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March 30, 2024
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ResumeNerd is an easy-to-use online resume builder. Their step-by-step process lets job seekers create and customize a resume with a choice of several different designs as well as suggestions for bullet points and skills to add based on careers. However, users say that the hidden pricing and cancellation process can be confusing. Teal offers a more comprehensive job search platform that includes an AI resume builder, cover letter builder and job tracker with transparent pricing and a subscription you can cancel anytime.

ResumeNerd is a user-friendly platform designed to help job seekers craft resumes and cover letters with ease. It stands out because of its simplicity, offering a straightforward and complete online resume builder that guides users through each step of the process and has helpful hints about resumes. With Resume Nerd, you can also create a personal website for your resume, making it easy to share with potential employers.

resumenerd website
ResumeNerd is a step-by-step resume builder.

ResumeNerd key features: 

  • A basic resume scoring tool to give you an idea of how your resume rates for quality and effectiveness, providing suggestions for improvements
  • A cover letter maker customized depending on your career
  • JobNerd, which provides personalized job matches based on your resume

ResumeNerd challenges, according to users:

Users should be aware of a few potential concerns. The pricing structure can be a surprise, as the cost is not shown until after you've completed your resume and are ready to download it. 

Some users have also noted the resume advice may not always follow the latest trends or best practices in resume design and content, and the cover letters tend to follow a formula with little customization. Additionally, the auto-renew and refund policy for the premium subscription has been a point of frustration for some.

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ResumeNerd reviews by site

Here is a summary of the main customer reviews of Resume Nerd from across the web, highlighting that overall their AI resume builder is easy to use but has a few drawbacks:

ResumeNerd Reviews on TrustPilot

4 / 5 ⭐️

Users rated ResumeNerd 4 stars on TrustPilot, noting that the platform is easy to use and makes writing a resume less intimidating, and the customer service from the company is helpful.

However, areas for improvement are in the transparency around the pricing structure and ongoing subscription fees as well as having more options in the template customization and variety of designs.

Resumenerd reviews on TrustPilot
One user liked the template selection and options for customization along with the step-by-step process.

ResumeNerd Reviews on Serchen

1 / 5 ⭐️

Positive reviews from Serchen mention that ResumeNerd is easy to use and that the customer service can be good. One satisfied customer found the templates helpful and believes it helped them get interviews.

Ways to improve include the fact that ResumeNerd does not disclose their pricing upfront and that the customer service is not helpful in some cases. One reviewer thought the templates were outdated with modern resume styles and a few were not expecting to be charged ongoing fees for the subscription.

Resumenerd review on Serchen
This user enjoyed the service and found the customer service helpful after experiencing a charge that was higher than expected.

Informal ResumeNerd Reviews by Social Media Platform

ResumeNerd Reviews on LinkedIn

One user on LinkedIn enjoyed that Resume Nerd was intuitive and provided a resume score that indicated what to improve about her resume.

Resumenerd review on LinkedIn
This user found value in the resume score feature from Resume Nerd, using it to improve upon her previous resume.

ResumeNerd Reviews on Reddit

Reddit users liked using ResumeNerd for the resume builder capabilities, and one user said it made a difference in the number of responses they got back in the job search process.

Other reviews recommended it for people who needed help creating an ATS-optimized resume from scratch or for the first time. Another user appreciated that ResumeNerd gave tips and examples for resumes as well as offering a concrete score to improve.

Resumenerd review on Reddit about cover letter feature
Users can create resumes and cover letters with ResumeNerd.

ResumeNerd Reviews on X

One user on X (formerly Twitter) liked the ability to create a resume website, while another liked that it could help both write and score resumes to better optimize the finished product.

Resumenerd review on X
One customer used Resume Nerd for the resume builder along with other job search resources.

ResumeNerd Reviews on Instagram

One Instagram user tried to use ResumeNerd’s suggested skills feature for the resume builder and found that the suggestions were not always relevant after it suggested “repairing wall surfaces” as a skill.

Resumenerd review instagram
One review found that the skill suggestions were not relevant to her career.

ResumeNerd Resume Builder Review

Customers appreciated that ResumeNerd’s resume builder was fairly intuitive and provided suggested bullet points using AI. One reviewer said it made writing a resume less intimidating by providing written examples of skills and experiences.

Resumenerd review of resume builder on TrustPilot
One user liked that they could learn how to use the tool quickly to build a resume.

How Does ResumeNerd’s Resume Builder Work?

ResumeNerd claims on their website that you can get started in just three simple steps.

Users can choose from several resume templates and get suggestions for bullet points based on their career. For example, a project manager will get suggestions for bullet points commonly used in project manager resumes, but these bullet points are not customized with AI.

At the end, you can see what your resume looks like, but you are required to sign up for a paid subscription if you want to download your completed resume. Also, it’s worth noting that their subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled.

From there, ResumeNerd gives you an AI resume score with suggestions for improvements. Job seekers can also generate a matching cover letter based on their job title that follows a general template with sections of text that can be manually replaced and customized.

Review of ResumeNerd Templates

Resume Nerd offers several different resume templates in their resume builder, including some with colorful or decorative designs and multiple columns. However, simple resume styles are often easier to read and single column resume formats allow you more space to write about your experiences. Users can choose from a few different fonts, colors, and spacing options.

One reviewer on TrustPilot liked the customization but felt that the resume template variety was limited.

Resumenerd review of resume templates
ResumeNerd has several different resume template options.

ResumeNerd Cover Letter Builder Review

Job seekers appreciated that ResumeNerd also has a cover letter generator feature. One reviewer said it was very helpful and gave suggestions to improve but found that it was glitchy.

While reviewing ResumeNerd, the team discovered the cover letter tool asked the user to select their career and sub-career (such as “Accounting and Finance –Accountants”) but the content of the cover letter beyond that was not customizable except to manually write new text.

Resumenerd review of the cover letter builder
Many users enjoyed ResumeNerd’s responsive customer service.

ResumeNerd Pricing Reviews

ResumeNerd does not have a free trial period. While you can start the resume building process for free, you must sign up for a paid plan, starting at $2.75 for 14 days of access, to download the resume you built. The paid plans auto-renew at $23.75 every four weeks, or $99.95 for a year of access.

ResumeNerd’s premium services include access to all of their resume designs and unlimited downloads.

Resumenerd pricing
ResumeNerd prompts users to sign up for a paid subscription when trying to download a finished resume.

Some users on TrustPilot were frustrated to discover that ResumeNerd wasn’t free, and the pricing didn’t show up until after they had spent time building their resume. Additionally, some job seekers didn’t realize they had been enrolled in an auto-renewing monthly subscription and had a hard time getting their accounts canceled or their money refunded.

Trustpilot review of Resumenerd
More than one reviewer was surprised by the lack of transparency about pricing and saving options for Resume Nerd.

In comparison, Teal+ offers clear, transparent pricing with no unexpected charges.

Teal pricing
Teal+ has straightforward pricing by the week, month, or quarter.

Based on feedback and reviews across the above platforms, these are the pros and cons job seekers had with Resume Nerd:

ResumeNerd Review Pros

  • The resume builder is easy to use and helpful for writing a resume.
  • Provides written examples of skills and experiences to aid resume writing.
  • Customer service is generally friendly, helpful, and professional.

ResumeNerd Review Cons

  • No free trial period.
  • Billing can be confusing and lead to unexpected recurring charges.
  • Some users said that customer service was not helpful.
  • Limited ability to customize templates and resumes.
  • Limited job search features outside of resumes and cover letters.

Who is ResumeNerd Best for?

ResumeNerd works well for first-time resume builders or those with limited experience crafting resumes. Their user-friendly interface and pre-written content suggestions can be a helpful starting point. 

However, if you're looking for a tool that offers a free plan to start, want more writing support from AI, or want other tools besides a resume builder, there are more robust resume builders. 

Teal Reviews vs ResumeNerd Reviews

Teal scores 4.9 / 5 stars on the Chrome Web Store and overall, job seekers love that Teal offers more than just a resume and cover letter builder.

Teal’s platform is like having an assistant for your full job search, from finding jobs that fit your requirements, tracking your applications and interviews in a detailed job tracker, and creating AI-assisted resumes and cover letters for each job application.

Teal reviews on Chrome Extension
Teal is like a personal assistant for your job search!
Chrome extension review for Teal
Teal’s handy Chrome extension means you can not only track job postings from across the web, but also auto-fill common information into online applications to save you hours.
LinkedIn review of Teal
Job seekers love Teal’s transparent pricing structure and no hidden charges.

While 90% of Teal’s features are completely free, if you’re looking to create a job winning resume and take your job search to the next level with unlimited AI-generated resume content and more, Teal+ could be a good fit.

Why Job Seekers Prefer Teal

When it comes to Teal vs. ResumeNerd, job seekers love Teal because it offers flexibility and powerful yet easy-to-use tools for your job search. Plus, you get all of this:

Flexible, straightforward pricing

Teal offers most of its job search features for free. For more advanced AI resume customization and more optimization and tailoring tools, Teal+ can support you for only $9 a week or $29 a month. With easy cancellation, you only pay when you need it.

AI customization for all your job search materials

Teal+ not only helps you write powerful resumes and cover letters with AI, but also offers email templates to follow up with hiring managers effectively.

More customizable resume formats

With Teal’s new design mode, job seekers can change everything from line height to text alignment, fonts, colors, and more, creating custom yet still ATS-friendly resumes.

All-in-one job search tool

No more juggling ten different tools. Manage your entire job search—applications, tracking, cover letters, and follow-ups—all in one place.

Not only does Teal offer an AI resume and cover letter generator (similar to Resume Nerd), but it also includes all of these additional features:

  • Resume and job description match and resume checker tools so you know how your resume compares with what the job posting is looking for
  • Job application and interview tracker to stay organized in your job search process
  • Chrome extension with multiple tools and extensions so you can access Teal’s handy features anywhere you’re looking for jobs online

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ResumeNerd free?

No, while you can start the process of creating a resume without paying, in order to download your completed resume you are required to sign up for a paid subscription.

What does ResumeNerd cost?

ResumeNerd costs $2.75 for 14-day access, which auto-renews at $23.75 every four weeks. Users can also decide to pay $99.95 for a year of access.

Is it easy to cancel ResumeNerd?

Some users have reported frustrations with the auto-renew policy, suggesting that canceling ResumeNerd might not always be straightforward. However, their customer service team seems to be helpful based on reviews.

What is the rating of ResumeNerd?

Based on the two main review sites above, ResumeNerd has an average score of 2.5 stars out of 5.

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