30 Best Salary Sites To Know Your Worth in 2024

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December 8, 2023
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Do you know your worth? Want to make sure you're being fairly compensated? It’s important to do your research on an accurate salary information website.

We’ve created a list of the best salary sites to assist you in your research. 


Glassdoor is a job search site for both job seekers and employers. Built on the foundation of increasing workplace transparency, Glassdoor offers insights into the employee experience.

In relation to job searching, job seekers can explore, save, apply, and view recent activity. Interview advice, sample questions, and knowing companies that are currently hiring can help you get a leg up on your job search. 

Before deciding to apply to a job, you can use Glassdoor to view relevant data, such as: 

  • Salary information
  • Company reviews
  • Interview reviews and questions
  • Benefits information

Without having to enter your email, you can click on the “Salaries” tab to view and compare salaries for specific positions. Enter your job title and location to receive a salary report and recently shared salaries for your career. You can discover salary information for others in your position, as well as review Glassdoor’s salary advice, to be able to negotiate with confidence.

Companies can provide benefits information, which can be found in the job description. As an additional salary source, many of the JDs include a salary range. 


Indeed strives to put job seekers first with the mission of helping them get jobs. Each day, millions of users are connected to new opportunities. 

Indeed is an employment website for job listings and is completely free for job seekers. With this website you can upload a resume, create job alert emails, search for jobs, save jobs, and apply to jobs directly from the site. 

Indeed is also used by job seekers to find salaries. Without requiring an email address, you type in the job title, specific skills, benefits, or keywords to the salary search bar to generate an average salary for your job title search. 

You can browse top paying jobs by industry and be in the know about in-demand careers based on data collection of job postings. In addition to jobs, you can also view top paying companies but industry. 

Job seekers can also compare salaries to others in your state, as well as states across the country. Use Indeed to find specific information related to your job search such as: top companies in your industry, highest paying U.S. cities, required skills, and benefits information.  


LinkedIn is an online service that operates via websites and mobile applications. Employers can post jobs, and job seekers can search for job opportunities. While this site is free, you can pay for a premium membership, allowing for InMail credits, insight into who viewed your profile, and additional job information. 

LinkedIn is widely recognized as one of the world’s largest professional networks on the internet. Professionals use LinkedIn for networking and career development. 

Creating a strong profile provides job seekers with a higher chance of success in the job search process. Networking and creating connections adds strength to your profile. Include these in your LinkedIn profile:

  • professional headshot
  • banner image
  • custom URL
  • Headline
  • education, about, and experience sections

LinkedIn Salary is one of many useful tools on this site. It is completely free to discover your earning potential; however, you must be logged in to view salary insights. Enter your job title and location to generate an average salary. You can also compare job titles and salary in other states, view companies hiring for that position, and search top paying locations for that career.  


Monster is a global leader in connecting people and jobs, helping employers and candidates find the right fit. Monster is a fit for all job seekers, whether you’re about to graduate and enter the workforce or are an employee looking to make a career pivot. This website offers job search, salary tools, career advice, and resume help. Employers can also benefit from the website tools by posting job openings and using recruitment tools to find quality candidates. 

The Monster salary tool is completely free to users and does not require an email for use. You can start your search by typing in a job title and location into the search bars to calculate a salary. This search will provide you with an average salary, high demand job locations, and salary for related jobs. This site will also compile a list of job openings in the U.S or state specified by the search. Monster also offers a unique tool to search for salaries and top paying jobs by major. 


ZipRecruiter’s mission is to actively connect people to their next great opportunity. Sophisticated AI-matching technology improves the job search experience by analyzing using interactions. ZipRecruiter collects information on the front end to better assist you in your job search. Once you create an account, you will have access to a personal recruiter who can help connect with hiring managers at top companies. 

You also have free access to real salaries from real employers through the salary tool. You will also be provided with information about the job and career path, keywords to include in your resume, and job openings. Through the salary search, candidates are provided with average yearly, monthly, weekly, and hourly salaries. ZipRecruiter also offers information about the 10 highest paying cities for your job title search. 


CareerBuilder uses data-driven technology and personalized tools to help match employers with great candidates. This salary search offers annual and hourly salary rates after inputting the job title and location. 

If your job title isn’t identified, CareerBuilder offers related job titles to choose from. This tool also provides information for job summary, resume advice, similar roles, skills, and top hiring companies in the area. When you register to apply for jobs, you will get more relevant job recommendations and be able to share skills and desired salary range. 

Built In

Built In is an online platform with a vision to connect the world through a shared passion for tech and the human need for purpose. This free salary tool helps you see how your salary stacks up in the U.S tech and startup spaces. You can browse by tech categories to find a specific job title salary. If you are a job seeker in the tech industry, this site is for you. 


SalaryExpert’s mission is to provide employers, human resource professionals, and job seekers with compensation data. The public is provided with tools for evaluating career, relocation, compensation, and education decisions. When researching salaries, enter the job title and location to receive the average salary information. 


Using an advanced compensation management platform, Payscale empowers people and employers with the strategic power of compensation by delivering data, services, and software to get pay right. You can conduct salary research by company, job title, degree, certification, skill, industry, and school. This free tool generates an average salary for your job search. You can find your market worth by providing the site with more detailed information. 


CareerOneStop is the flagship career, training, and job search website for the U.S. Department of Labor. The website serves job seekers, businesses, students, and career advisors with a variety of free online tools, information and resources.

The Compare Salaries tool lets you compare how much you might earn in different careers and in different parts of the country. You must enter at least two occupations and one location OR two locations and one occupation. You can enter up to five of both. Once you've entered the occupations and locations you want to compare, click "Search" to see your results.


Salary.com is a salary search website where employees can understand their worth, and employers can better determine what they should be paying. Salary.com uses HR-reported aggregate market data to accurately report salary on thousands of jobs. By utilizing the Salary Wizard, you can view the national average salary for a chosen career. 

This site can also be helpful for people who have already accepted a job. Those employed can utilize the Personal Salary Report feature to get a more personalized report from entering in general, personal, and specific job and company information. An account and payment are required in order to receive this information; however, a free sample report is provided. Employers also require an account.


RepVue is a sales organization ratings platform. Sales professionals can discover, research, and apply for sales roles at top sales organizations. This company is delivering transparency into sales organizations at scale and providing the following salary information:

  • Key Accounts/Majors
  • Enterprise Account Executives
  • Mid Market Account Executives
  • SMB Account Executives
  • Sales Development Representatives
  • Account Managers
  • Compensation by city/metro

RepVue allows you to view a certain number of sales positions, companies, base salary, and more. In order to view a larger list, you must create a free account by anonymously submitting a rating of a B2B sales organization where you’ve sold.

Salary Transparency Street

Salary Transparency Street (STS) is a community-led salary resource owned and hosted by Hannah Williams, a 27-year-old advocate and content creator. Its mission is to address discriminatory practices and bridge pay gaps that affect women, people of color (POC), workers with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Boosting over two million followers across social channels (1.3M on TikTok alone), users turn to these STS to navigate the complexities of salary transparency and fair compensation. 

Best known for its short-form interviews on the streets of metropolitan cities, STS includes a database of verified salaries and a comprehensive resource hub featuring educational videos, blogs, and guides.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a unit of the United States Department of Labor. It is the principal fact-finding agency for the U.S government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. 

BLS data on pay and benefits are available for occupations, industries, geographic areas, and the demographic characteristics of workers. This information comes from the National Compensation Survey, Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, or the Current Population Survey. This site is completely free to use and has many valuable insights on the U.S. economy and labor market. 

Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator’s purpose is to knock down each and every obstacle that stands between you and an informed decision by bringing users hundreds of custom-built calculators. Using the Salary to Hourly - Paycheck Calculator, this site provides a tool to help employees calculate their annual salary to monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly wages. Omni Calculator describes what a salary range is and provides examples of salary conversions. 


Paylab is an international salary survey platform. They use a unique methodology for collecting information on the incomes and bonuses of employees in various positions. You must complete the Salary Comparison Questionnaire in order to receive the salary report. 


Totaljobs is a UK platform helping you find any job, in any industry, wherever you are based. The careers advice helps users write a cover letter and prepare for interviews, while the platform takes your profile and matches you to the right kind of role. Enter a job title, skill, or company, along with your location, into the job search section. It is worth noting that not all job titles are accessible through this site. Many of the job descriptions include a salary range in the UK's currency of pounds. 

Educate To Career

Educate To Career is bringing together students, educators, and employers in an environment that provides each of them a centralized place to “meet”. The goal is to help upcoming and recent graduates get a job in their field of study. Free programs and financial fundamentals are provided to users to guide the development of a college to career plan. 

You will have access to multiple salary tools, including Salary Calculator 2.0, Salary Search by Job Title, Salary Calculator, 2 Year College Calculator, and a Search Salary by Occupation tool. Each tool is free to use but requires information in order to obtain a salary report. You can also receive job alerts from ZipRecruiter through the Educate to Career website by entering email information. 


Buffer is working to build the best products to help customers build their brands and grow their businesses on social media. Transparency is a core value at Buffer, so they have made all employee salaries public. 

You can choose a career from the dropdown menu on the Buffer Salary Calculator, as well as identify if you live in a city with a high cost of living. Not all professions are included in the dropdown menu, but this salary calculator is free to generate an average salary. The role base and cost of living are calculated based on the high cost of living in the city of San Francisco. 


Levels.fyi is an online platform that uses crowdsourced data to help in comparing levels and compensation packages across different companies. Salaries are offered for the technology, business, engineering, and operations industries. They can be browsed by location, company, and job title. You can also search using the Total Compensation Calendar


Wellfound (formerly AngelList) matches skilled candidates with in-demand jobs at startups, tech companies, and household brands. After building a profile, candidates get access to the following tools:

  • Database of 100K+ open roles
  • One-click apply
  • Ability to connect directly with startup founders
  • Personalized job search filters

Wellfound's startup hiring data gives job seekers access to salary and equity (often stock options) trends to establish a baseline to compare and contrast across job opportunities. You can search for average salaries by role, location, skill, and market using the Salary Calculator.


Elpha is a professional network dedicated to helping women succeed at work together. Women can search for job opportunities or seek advice on a particular topic. The Elpha Salary Database comprises 7,000+ salaries and counting. The site provides a preview of the database, but you can sign up and anonymously add their salary to gain access to the complete database. 


Comparably, as the name suggests, is an online tool to compare employers, brands, and salaries. The salary search bar does have a specific dropdown for the tech industry, but you have the option to choose “other” and type in a job title. A zipcode is required for this search. From this search, a partial salary data report is displayed. You must register to unlock all compensation data. 


Idealist is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives by inviting people everywhere to imagine, connect, and act. To explore the nonprofit salary database, users who have worked full time at a nonprofit within the last three years are prompted to take a salary survey quiz. After completing the survey, an email is required to view a salary report. 

SHRM Compensation Data Center

SHRM Compensation Data Center is powered by Salary.com to provide users with single salary reports. This site provides employer-reported compensation data from 15,000+ job titles across 225 industries. Each report can be customized by industry, geographic location, and company size. A membership is required to receive a compensation data report from SHRM. 


O*NET is an online tool for career exploration and job analysis. You can complete the Occupation Keyword Search to find the desired career or job title. Information is provided about tasks, technology skills, work activities, typical education requirements, and more. Within this search, you have the ability to dive deeper into Wages & Employment Trends by providing state specific information. 

Robert Half

Robert Half Talent Solutions helps with hiring needs by finding highly skilled employees and helping job seekers find the right job. This salary tool offers salary information across seven specializations: finance and accounting, technology, marketing and creative, administrative and customer support, legal, healthcare, and human resources. 

Regional and national salary projections, advice for employers and jobseekers, and insights into the hottest jobs and skills right now are all provided in the 2022 Salary Guide, accessible only with name and email address. 


Fishbowl is an online community of professionals and companies. It is a space to level the playing field and enable helpful and constructive conversations. Many of these conversations take place in the Fishbowl community “Bowls”, with numerous communities to join. One of Fishbowl’s “Bowls” is titled Salaries Community. Access to this bowl requires a free signup for a Fishbowl account.  


LeetCode is an online platform to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and prepare for technical interviews. Users of LeetCode can post to a discussion board about their own compensation. After sharing your salary on the thread, you should receive LeetCoins. Posting on this site is free, but there is not an official salary search. 


H1B Visa Salaries and H1B Salary Database offer valuable insights into salary trends for foreign workers in specialty occupations under the H-1B visa program. Both programs enable users to input specific job criteria, such as employer, location, job title, and employment start year, to generate comprehensive salary reports. 

Additionally, these resources provide access to job search tools and information on trending employers, facilitating informed decisions regarding compensation and career opportunities for H-1B visa holders.

Final Thoughts

It’s normal to feel some discomfort when discussing money, especially with your employer. You can settle some of those nerves by empowering yourself with knowledge of what others in your position are making. Learning that you’re earning a fair salary can increase your job satisfaction. We hope these sites can be of use to you as you discover your worth.

For even more salary information, check out our guide on salary statistics to learn what the average salary is in your state and for your profession.

If you're job searching, check our list of the best job search engines to find your next opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use salary websites to negotiate a higher salary?

To negotiate a higher salary using salary websites, first gather data on the national average salary for your role from multiple sources to ensure accuracy. Present this information to your employer, emphasizing your qualifications and experience that align with or exceed the averages. Be prepared to discuss how your contributions add value to the company, using the salary data as a benchmark for your requested compensation.

Can salary research websites provide information on benefits and perks in addition to salary data?

Yes, many salary research websites offer insights into benefits and perks alongside salary data. These sites may include information on health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other incentives offered in your field or by specific companies. This comprehensive view can help you evaluate the total compensation package and compare it with industry standards.

How often should I check salary websites to stay updated on my profession's market value?

It's advisable to check salary websites at least once a year or whenever you're considering a job change, asking for a raise, or starting a new job negotiation. Staying updated on the latest salary trends ensures you have current information to assess your worth and make informed career decisions. However, for rapidly evolving industries, checking more frequently might be beneficial to keep pace with the market.

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