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April 2, 2024
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Novoresume is an easy-to-use online resume builder. Their step-by-step process lets job seekers create and customize their resume with various design and template options, with additional matching templates for cover letters. They offer resume formatting assistance across both their plans, and include integrations with LinkedIn and Google Drive. Users report positive feedback regarding Novoresume's design and template options. However, users have mentioned inconsistencies in the quality of services, and lack of customization within their resume design. Teal offers a more comprehensive AI resume builder, with full design abilities, transparent pricing and a subscription you can cancel anytime.

Novoresume is an AI-powered resume builder that aims to help job seekers create professional resumes.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze a user's work and education history to identify key skills, achievements, and relevant keywords. It then helps craft customized resumes tailored to the target job based on best practices.

Some of the key features Novoresume offers include:

  • AI-powered online resume builder and analysis
  • Customizable resume designs and templates
  • Resume formatting assistance with both paid and free templates
  • Matching cover letter templates
  • Integration with LinkedIn and Google Drive

The popular resume builder aims to simplify resume creation through automation and provide job seekers with professionally designed and optimized resumes.

Novoresume user reviews

Novoresume reviews on TrustPilot

4.5 / 5 ⭐️

Novoresume is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on 931 total reviews. 

Users reported finding Novoresume to be a useful and user-friendly tool for creating resumes. They appreciate the wide selection of customizable templates and the ability to easily duplicate and edit resumes. 

And the customer service team is particularly commended for their responsiveness and helpfulness.

While Novoresume has received positive feedback for its creative templates, some areas that could use improvement have been highlighted. Users have mentioned issues with website navigation and reported inconsistencies in the quality of services. 

novoresume resume builder trust pilot review
Novoresume resume builder review on TrustPilot

Novoresume reviews on Product Hunt

4.3 / 5 ⭐️

Overall, users on Product Hunt highlight the simple and intuitive interface as a major benefit. 

Many mention how easy it is to quickly create a professional-looking resume in minutes with Novoresume. The different templates and ability to customize sections are also frequently cited as positives.

That said, some users felt the free version was too limited, with key features like multiple resumes and cover letter creation being part of the paid plan only. 

The lack of advanced formatting options and the ability to finely tune resume sections was another common complaint among Product Hunt reviewers. Many noted that while Novoresume is great for resume novices, more seasoned professionals may want more customization and control.

novoresume review on product hunt
Novoresume premium subscription review on Product Hunt

Novoresume social media reviews

Novoresume doesn’t have a lot of engagement from users on social media. Or, put differently, users don’t tend to vocalize their opinions about the software across Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram. However, users frequently speak about Novoresume on Quora and recommend the tool on X tech threads. 

Novoresume reviews on Quora

The user reviews on Quora regarding Novoresume have mixed opinions. Here is a summary of the key points from the responses.

Positive feedback:

  • Users appreciate the high level of customization available, allowing them to create personalized resumes.
  • The templates provided by Novoresume are seen as helpful and easy to read.
  • Some users have mentioned receiving more interview calls after using Novoresume's service.

Negative feedback:

  • A common complaint is the pricing model, with users expressing disappointment that premium features aren’t accessible without a subscription and editing a resume requires a paid plan.
  • Some users find the pricing expensive compared to the value provided.
  • There are mentions of limitations regarding template choices, design options, and the ability to customize resumes.
  • A few users said they encountered misleading practices, such as being charged a fee after initially being led to believe the service was free.

Overall, the reviews indicate that Novoresume is a convenient and user-friendly option for creating resumes, but raise concerns about the pricing and certain limitations of the service.

novoresume features review on quora
Novoresume premium features review on Quora

Novoresume Reviews on X

While users don’t talk much about Novoresume on X, the platform does make its way on many “best of” tools for resume builders: 

novoresume mentioned on X
Novoresume review on X (formerly Twitter)

Novoresume review pros and cons 

Here is a breakdown of the potential pros and cons:

Novoresume pros:

  • User-friendly resume builder that simplifies the process of creating professional resumes and cover letters
  • Offers a wide range of customizable resume templates to suit different industries and job roles
  • Provides helpful writing tips and suggestions to improve the quality of resumes
  • Includes a variety of features, such as a PDF editor, analytics, and integration with third-party sites like LinkedIn
  • Free access to online resources, including articles and guides on job search and career development

Novoresume cons:

  • Limited free access—certain premium features are tangled as free but ultimately locked behind a paywall.
  • Although there are various templates to choose from, some users feel the design options could be more diverse or up-to-date.
  • The quality of customer support may vary, with some users experiencing slower response times or less helpful assistance.
  • Some users have commented on occasional technical glitches or formatting issues when exporting or downloading resumes.
  • Matching cover letter templates are nice, but users need to draft all content without assistance.

It's important to note that these pros and cons are based on individual user feedback and may not apply to everyone's experience with Novoresume.

Teal reviews vs Novoresume reviews

When it comes to Teal, the reviews are in. Check out how Teal compares to Novoresume.

Teal review on the Google Web Store

Teal's extension is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, with over 26,000 ratings.

Many users have left positive reviews, describing Teal as an incredibly useful and robust tool for the job search process, as well as an amazing resource for organizing job searches and customizing resumes.

Teal chrome extension review on Google Web Store
Teal Chrome extension review on Google Web Store

Teal review on X

Teal gets more than its fair share of love on X, with many users individually sharing how they feel about the software:

Teal review on X
Teal job tracker review on X (formerly Twitter)

Teal review on X (formerly Twitter)
Teal resume builder review on X (formerly Twitter)

Teal review on Instagram

Teal has an active presence across social media, including Instagram. Check out how excited this user was to share her experience with Teal:

Teal reviews on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn isn't a formal review site, many Teal users are still vocal about their use of the platform. Some have even gone as far as writing comprehensive review articles, such as this one:

Teal review on linkedin
Full article review of Teal on LinkedIn

LinkedIn post about Teal's resume builder  

Why customers prefer Teal

Teal, as an alternative to Novoresume, offers job seekers a more efficient and personalized approach to managing their job search. Simply import your existing resume or start from scratch.

Then, you can create as many tailored copies of that resume as possible for each application.

Even though both Teal and Novoresume offer AI capabilities and ATS-friendly templates, Teal goes beyond these common features to provide additional benefits that set it apart from competitors.

Weekly pricing for added flexibility

Teal stands out by offering weekly pricing options, allowing users to pay on a weekly basis instead of committing to long-term subscriptions.

This pricing model provides added flexibility for users who may only need to use the platform temporarily or prefer to manage their expenses more efficiently.

Whether you need to create a single one-page resume or multiple versions for different job applications, the weekly pricing structure offered by Teal ensures you have access to the best resume builder without being tied down to lengthy commitments.

AI-generated cover letters

Teal offers an innovative feature that sets it apart from other resume builders—AI-generated cover letters. With Teal's AI integration, you can create personalized cover letters directly within the platform.

Teal's AI Resume Builder aligns cover letters with resumes automatically, ensuring a cohesive and tailored application package. This not only saves you time but also enhances the quality of your cover letter. 

Now, you can confidently showcase your skills and align your application with the role requirements to maximize your chances of landing your dream job.

Up-to-date job board

One key feature that differentiates Teal from other resume builders is the up-to-date job board focused on the tech industry.

Check out Teal's free tech job board

This ensures users have access to the most recent opportunities in their desired field. With Teal, you not only create your own resume but also stay informed about job openings, maximizing your chances of finding the best fit for your career.

Job tracking and saving with the Chrome Extension

To speed up the job application process and help you stay organized, Teal offers a convenient job tracking feature through their chrome extension. This allows users to save and track the job postings they have applied for, keeping everything organized in one place.

Reviews of Teal's free Chrome extension
Teal averages 4.9 stars on 2,600+ reviews of its free Chrome extension

By providing this functionality, Teal's Chrome Extension empowers job seekers to manage their job applications efficiently and effectively.

Career Hub for Tips and Information

Teal takes a holistic approach to support job seekers by offering a comprehensive career hub.

This hub provides helpful resources, tips, and additional information to guide users on every step of their job search journey.

Whether you need assistance constructing a creative resume template, crafting a cover letter, or using professional resume templates, the Teal’s Career Hub will be your go-to source for valuable insights.

While Novoresume may offer similar features, such as AI capabilities and ATS-friendly resume templates, Teal outshines the competition by providing weekly pricing for added flexibility, an up-to-date job board, a Chrome extension for job tracking and saving, and a comprehensive career hub.

With Teal, you can access a wide range of free resume templates, tailor your own resume, and have AI instantly generate a cover letter to match.

Teal vs Novoresume: Which comes out ahead?

Both Novoresume and Teal offer AI-powered resume builders that aim to simplify the process of creating professional resumes.

Novoresume features customizable resume designs, targeted resumes tailored to specific job postings, and suggestions for relevant skills and achievements. Users appreciate the wide selection of templates and the user-friendly interface.

However, some users have raised concerns about the pricing model and the limitations of the free version.

On the other hand, Teal provides users with an efficient and personalized approach to managing their job search.

Along with AI capabilities and ATS-friendly templates, Teal offers weekly pricing options, an up-to-date job board focused on the tech industry, a Chrome extension for job tracking and saving, and a library of free and paid resume templates (with full transparency upfront between free and paid).

These additional features, such as the flexible pricing model and the job tracking functionality, set Teal apart from its competitors.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up and start building your resume with Teal's AI Resume Builder today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Novoresume free?

Novoresume offers both free and paid plans. However, many users have noted that the free version is quite limited. Try Teal’s AI Resume Builder for more free resume capabilities.

Which is the best site for a resume?

While there are several websites available for creating a resume, Teal stands out as the best option. Its intuitive interface, extensive template library, and additional features such as job application tracking, cover letter generation, and resume personalization make it a reliable choice for creating a polished resume. Try Teal’s AI Resume Builder for free.

How do you use Novoresume for free?

Novoresume offers a limited free version of their services, but to unlock all features, a subscription is required. Try Teal’s AI Resume Builder for more free resume capabilities.

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