Teal vs. Jobscan: Which Tool is Best For Resume Optimization?

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March 14, 2024
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TL;DR: Jobscan specializes in scanning resumes and cover letters. It’s a good option for job seekers with a resume ready and willing to manually upload, adjust, and reformat it for each unique scan to compare it to a specific job. Teal is a more dynamic, user-friendly option for anyone who wants to build, optimize, and edit their resume with built-in AI and additional tools like a Resume Job Description Match, Resume Analysis, a free Job Tracker (with automation), and more.

What’s the difference between Teal and Jobscan?

What is Jobscan?

Jobscan.co is a resume-scanning tool that helps users optimize their resume and cover letter content for recruiters and Applicant Tracking Systems. It also has a simple resume builder and manual job application tracker to assist users in creating resumes and tracking their job applications.

Based on Jobscan reviews, below are the pros and cons according to actual users across social sites and user feedback platforms:

Jobscan pros

  • Detailed insights help align your resume to a job description
  • Power Edit tool provides context and resume suggestions to help users frame experience
  • Cover letter scanning tool checks the effectiveness of the content

Jobscan cons

  • Scanning tool requires importing (if you don’t create your resume with Jobscan), which frequently parses resumes incorrectly, resulting in the need to reformat documents
  • Power Edit tool suggests irrelevant keywords
  • Free version requires toggling between editing your resume and the Jobscan platform, leading to a frustrating user experience

Pricing: Jobscan Premium: $49.95/month or $89.95/quarter.

Jobscan also offers a free two-week trial of their premium features, but a credit card is required.

A screenshot of Jobscan’s free trial that requires a credit card
Try Jobscan Premium for free, but have your credit card ready.

What is Teal?

Teal is a career growth platform with an AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker designed to streamline your job application process and empower your career. From building a resume that stands out to ensuring your applications are tracked efficiently, Teal is a companion in navigating your job search (and entire career!) from where you are to where you want to be.

Teal’s suite of tools combines writing, tailoring, and managing resumes with tracking applications, contacts, and companies to consolidate your job search—reducing manual work and stress (and helping you stay optimized and organized!).

Teal pros

  • Write, edit, optimize, and store your entire career history (starting from scratch, an existing resume, or your LinkedIn profile)
  • Align what you offer with every unique job description in the same place where you store and edit your resume with optimization tools
  • Automated job tracking (with Chrome extension) works across 40+ job boards for easy tracking

Teal cons

  • Customization may seem limited compared to other resume builders as it’s optimized for best practices
  • Resume templates are simple (not overly designed) and built to be parsed easily by the ATS
  • Emphasis on optimization may lead to concern over resume creativity

How and when to use Teal

  1. Start using the AI Resume Builder even before you decide to look for a new job or advance your career. With Teal, you can store your entire career history for free.
  2. Ready to start searching? Use the Job Application Tracker to save the details of any job you like from 40+ job boards in one click.
  3. Before you start applying, ensure your content aligns with modern best practices and the expectations of hiring professionals with Resume Analysis.
  4. When you're ready to hit apply, use the tools inside of Teal to tailor your resume and cover letter with Teal's Job Description Match and Job Description Keyword Finder to highlight the right skills and experiences most relevant to the position. This will help you stand out as the most qualified candidate.
  5. As you apply for multipe jobs, use the Job Application Tracker as a log and a strategic tool. Automatically input each position and then schedule follow-up reminders—turning the waiting game into an active part of your job search strategy.

Pricing: Teal's AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker are free. More premium features, like Advanced Resume Job Description Match and Advanced Resume Analysis, are packaged at $9/week.

Aside from the better price tag, another perk of Teal's pricing structure is its subscription model. Pay by the week, month, or every three months. Also, unlike most SaaS products, Teal doesn’t auto-renew. Teal members have to opt in, so you're never paying for something you're not using.

A screenshot of the Teal+ pricing model
Get more tools and features for less, with Teal+

Teal vs. Jobscan features

Finding the best tool to build and optimize your resume that also offers enough robust features without becoming overwhelming (or too expensive!) can be challenging. While Teal and Jobscan offer solutions to streamline resume creation and optimization, they each have different features and approaches.

Below are some features to consider when choosing between Teal vs. Jobscan.

Teal Key Feature #1: Write and edit your resume with a dynamic AI Resume Builder.

While Jobscan can help you create a simple resume, Teal's AI Resume Builder offers a more dynamic way to write your resume, including AI generation for your professional summary, work experience resume bullets, and cover letter.

Teal’s AI for your achievements and cover letter is also fully customizable. Add important keywords, a job description, or even write your own prompt to get results unique to your experience and any job you’re applying for.

Teal Key Feature #2: Align your resume content with any job and best practices using Resume Analysis and Matching Mode.

While Jobscan’s tools can help you align your resume with a job description, Teal's Matching Mode and Resume Analysis features help you create a resume tailored to each job for less money, and more flexible payment options.

  • Use Teal’s Resume Analysis to find any gaps in your content—aligning your experience and formatting with modern resume best practices.
  • Then, use Teal’s Match Score to gauge how closely your resume aligns with a prospective employer's needs.
  • Finally, boost your score by incorporating the right keywords without any guesswork!

With a free Teal account, you have the added advantage of editing your resume content based on any suggestions provided directly in the Teal platform. This contrasts with Jobscan, which requires a purchase of its premium Power Edit feature to access similar functionality.

A screenshot of Teal's in-platform editing
Edit your resume in the Teal platform—whether you opt for Teal+ or not.

Teal Key Feature #3: Save jobs in one click with an automated Job Application Tracker and versatile Chrome extension.

Teal's versatile Job Application Tracker offers a faster, more streamlined approach. Teal's Tracker integrates with a free Chrome extension, so you can instantly save jobs from 40+ job boards in one click without having to toggle between programs or manually add important information.

On the other hand, Jobscan simplifies the job search with a manual job application tracker and basic Chrome extension. With Jobscan, add roles you're interested in by typing in the details and copying and pasting links and job descriptions.

A screenshot of Teal’s Chrome Extension
Save a job in one click with Teal's Chrome Extension.

Teal’s Chrome Extension and Job Application Tracker work together so you can manage your entire job search pipeline—from positions you're interested in and their salaries to completed applications and follow-up reminders—in one place.

Best for

When comparing Teal vs. Jobscan, Teal is best for cost-conscious job seekers who want more job search functionality and resume optimization features.

Not only is Teal more comprehensive, automated, and versatile, but it also offers similar resume-optimizing features for a fraction of Jobscan’s cost.

With Teal, you can easily create and tailor your resume (pulling from your entire career history) and organize your job prospects and applications in one click without the manual work.

Teal's all-encompassing approach—combining an intuitive AI Resume Builder, less expensive optimization and tailoring tools, and a free Job Application Tracker—streamlines the job search and makes managing multiple resumes and applications seamless.

3 reasons to choose Teal over Jobscan

Jobscan Problem #1: Price

Jobscan offers resume optimization tools comperable to Teal’s Resume Analysis and Resume Job Description Match. While the free optimizing tools on both platforms have similar features, Jobscan’s premium package is more expensive, doesn’t offer a weekly or monthly payment option, and has fewer features than the Teal premium option, Teal+.

A screenshot of Tea+ pricing options
Teal offers weekly pricing, so you never have to pay for more than you need.

Jobscan Problem #2: Incorrect resume parsing and formatting

According to Jobscan reviews, when importing resumes to be scanned, the tool incorrectly parses the document (for example, putting details in the wrong resume sections).

In addition, Jobscan’s Power Edit feature is also reported to distort formatting, so users have to manually reformat their content on a different platform after they’ve made changes—adding an extra, time-consuming step to resume optimization.

With Teal (free or Plus), you can store your entire career history on one platform. Then, when you're ready to apply for a job:

  1. Select the most relevant achievements from your career history
  2. Optimize your content to the role with Matching Mode (directly in Teal)
  3. Use Teal's flexible design to format your resume in a way that best represents you
A graphic of Teal's in-platform flexible resume design
With Teal, you never have to worry about time-consuming, manual resume formatting.

Jobscan Problem #3: Limited free plan

With Jobscan, users get five free basic resume scans (plus two additional free scans per month) before upgrading to a premium package. With Teal’s free plan, you get unlimited Match Scoring and Resume Analysis, so you can check your resume as many times as you need to.

Jobscan also offers basic resume suggestions for free, but to edit your resume directly on the platform based on those suggestions, you have to purchase the premium package.

With a free Teal membership, you can store your entire career history and as many resumes as needed in the same place you edit and optimize your resume—no toggling between programs or unnecessary extra work.

A screenshot of saved resumes in Teal’s Resume Builder
Save and edit multiple resumes with Teal’s free plan.

What do job seekers say about Teal?

A screenshot of a Teal review
Use Teal to write your resume and track your job search on a single platform.
A screenshot of a Teal testimonial
Make resume creation faster and less stressful with Teal.

Job seekers use Teal over Jobscan to build, edit, and optimize multiple resumes and track as many applications across job boards as needed (without more manual work!) for a better price.

Which should you choose: Teal or Jobscan?

Teal vs. Jobscan comparison graphic
Teal offers more free, versatile features for more holistic resume optimization and a more streamlined job search.

Why job seekers choose Teal over Jobscan

Job seekers are ready for a Jobscan alternative with the tools and features to optimize and edit resumes without the extra manual work (and hefty price tag!).

Use Teal’s free Chrome Extension for rating, saving, and tracking your opportunities.
A screenshot of a Teal review
Think of Teal as an assistant in your job search.
A screenshot of a Teal testimonial 
Use Teal to streamline your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which has more features, Teal or Jobscan?

Teal has more features and tools to help you manage and edit your resume for each application. This will help you align your content (and your job search!) with resume best practices—seamlessly.

Which is better, Teal or Jobscan?

Job seekers choose Teal to manage resume creation, optimization, and the entire job search in one place for a reasonable price without manual work or toggling between programs. Job seekers choose Jobscan when they’re willing to pay a premium to improve existing resumes and cover letters and manually track their job search.

Ready to write, edit, and improve your resume without extra work? Try Teal for free

Is Teal+ worth the price? 

If you're looking for features like Unlimited AI and Job Description Matching in the same place where you write, edit, and store your resume, then Teal+ is an excellent option. That said, 90% of Teal's features and tools are free and can support your job search.

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