The Best AI Cover Letter Writers of 2024

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January 9, 2023
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No job seeker wants to write a cover letter. Much less a personalized cover letter for every application.

You end up with multiple cover letters, scattered folders for separate jobs, a cluttered bookmark bar and, inevitably, you’ll still upload the wrong cover letter to the wrong job listing.

Smart job seekers shortcut the cover letter process to land their dream job faster – leveraging AI cover letter writers to create a standout cover letter optimized for every job description.

How AI can help you write cover letters

AI cover letter builders tailor your cover letter to every potential employer by extracting keywords directly from the job post. Using AI, applicants can spin up job-specific cover letters in seconds for higher application velocity and acceptance rates.

Benefits of using an AI cover letter generator

  • Automates the manual process of writing a quality cover letter for every potential employer
  • Organizes and auto-matches your application materials for you
  • Improves chances of getting more applications approved
  • Avoids the frustration of writer’s block when crafting a unique cover letter
  • Appeals to hiring managers by speaking to specific job description asks

Of course, the wrong AI cover letter creator will leave you coming across as, well, artificial – sinking your application acceptance rate. A great AI cover letter generator, on the other hand, will sync with your resume and job listing to highlight relevant skills and personal details for an impressive cover letter tailored to every job description. 

In this post, you'll explore some of the best AI cover letter generators on the market and what they have to offer, including:

  1. Teal
  3. Resume Lab
  4. Resume Builder
  5. ChatGPT

Ready to use AI to perfectly tailor your cover letter for every job? Sign up for Teal today and see how easy it is to generate personalized cover letters in seconds.

5 best AI cover letter generators

1. Teal

Generate personalized cover letters in seconds with Teal

One of the best resume apps, Teal is a dynamic job search and career growth platform.

Teal offers a suite of free and paid writing tools, including an AI Resume Builder and AI Cover Letter Generator. These features allow users to efficiently tailor resumes and cover letters for each specific role, manage job applications, and track progress all in one place.

With an option to import your LinkedIn profile and click on previously saved jobs to tailor your resume and cover letter, Teal is among the best AI cover letter generators out there.

Key features


One free cover letter generation, then $9/week for AI usage.

4.9 on 1.9K+ in Chrome Web Store

Teal review
Teal review via Google Web Store

Key Differentiator #1: Customize cover letters for multiple jobs in minutes

While many AI resume builders focus solely on the resume, they often leave job applicants to tackle cover letters on their own. This process, vital for standing out in the job market, can be overwhelming, especially when juggling multiple job applications.

Teal's Cover Letter Generator goes beyond basic cover letter crafting, offering a helpful tool for generating unique cover letters optimized for each job – referencing job title, company name, necessary skills, etc. 

By merging your existing resume with the specifics of a job description, Teal helps you quickly create compelling cover letters aligned with each role.

best ai cover letter tools
Sync your cover letter to resume and job description with Teal

Plus, none of the output is set in stone. That means you can manually change each section of your cover letter until it’s the perfect representation of your skills, experience, and professional goals after the AI does its magic.

Key Differentiator #2: Personalized applications for each job you apply to with ATS-friendly keywords

While some cover letter builders provide helpful tools for crafting resumes, they often lack the personalization and efficiency needed to stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

Manually creating the perfect resume can be a tedious and time-consuming process, often resulting in generic and uninspiring applications. By optimizing for the right keywords, recruiters and hiring managers can more easily search for your application in the applicant tracking system (ATS).

top cover letter generators
Use Teal to personalize your cover letter to each job description

Remember, your resume is likely the initial thing a hiring manager will see. It’s their first impression of you. Without a strong one, no one will even read your engaging cover letter. 

Enter Teal's AI Resume Builder.

Teal's AI extracts crucial hard and soft skills from a job listing, ensuring your resume precisely addresses employer must-haves. Teal's AI integration simplifies the resume creation process, so you look like a resume genius. This helpful tool integrates with both your resume and job descriptions, enabling you to create personalized AI-generated cover letters and resumes.

Key Differentiator #3: Keep all your application materials in one place

While some job search tools might help organize certain aspects of your job hunt, they often leave you juggling multiple platforms for documents, applications, websites, and contacts.

This fragmentation can lead to missed opportunities and a disorganized approach to your job search.

Teal addresses this common pain point by providing a centralized hub for all your job search needs. In Teal, you can bookmark job listings from over 40 job boards directly through the Chrome Extension, keeping them in the same platform as your resume. You can also attach a job description directly from a saved job to add to your cover letter.

best cv writer
Chose a saved job post to tailor your resume in Teal

This ensures all job applications, resume versions, and related assets stay in one place. Meanwhile, the Job Application Tracker feature allows you to monitor the status of each application, schedule follow-ups, and manage deadlines efficiently. 

ai tools to write cover letter
Organize your job search with Teal

Lastly, the ability to bookmark job listings from a wide range of job boards into your Teal dashboard streamlines search, saving time and reducing stress.


Careerflow homepage is a comprehensive career platform focused on job seeking and professional development processes. Filled with various AI-powered tools, this platform helps users create personalized cover letters (even if that's not the company’s primary function).

With Careerflow, you'll find features like the Kanban Board and LinkedIn Writer, which can benefit job hunters who want to add structure to their process. The Kanban Board, for example, is a great way to manage and visualize professional progression. And the LinkedIn Writer can help fine-tune your LinkedIn profile, making it a useful tool for network expansion and outreach.

Key features

  • AI cover letter generator: Creates an AI-generated cover letter based on the job description
  • LinkedIn writer: Polishes your LinkedIn profile, improving your online presentation
  • Resume templates: Jumpstarts your resume using pre-built templates

Pricing starts at $45/month (or $14.41/month when billed annually).


4.3 on 116 reviews in Chrome Web Store

Careerflow review
Careerflow review via Google Web Store

3. Resume Lab

Resume Lab has positioned itself as a notable player in the resume-building market. With an easy-to-navigate interface, the platform caters to users who need to quickly craft resumes that are both comprehensive and professional. 

Like the other tools on this list, Resume Lab offers users an AI cover letter writer to help job seekers with the process. This tool promises personalized and contextually relevant cover letters tailored to the user's profile and target job.

The website has other resources to help you craft CVs, cover letters, and even help prep you for job interviews when the time comes. 

Key features

  • AI cover letter writer: Generates cover letters suited to job applications
  • Cover letter templates: Offers a diverse range of templates to fit different job sectors
  • Guided tips: Extends users in-context advice to enhance their resume content


Resume Lab offers a 14-day trial at $2.70. Pricing then goes up to roughly $25/month.


No Chrome Extension

4. Resume Builder 

Resume Builder is a comprehensive tool designed to help job seekers easily create well-crafted resumes and cover letters, thanks to its AI-powered features. The platform's main focus is simplifying the strenuous resume-building process, with the AI cover letter writer being a staple offering.

The cover letter writer enables users to generate personalized, professional cover letters within minutes. By assessing the user's profile and job requirements, the AI-driven system can create cover letters targeted to specific job roles, setting candidates apart from the competition. 

Plus, the AI provides suggestions for showcasing relevant skills and experiences more concisely.

Key features 

  • Resume and cover letter templates: Customizable CV and cover letter templates across different industries
  • Cover letter examples: Pre-written examples by experts for various job positions
  • Resume examples: A collection of resume examples by job, industry, format, and experience level


Resume Lab offers a 14-day trial at $2.70. Pricing then goes up to $23.95/month or $71.40 for an annual plan.


No Chrome Extension

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a creation of OpenAI, introduced accessible artificial intelligence to the world in late 2022. Whether you're drafting emails to recruiters or bouncing ideas about your career options, there are several ways to use ChatGPT in your job search.

When ChatGPT is used as an AI cover letter generator, it offers a blend of personalization and precision. Users can input details about the job role, their professional journey, and the company's ethos, guiding the model to generate content that resonates.

The result? A customized cover letter that captures attention, showcasing the applicant's understanding of the position and their unique value proposition. 

With ChatGPT, the age-old challenge of drafting the perfect cover letter in seconds becomes easier (especially when working with the right ChatGPT cover letter prompts).

Key features

  • Human-like text generation: ChatGPT uses inputs (like your resume and tone instructions) to produce human-like text, making it good for resume writing, cover letter creation, and more
  • Flexible customization: Customizable prompts allow you a wide range of tonal adjustments, usage scenarios, and stylized writing
  • Ease of integration: Thanks to OpenAI's API, several applications and Chrome Extensions now integrate with ChatGPT, making it easier to use for resume and cover letter writing

One notable limitation: ChatGPT doesn’t have your resume to accurately pull from. That means you’ll need to manually upload information yourself or verify that ChatGPT’s output is correct.

You’ll also have to keep track of and manage versions yourself as ChatGPT’s interface is a free-flowing chatbot. Unlike the other free cover letter generators mentioned, ChatGPT is not specifically designed for job seekers.


For access to ChatGPT’s advanced language learning model (LLM) GPT-4, you’ll need to pay $20/month. 


No Chrome Extension from Open AI (ChatGPT parent company), only integrated extensions

How to use Teal’s AI cover letter generator

top ai cover letter writers
Generate a tailored cover letter for each job with Teal.

1. Import Your Existing Resume into the Resume Builder

Or, you can create a new resume easily by starting in the Resume Builder section. The more career details you provide, the better your cover letter will be. You can apply changes to one or all of your resumes at once.

2. Go to the “Cover Letter” Section and Attach a Job Description

Once your resume is all set, it’s time to pair it with an individual job that you’ll be applying to. If you’ve already added the job to your Job Tracker, simply select it from the dropdown to attach it. Otherwise, you can easily create a new job in just a few clicks.

3. Generate Your Cover Letter with AI

Simply click “Generate with AI” and let the magic happen. Feel free to copy and paste your cover letter text in a separate Google Doc or Word Doc to save it for later.

Which is the best AI cover letter writer? 

Though other AI tools offer cover letter writing capabilities, Teal’s AI cover letter generator stands out as one of the few that’s not an afterthought add-on to other career tools.

While many tools focus on cover letter AI, Teal’s user-friendly interface walks users through the entire job application process – from the first draft of your resume to customizable templates for email to helpful tips for LinkedIn.

ai tools cover letter
Generate your first AI cover letter for free with Teal

For anyone serious about making a lasting impression and optimizing their job application process, Teal is the best choice for AI cover letter writers.

So what are you waiting for? Try Teal’s Resume Builder and access the best AI-driven online cover letter generator today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do AI cover letter writers ensure the cover letters they generate are unique to each user?

The best AI cover letter writers of 2024 utilize advanced algorithms that incorporate user-provided information, such as work history, skills, and the job description they're applying for. This allows the AI to create personalized and unique cover letters by tailoring the content to match the individual's professional profile and the specific requirements of the job, ensuring that each cover letter stands out to potential employers.

Can AI cover letter writers adapt to different industries and job levels?

Yes, top-rated AI cover letter writers are designed with versatility in mind, offering a range of templates and customization options that cater to various industries and career stages. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, these AI tools analyze industry-specific keywords and phrases to craft a cover letter that resonates with the target job sector and aligns with the applicant's experience level.

How do AI cover letter writers handle privacy and data security for users' personal information?

Reputable AI cover letter writers prioritize user privacy and data security by implementing stringent data protection measures. They typically use encryption for data transmission, secure storage practices, and clear privacy policies that outline how user data is handled. Users are encouraged to review these policies before inputting personal information to ensure their data remains confidential throughout the cover letter creation process.

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