after securing employment, because they offer features to continue growing your career. 

If you want a transparent and effective job search tool, sign up immediately. Good luck to us all.
A screenshot of a Teal testimonial from the Chrome Web Store
Teal is a one-stop-tech-stack for your job hunt.
A screenshot of a Teal member's review from the Chrome Web Store
Teal is praised as the most useful search tool on the market.

Teal Chrome Extension reviews

TLDR: Teal reviews emphasize members love the Teal Chrome Extension for its intuitive design and practicality in the job search. 

With its seamless integration, job seekers find organizing and monitoring their job applications incredibly straightforward and convenient.

A screenshot of a Teal member's testimonial from the Chrome Web Store
Use Teal’s Chrome Extension to save jobs that pique your interest.
A screenshot of a Chrome Web Store Teal review
Teal’s UX makes seamless job-search navigation.

Filipe Oliveira ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Absolute game changer extension to manage your job search and/or job market research. It takes as little as 2-3 clicks to rate and bookmark a job posting with all relevant data saved to your Teal dashboard, including salary when available.

Oh, the job posting was removed but you want to refer back to it? No problem, you can read the full job description on Teal anytime. Don't remember where you collected it? Teal keeps the link handy as well. Want to copy all your bookmarks to Excel and sort the data yourself? Yes, that too is only a couple of clicks away, but there is little reason to do so because sorting through your application funnel is so simple and convenient with Teal's job tracker. 

I'm having a blast using it and highly recommend that you check it out!”

Teal Job Tracker reviews

TLDR: Reviews of Teal's Job Application Tracker focus on its ability to streamline the job search and application process. 

Members praise its organizational tools, which simplify tracking progress and milestones. They also mention how Teal turns a flood of information into a manageable, actionable plan.

A screenshot of a Teal review from the Chrome Web Store
Never miss a follow-up again.
A screenshot of a Chrome Web Store Teal testimonial
Save time with Teal’s Job Application Tracker.

Sundeep Srinivasa ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

“[It’s] been a game changer tool to manage job applications and search, if you are going about your job search without Teal, you are doing it all wrong. Let Teal manage the process and help reduce the stresses.”

Teal Resume Builder reviews

TLDR: The Teal reviews below credit the Teal AI Resume Builder for significantly improving the job search. Members note its user-friendliness, specifically the ease of adding and editing sections and the convenience of tracking multiple applications. 

A screenshot of a member's Teal review from the Chrome Web Store
Customize your resume for every job with ease.
A screenshot of a great Teal review
Save time tailoring every resume with Teal’s AI.

Navjot Kaur ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Been using it for about 3 weeks now and it is such a great tool! I used to get overwhelmed because I had to tailor my resume in Word for each job and tracking applications [was] hard. But with Teal, you can manage everything under a single frame. 

I think I have taken advantage of each and every Teal feature (AI, email templates, job tracker etc.) and would definitely recommend to fellow job seekers.”

Teal tool and feature reviews

TLDR: The reviews for Teal's tools and features are overwhelmingly positive, with members appreciating the ability to organize and tailor their resumes. 

They also mention how job alignment scoring and comprehensive resume management are particularly valuable.

A screenshot of a Teal review by a member
Use Teal to improve your resume.
A screenshot of a Teal review
Remove the guesswork and gaps from your job applications.

Cole Totton ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Give Teal a chance.  I've tried a number of similar sites and none can compare. Check out their unique features to handle bespoke resumes and guide you what's needed to navigate ATS.  My personal favorite feature is how it keeps all of my resume content handy, so I can choose what to leverage versus exclude with a simple checkbox.”

Teal reviews by social media platform

Below is a look at some reviews of Teal and Teal+ across social media platforms. These assessments offer insights into member experiences and perceptions outside of traditional review sites.

Teal reviews on LinkedIn

A screenshot of a LinkedIn Teal review
Teal’s UX is better than the competition.
A screenshot of Teal review highlighting Teal helped land an interview
Land more interviews with TealHQ.
"I used Teal to update my resume and not only did it get me more interviews, but I eventually got hired soon after. It was very user-friendly and straightforward. Would recommend!" - Shawntel White
A screenshot of a Teal review
Applicant tracking systems parse simple templates easily.
A screenshot of a Teal review on LinkedIn
Use Teal to emphasize accomplishments over duties.
A screenshot of a Teal review on the social platform LinkedIn
Stay organized and use Teal HQ for every resume.
A great Teal review
Use Teal to grow your career.

Teal reviews on X

A screenshot of a Teal review on X
Get the Teal advantage.
A screenshot of a Teal testimonial on X
Teal’s Chrome Extension pairs with 40+ job boards.

"I really like @teal_hq for tracking opportunities/interactions. It has some nice extras like being able to set follow-up reminders and a resume builder to help you tailor to a specific role." - Chad @whiskeyputers
Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets.

Teal reviews on YouTube

A Teal review on YouTube
Add some excitement to a disheartening process.
A review of Teal on X
Use Teal HQ now; minimize regret later.
"Just started using Teal today. It is amazing  I am having fun and have a strong handle on crafting a resume per JD. Just signed up for plus. I'm no longer dreading this job search process. Thanks for creating this." - @greenjewel8652
A screenshot of a Teal review
Teal’s app is easy to love.
A Teal review on YouTube
Save time creating multiple resumes.

Want more expert guidance? Teal provides support for its products and expert resume advice on the Teal YouTube channel. Subscribe to Teal's YouTube!

Teal vs.Teal+ reviews

Below is a look at why some members choose Teal+ over the Teal free plan. These insights look at the benefits of Teal+ and the flexible, non-recurring subscription options.

A screenshot of a Teal review
Make a hard journey a little bit easier.
A screenshot of a Teal review on X
Get insights on the best practices in today’s market.
A screenshot of a Teal+ review
Teal+ offers end-to-end job search management.
A screenshot of a Teal+ review
Get to know the Teal hype up close and personal.

Preston Sharpston ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Teal is a game-changer for anyone job-hunting. Not only does it help track your applications, but with resume and cover letter writing, interview prep instructions, and a host of other features, Teal is well worth the price! 10/10, highly recommend!"

Teal review pros and cons

Based on feedback across trusted review sites and social platforms, the pros and cons of Teal reviews according to actual users are below.

TealHQ review pros

  • Job search and application organization without messy spreadsheets and files
  • Tailored resumes that match every job built from saved comprehensive career history
  • Easy-to-use interface to manage every aspect of a job search

TealHQ review cons

  • Web scraping could be better when using the job bookmarking tool
  • Limited status options for job search pipeline
  • AI still requires human review

Best for: Teal is best for those who want to take a strategic, systematic, organized approach to their resume creation and job search instead of navigating chaos.

Why job seekers love Teal

Teal stands out as the tool for helping you manage your career with clarity, control, and confidence.

With dynamic features and integrations, go beyond mass applying to tailor each resume to every unique job and track applications end-to-end—all on one platform.

With transparent, flexible pricing, Teal offers: 

  • A valuable free plan
  • Weekly pricing options 
  • Optional recurring payment
  • A free plan with no credit card required

Paid plan pricing:

Teal+: $9/week or $29/month

A graphic of Teal+ flexible pricing
Teal offers flexible pricing that doesn’t automatically renew.

Unlike most SaaS products, Teal's pricing options, weekly or monthly, don't auto-renew. Members have to opt in, so you're never paying for something you're not actively using.

Aside from pricing, what truly sets Teal apart is its holistic approach to the job search. Not only does Teal stand out with an AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker, it also includes features like:

  • Advanced Resume Analysis so you don’t miss any fundamental details
  • Match Scoring so your resume aligns with the hard and soft skills of every job you apply for
  • Keyword identification to help you incorporate the right language into your applications
  • Cover Letter Builder that aligns your resume and a job description seamlessly
  • Job Application Tracker with features to take notes, schedule follow-ups, and more
  • Company Tracker so you keep your prospects and applications organized
  • Contacts Tracker so you can keep tabs on your entire network
  • World-class support and a Career Hub of resources so you’re never feeling alone

With Teal, you aren’t just writing your resume or tracking your job search; you're building a future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teal worth it?

Yes! Teal offers a range of tools to help with your job search, including AI resume and cover letter writing, job tracking, and LinkedIn profile optimization. 90% of the tool is free and provides substantial value. At the same time, the premium version, Teal+, offers features like Advanced Resume Analysis and Matching Mode that members report as beneficial for optimizing their job applications​​​​. Try it today for free!

Is Teal+ worth it?

Yes! Teal+ is considered worthwhile for those looking for advanced job search tools. It provides comprehensive features like Advanced Resume Analysis and Unlimited AI Generation, making it a valuable investment for serious job seekers​​​​. Want to try Teal (no credit card required!)? Sign up today for free! 

Is Teal free?

90% of Teal's tools and features are free—forever. Want to try them out (no credit card required!)? Sign up and see for yourself! 

Is Teal a reputable site?

Teal reviews highlight the platform as reputable and effective for job searching and career management. Overwhelmingly positive reviews highlight its comprehensive features that support job seekers in managing all aspects of their job search.

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Kayte, Senior Copywriter at Teal and Champion of ADHD professionals, is a seasoned writer passionate about storytelling and career growth. With a data-driven approach to content marketing and a word-nerd knack for resume builder analysis, Kayte’s on a mission to empower job seekers to land a job they love. Constantly pivoting and reinventing herself, this social-worker-turned-marketer found growth and camaraderie in tech—a genuine surprise given her never-ending devotion to the paper calendar.

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