Teal vs. Novoresume: Which Resume Builder Is Best?

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March 9, 2024
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TL;DR: Novoresume is an AI resume builder that specializes in basic resume creation, a great prospect for job seekers like students or recent graduates with limited work experience who aren’t looking for advanced features. Teal is a more comprehensive option for those wanting to optimize their resume with a broad range of tools like Job Description Keywords, Resume Job Description Match, a free Job Tracker, and more.

What’s the difference between Teal and Novoresume?

What is Novoresume?

Novoresume is an AI resume builder that helps users create professional resumes quickly. It streamlines the process with a selection of templates, a cover letter tool, and a simple interface.

Based on Novoresume reviews, here are the pros and cons according to users across feedback platforms and social sites:

Novoresume pros

  • Easy to use for beginners who may find resume creation overwhelming
  • High user approval ratings for simple resume writing
  • The premium package offers a handful of online learning micro-courses through Novocareer

Novoresume cons

  • Limited tools for optimizing and tailoring resumes for every unique job at scale
  • A premium subscription is required for certain resume sections, multi-page resumes, and the ability to track more than one job
  • Lacks the option to upload an existing resume or start with your LinkedIn profile

Pricing: Novoresume Premium: $19.99/month, $39.99/quarter, or $99.99/year. You can purchase AI tokens for an additional fee.

A screenshot of Novoresume’s AI token pricing
Novoresume’s AI credits are available for an additional purchase.

What is Teal?

Teal is an all-in-one career growth platform with an AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker designed to simplify your job search—end-to-end.

Teal offers tools for writing, optimizing, and managing resumes, tracking applications, contacts, and companies, and consolidating your job search into one intuitive, dynamic platform—reducing stress and helping you stay organized.

Teal pros

  • AI resume creation and management to build, edit, optimize, and store your career history from scratch, an existing resume, or your LinkedIn profile
  • Optimization tools to align what you offer with every unique job description
  • Free, unlimited, and centralized job tracking (with Chrome extension!) on the same platform where you manage your resume

Teal cons

  • Customization may seem restrictive compared to manual writing as they’re optimized for best practices
  • No CV option
  • Resume templates are simple designs built for the ATS

Pricing: Teal's AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker are free. More premium features, like Advanced Matching Mode and Unlimited Keywords, are $9/week.

Teal vs. Novoresume features

Finding the best AI resume builder that offers enough features to write, optimize, and tailor your resume for every application without becoming overwhelming can be challenging with so many available options. While Teal and Novoresume offer solutions to streamline the process, they each have different features and approaches.

Below are some key tools and features to consider when choosing between Teal and Novoresume.

Key Feature #1: Comprehensive AI Resume Builder

While Novoresume can help you develop a simple resume with a few of the basic sections, Teal's AI Resume Builder offers a more comprehensive approach, including access to a broader range of sections that require payment on Novoresume.

With Teal, you can use AI to create professional summaries, resume bullet points, and cover letters with advanced customization options. You can also use Teal’s suite of tools to optimize and tailor as many resumes (and sections!) as you need for every application. Necessary sections like “Certifications” and “Hard Skills,” and more than one single-page resume aren’t free with Novoresume like with Teal.

An example of Novoresume’s free section limitations
Critical sections like “Certifications” aren’t free with Novoresume but are with Teal.

Key Feature #2: Matching Mode and Job Description Keywords for resume alignment

Instead of guessing which keywords to include, Teal's Matching Mode and Job Description Keywords features allow you to create a resume tailored to each job.

Use Match Score to gauge how closely your resume corresponds with a prospective employer's needs. Then, boost your score by incorporating the right keywords—streamlining customization for precision without the guesswork.

Key Feature #3: Free Job Application Tracker with a versatile Chrome extension

Novoresume simplifies the job search with a basic job application tracker. It allows you to manually add roles you're interested in. But, this functionality is limited to one job before requiring a premium subscription, rendering the free version unuseful.

On the other hand, Teal's Job Application Tracker offers a faster, more streamlined approach. Teal's Tracker integrates with a (free!) versatile Chrome extension so you can automatically save jobs from 40+ job boards to a dynamic CRM-like tool.

A screenshot of Teal’s Chrome Extension
Organize your entire job search with Teal.

The Chrome extension and tracker work together to ensure you manage every aspect of your job search pipeline—from positions you're interested in and completed applications to interview tracking and follow-up reminders—in one place.

Bottom line

When comparing Teal vs. Novoresume, Teal is more comprehensive and versatile, offering more free features.

With the Teal Chrome Extension, you can easily create and tailor your resume (pulling from your entire career history) and organize your job prospects and applications with one click.

Teal's holistic approach—combining a comprehensive AI Resume Builder, dynamic optimization and tailoring tools, and a free Job Application Tracker—not only streamlines the job search but also makes managing multiple resumes and applications more seamless.

3 reasons to choose Teal over Novoresume

Novoresume Problem #1: No easy upload option

With Novoresume, users have to create a resume from scratch. While it's possible to manually input details by toggling between programs and copying and pasting from another document, Novoresume lacks a direct upload feature for importing an existing resume or leveraging your LinkedIn profile for a quick and easy foundation.

Novoresume Problem #2: Lack of robust resume optimization tools

Novoresume’s AI resume builder doesn’t offer fully optimized resume creation—leaving out critical tools and requiring additional payment for sections that will align your resume with each role you apply to. This limitation can prevent you from easily tailoring your content for every unique job, making it harder to stand out as qualified.

A screenshot of Teal’s tool options
Teal’s AI Resume Builder offers more comprehensive tools for an optimized resume.

Novoresume Problem #3: Limited free plan

With Novoresume, you can only build a single one-page resume for free—everything else is part of the premium package. This means you'll need to upgrade if you're looking to create resumes that span multiple pages or want access to additional features. On the flip side, Teal offers more flexibility with its free options to create unlimited resumes with no resume length restrictions.

A screenshot of saved resumes in Teal’s Resume Builder 
Save multiple resumes of any length with Teal’s free plan.

Why do job seekers choose Teal over Novoresume?

 A screenshot of a Teal Review
Use Teal to build your resume and track your entire job search in a single platform.
A screenshot of a Teal Review
Teal’s dynamic features highlight your value so you can apply confidently.
A screenshot of a Teal testimonial
Make resume creation faster and less stressful with Teal.Link:

Job seekers use Teal over Novoresume to build and optimize multiple resumes of any length and track as many applications across job boards as needed (for free!).

Which should you choose: Teal or Novoresume?

eal vs. Novoresume comparison graphic
Teal offers more free, versatile, and comprehensive features.

Why job seekers choose Teal

Job seekers are ready for a Novoresume alternative that creates comprehensive resumes without charging for basic sections and features.

A screenshot of a Teal testimonial
Use Teal’s free Chrome Extension for rating, saving, and tracking your opportunities.
A screenshot of a Teal review
Think of Teal as a personal assistant in your job search.
A screenshot of a Teal testimonial 
Use Teal to organize and personalize your entire search–end-to-end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which has more features, Teal or Novoresume?

Teal has more features and tools to help you create or fine-tune your resume for each application. This will align your content (and your entire job search!) with current resume best practices.

Which is better, Teal or Novoresume?

Job seekers choose Teal to manage resume creation and an entire job search in one place for a reasonable price without needing messy files or spreadsheets. Job seekers choose Novoresume when they’re looking to create one simple resume and aren’t looking to optimize each resume to best resume practices or tailor to each job description.

Is Teal+ worth it?

If you're looking for features like Unlimited Keywords, Job Description Matching, or Unlimited AI, then Teal+ is an excellent option. That said, 90% of Teal's features and tools are free and can substantially support your entire job search.

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