Teal vs. Kickresume: Compare & Choose the Best One for You

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October 18, 2023
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In an ever-evolving  market, people like you, looking to write compelling, clear, and impactful resumes, often prioritize a dynamic AI resume builder with distinct standout features and benefits.

  • Centralized resume creation and application management: Many AI resume builders scatter your resume, cover letters, and job search materials (and details!) across multiple platforms, making asset management overwhelming. Some even make you pay for specific resume sections.

    A good AI resume builder allows users to create an entire resume and store their comprehensive career and job search journey in a single spot, making it easier to manage and customize resumes for every job they apply for.
  • Achievement assistance: Often, resume tools leave job seekers struggling to quantify achievements. (Or worse, they offer every user the same generic, prewritten bullets.)

    The best AI resume builders guide users step-by-step to create metric-driven accomplishments showcasing impact.
  • Keyword optimization: Most resume tools miss out on helping users tailor content based on specific job descriptions.

    An effective and dynamic resume builder intelligently highlights the right keywords unique to every job description, making tailoring a seamless experience.
  • ATS compatibility: A common problem with many AI resume builders is they don't design templates keeping Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in mind. They even go as far as to include graphics, images, and more.

    It's crucial for software to ensure resumes are not just visually appealing but also able to be scanned by the ATS.
  • Robust support & feedback loops: Most resume builders offer general advice but lack personalized guidance and continuous improvement.

    The best resume-building software provides extensive resources and is receptive to (and implements!) user feedback.

In this article, discover how Teal vs. Kickresume measures up based on these standout features. Below you'll learn what sets each platform apart to make the best choice—quickly and easily.

Interested in an AI Resume Builder that centralizes your entire job search, equips you with the right keywords, guides you to craft metric-based achievements, ensures the ATS can parse your resume design, and provides next-level support? Sign up for Teal for free today.


Teal vs. Kickresume AI Builder comparison

The Teal AI Resume Builder is an all-in-one career growth platform. It offers one central location for resume creation and job search management—from start to success.

With Teal, members can craft metric-driven achievements with step-by-step guidance. Then, optimize content with the right keywords to tailor resumes to every job. Teal also has templates the ATS can easily scan, free, expertly researched resources, and outstanding support.

The Teal AI Resume Builder makes creating and storing tailored resumes quick and easy. It streamlines how you build and store application materials and manage your entire job search.

Differentiator #1:  Centralized resume and job search management to simplify resume creation, editing, and job search organization.

(Instead of managing resumes for different jobs in multiple places.)

With Teal’s Resume Builder, you can create your entire resume for free and store your comprehensive career history in one place. Then, create multiple versions of your resume—including job-specific content in each one. You can also use Teal’s Job Application Tracker to keep track of your entire job search (including applications, interviews, contacts, and more) in one place.

Teal vs. Kickresume, Teal resume management tools
Manage your resume and job search all in one place with Teal.

For example, let's say you're a recent graduate just starting your job search. You know you need to create a resume, and you also know you need to tailor that resume for every role you apply to. On top of that, organizing your applications, follow-ups, and interviews seems daunting with multiple tools and types of storage.

With Teal, you can manage all these elements effortlessly in one centralized location. Build and store multiple resumes, tailor your content to each role, and track your entire application process from start to success—ensuring a smooth and efficient job search experience.

Differentiator #2: Step-by-step guidance and generative AI for crafting metric-rich resume achievements that emphasize your impact and value.

(Rather than struggling with generic, pre-written bullet points.)

Teal’s Achievement Assistant walks you through writing your resume bullet points—including the formula to keep in mind, sample prompts, and ways to find metrics associated with your job (even if you think you don’t have numbers!). You can also use the AI Resume Builder to generate metric-rich resume bullet points as a foundation for all of your achievements.

Teal vs. Kickresume, Teal's Achievement Assistant tool
Write metric-drive achievements for every resume.

Imagine you're a video editor who's worked on countless projects but struggles to quantify your success. Your resume is full of generic, pre-written bullets like: "Edited various promotional videos for 50+ clients." Understanding the value of metrics but not knowing quite how to add them to your work experience, you leverage Teal’s Achievement Assistant.

With the Teal Achievement Assistant, your experience transforms into impactful statements like: "Used Adobe Premiere Pro to craft a visual storytelling strategy, editing 50+ promotional videos that resulted in a 30% increase in client social media engagement." With Teal’s guidance, your resume showcases your hard and soft skills alongside impact, offering concrete proof of your value.

Differentiator #3: Identify unique job description keywords and customize your resume (in one dynamic platform!) for maximum relevance and impact.

(As opposed to missing essential words you need to incorporate to align your experience with a job's expectations.)

The Teal Job Application Tracker and AI Resume Builder highlight the most important keywords in any job description. Then, you can use those keywords as hard and soft skills to customize your resume—showcasing relevant experiences and qualifications using specific language to stand out to potential employers.

Use Teal to find the most important keywords from any job description and tailor your resume.

Let's say you're a project coordinator with experience in website launches and mobile app development. You come across a UX project management role at a leading tech startup and are immediately excited to apply. But your resume needs to clearly show your compatibility.

You opt to use the Teal Job Tracker and AI Resume Builder which quickly pinpoint words like "Trello" and "resource allocation." Then, you’re able to expertly incorporate these keywords into your resume alongside impact, connecting your hands-on experience with the startup’s dynamic needs. (And you did all of this seamlessly in one platform!)

Use Teal's Resume to Job Description Match

Easily compare your resume to a job description to see how closely it aligns. Get a customized score with a breakdown of how and where you can improve.

Differentiator #4: Teal's templates are designed for seamless scanning by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring your content can be read.

(In place of your resume going unread due to design incompatibilities.)

Teal's simple templates without images or graphics are designed for seamless scanning by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This ensures your resume is able to be read by human hiring professionals because it parses correctly into the system.

Use Teal’s resume templates—designed with the ATS in mind.

Picture this: You're a graphic designer with a gorgeous resume full of vibrant colors, intricate graphics, and unique layouts to showcase your skillset, but there's a snag.

While visually appealing, detailed designs often scan incorrectly into Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), leaving your resume unable to be read. The worry grows: is your presentation causing missed opportunities?

Enter Teal's templates. Designed with the ATS in mind, these templates ensure your resume reaches human hiring professionals so your experience gets the spotlight it deserves and tech barriers (and your worries!) fade away.

Use Teal's Resume Checker to scan your resume for issues to see if it's up to par.

Differentiator #5: A comprehensive hub of modern, expert-backed resources with the added assurance member feedback directly shapes product changes.

(Versus missing out on expert insights and using a platform that doesn't evolve based on user needs.)

Teal provides unparalleled support with a hub of free resources, offering expert guidance tailored to every phase of your job search. These resources are in line with modern resume and job search best practices. Additionally, Teal's team personally reviews every piece of feedback from members. As a bonus, Teal regularly updates the product based on that same member feedback.

Use Teal’s hub of resources to find expert guidance—quickly.

For example, you're a software engineer recently impacted by tech layoffs. You've been with the same company for 14 years, and your knowledge of what's current in the job market feels out-of-date. A daunting job search leaves you Googling endlessly, but the information is overwhelming. What's fact? What's fiction? And every time you ask for resume help, impersonal chatbots seem to be the only response.

That's where Teal steps in. Offering a hub of free resources, Teal gives expert guidance tailored to every stage of your job hunt, ensuring you're equipped with modern strategies. What's more, Teal's dedicated team reviews each piece of member feedback, and the platform evolves based on real user needs. With Teal, you're not alone; you're backed by a community and experts genuinely invested in your success.

Are you ready to write and optimize your resume, manage your entire job search, stop worrying about the ATS, and leverage expert insights to maximize every application? Then sign up for Teal now—it's free


Kickresume is a platform designed to aid job seekers in the creation of resumes and cover letters. 

With artificial intelligence (AI) and a variety of designed customizable templates, Kickresume enables users to craft visually attractive and content-rich resumes with ease. 

Kickresume features

Feature #1: Resume builder

This feature harnesses the power AI to assist users in creating their resumes. For those who find themselves at a loss for words or battling writer's block, AI offers an intuitive solution, generating text that mirrors human writing.

(Just remember when using AI, human review for accuracy is still part of the process.)

Feature #2: Resume templates

Users can choose from a selection of resume templates to enhance visual appeal with high customization.

Resume best practices caution not to use heavily designed templates. The ATS does not support graphics, images, columns, etc. only text. When choosing resume templates, stick to simple, clean formatting.

Feature #3: Resume examples

Kickresume provides a collection of resume examples to assist users in understanding industry standards, inspire content creation, and ensure the inclusion of essential elements.

Feature #4: Cover letter builder

Similar to the AI Resume Builder, this feature leverages artificial intelligence to generate cover letters. Users don't have to start from scratch; the AI provides a draft, which they can then customize to a job using a matching template.

Teal: Your next step

For many, finding the right AI resume builder for your needs comes down to personalization, efficiency, and adaptability.

And when it comes to Teal vs. Kickresume? Teal stands out.

With its centralized resume and job search management, achievement assistance, AI generation, ATS-compatible templates, and unmatched resources and support, Teal streamlines the job application process, making it intuitive and effective.

Searching for a holistic resume management solution?
Sign up for Teal for free today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Teal and Kickresume in terms of resume customization options?

Teal offers a more holistic career management platform with tools for job tracking and career planning, while Kickresume focuses on a wide array of resume templates and customization options. Teal is geared towards personalized guidance, whereas Kickresume allows for more creative freedom in design.

Can Teal and Kickresume both be used for creating cover letters and personal websites?

Kickresume provides users with the ability to create cover letters and personal websites in addition to resumes. Teal, on the other hand, primarily focuses on resume building and career management, so it may not offer the same level of service for cover letters and personal websites as Kickresume does.

How do Teal and Kickresume compare in terms of their AI-driven features for resume building?

Both Teal and Kickresume utilize AI to enhance the resume-building process. Teal uses AI to offer personalized job suggestions and resume feedback, while Kickresume's AI assists in job-specific phrase suggestions and layout optimization. The choice between them depends on whether you value Teal's career-oriented AI or Kickresume's design-focused AI enhancements.

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