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March 29, 2022
June 28, 2022

An Always Up-to-Date List of the Job Boards Teal Supports

Nate Howell

We’ve added support for these job search sites into our free Chrome extension to simplify saving, tracking, and applying for roles from a range of sites.

Whether we like it or not, applying for jobs is often a numbers game. We recommend focusing on the quality of your application, not just the quantity, but we can’t ignore the fact that, on average, it takes 21 to 80 job applications for a job seeker to get one job offer.

When looking for a new role, job seekers often turn to popular job search engines and sites like LinkedIn and Indeed to get a sense of what positions are available—and that’s a great starting place. But one of the best-kept secrets in the job application process? Job boards that aren’t quite as mainstream.

Many times these more niche job boards feature roles that aren’t posted on LinkedIn, and by searching sites that specialize in a particular sub-group or industry (e.g., women in tech), you’re more likely to come across roles that pique your interest and align with your skillset.

So how can you ensure that you’re looking in the right places? Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top job boards that we recommend, all of which we’ve integrated into our free Teal Chrome extension so that job seekers have a seamless experience saving, tracking, and managing the roles they find.

We’ll update this list regularly as new job board integrations are added, so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Job Boards That Work with the Teal Chrome Extension: 

  1. Angel List
  2. Black Career Network
  3. Blacks in Technology
  4. Black is Tech
  6. Black Tech Jobs
  7. Black Tech Talent
  8. Black Career Women's Network
  9. Built In
  10. Career Contessa
  11. Dice
  12. Diversity
  13. Diversity Jobs
  14. Efinancial Careers
  15. Elpha
  16. Fairygodboss
  17. Gary’s Guide
  18. Girlboss
  19. Glassdoor
  20. Good Gigs
  21. Google Jobs
  22. Idealist
  23. Indeed
  24. International Association of Women
  25. iRelaunch
  26. Jopwell
  27. Lady Bird Talent
  28. LinkedIn
  29. Mac's List
  30. Moms at Work
  31. Monster
  32. Pallet
  33. POC IT Jobs
  34. Power to Fly
  35. ReacHIRE
  36. Remote POC
  37. Silicon Florist
  38. Simply Hired
  39. Smart Recruiters
  40. Surge Women
  41. Tech Jobs For Good
  42. Tech Ladies
  43. The Muse
  44. USA Jobs
  45. Women in Technology
  46. Women Who Code
  47. Zippia
  48. Zip Recruiter

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Nate Howell

Nate is a professional writer with years of experience crafting compelling stories and working with brands like WeWork and Facebook.

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