5 Best Careerflow Alternatives for Enhancing Your Job Search

To land your next job, you need a resume that makes a strong first impression. 

Companies and human resources departments are often inundated with hundreds of resumes, which is why, as a job seeker, it's in your best interest to make your resume stand out at first glance.

A new generation of digital tools can help you with this customization, increasing your visibility, reach, and chances for success. 

Careerflow.ai is one of these—but is it the best option, given its limitations?

To help job seekers like you find the best options for enhancing resumes and improving your job search efforts, we’ve compiled this list of the five best alternatives to Careerflow.

3 key takeaways

  • Careerflow is a popular service that uses AI and human experts to optimize resumes and job applications.
  • Several alternatives to Careerflow offer additional or more refined capabilities.
  • Teal’s AI Resume Builder is a great new tool that can help you find a job fast.

1. Teal

Every job posting is unique, so why shouldn’t every job application be?

Time, effort, bandwidth, resources—whether you’re looking for your dream job after college or the next step on your career path, the reason most people don’t customize their resumes and applications comes down to capacity.

That’s where Teal comes in.

Teal is an all-in-one platform for job seekers, complete with an AI Resume Builder, Job Application Tracker, and ChatGPT integrations to help you customize your resume for every single job application. 

Teal’s resume optimization tool helps you tailor your resume to position you in the best light for a specific position at a specific company—a much more focused approach than creating one general resume that appeals equally to every hiring manager. Teal’s resume review and optimization tool operates in real time, helping you identify the changes you need to make to stand out from the competition.

Along with AI-powered resume-building tools, Teal also offers a free Job Application Tracker and a free Chrome extension. There’s also a LinkedIn Profile Analyzer that runs within Teal’s Chrome Extension that can analyze your LinkedIn profile and show you exactly what improvements to make to ensure your profile stands out to recruiters. 

Last is Teal’s Job Application Tracker, which is essentially a customer relationship management platform (CRM) for your job hunt: it keeps track of what you’ve applied for, the jobs you’ve saved but not applied for, and more—all from a single interface. 

Interested in exploring more? Sign up for your free Teal account today.

Features and capabilities 

  • Gain insights on how to custom-align your resume to specific job descriptions. 
  • Measure your resume performance with easy-to-understand keyword-based scoring. 
  • Auto-generate summaries, achievements, and cover letters using generative AI in Teal’s AI Resume Builder.
  • Save jobs from 40+ job boards directly into Teal using the Chrome Extension.
  • Track your job applications with the Job Application Tracker and the status of each interview round.
  • Learn from a rich library of educational resources and resume examples using Teal’s Career Hub.


Teal’s free product includes unlimited resumes, resume templates, and job tracking. You’ll also get your top five keywords and an email template for each job stage. There’s even basic analysis and keyword matching in the Resume Builder.

Teal gives users access to its powerful generative AI capabilities, including two free AI-generated professional summaries, five resume bullet point achievements and one cover letter.

Need even more insights or unlimited AI-generated content? Then Teal+ is the way to go, adding unlimited AI generation, advanced resume analysis and keyword matching, hard and soft skills keywords in the Job Tracker, and email templates in every stage.

Teal+ is just $9 per week.

2. Huntr

Huntr is a job application tracker and job search platform. Huntr also includes a job search portal that populates from all the major job sites.

Unfortunately, Huntr doesn’t include any AI functionality like resume building or customization features. Huntr may have the edge over the competition if you focus only on its two core capabilities. But many of the apps on this list give you those two abilities along with much more.

Features and capabilities 

  • Organize your job search using Kanban boards.
  • Track your applications, contacts, documents, interview notes, and more in one place.
  • Analyze and share your job search progress with analytics and collaboration tools.


Huntr invites users to sign up for free, and you can track up to 40 jobs and save unlimited tasks and notes as a free user. There’s also a Chrome extension available. Premium plans are $10 per month and add unlimited jobs and contacts, plus the ability to upload 25 documents and view metrics and timelines.

3. Jobscan

Jobscan is a high-quality online resume maker with a handful of products that focus on helping job seekers tailor their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn content to fit the opportunities they’re applying for.

Jobscan offers several tools that are very similar to each other, and it can be hard to tell which tool to use for which thing. And while Jobscan uses AI to power its resume editing suggestions, you can’t use Jobscan to create your first draft. 

If you’re concerned about any of these limitations, the good news is that there are plenty of high-quality Jobscan alternatives available.

Features and capabilities 

  • Resume Power Edit tool helps you supercharge your existing resume using AI and machine learning tools, improving formatting and keyword implementation.
  • ATS Resume module helps you craft your resume so that an applicant tracking system (ATS) can understand it.
  • Jobscan’s cover letter resources educate you on how to write better cover letters, and the Cover Letter Optimization Report evaluates your progress.


Jobscan offers a free forever tier that offers five match rate calculations and five keyword comparisons per month. The full product costs $49.95 per month.

4. Kickresume

Resumes have gotten rather uninteresting, visually speaking. Many job seekers are hesitant to include the visual flourishes that used to be common because they could run the risk of tripping up an ATS. 

Kickresume is a resume builder that delivers the best of both worlds, giving you a visually stunning, professional-quality resume that still passes ATS checks. 

There’s also a range of AI-powered writing tools (for premium users only), and the Pyjama Jobs integration helps match you with work-from-home positions.

One limitation: Kickresume isn’t an all-in-one tool, as there’s no cohesive job tracking here.

Features and capabilities 

  • Create visually engaging resumes that don’t interfere with ATS.
  • Find curated remote jobs with the Pyjama Jobs module.
  • Get instant feedback on your existing resume.


Kickresume offers a free basic plan that offers four basic resume templates (along with a matching cover letter template for each) and thousands of pre-written phrases and example resumes.

But to leverage any of Kickresume’s artificial intelligence features (like the AI resume checker or their AI writer tool), you’ll need to upgrade to Kickresume Premium, which costs $19 per month or $60 per year.

5. Resume Worded

Resume Worded is a resume grading and coaching tool powered by AI. It isn’t a resume generator—users have to create a resume on their own or using another tool. But once you have a resume to work with, Resume Worded can help make sure your resume is, well, worded the right way.

Resume Worded offers actionable feedback and provides an easy-to-understand resume score. It can also target your resume to a specific job description. 

You can use Resume Worded on resumes and on your LinkedIn profile, but there aren’t any functions tailored to CVs or cover letters at this time.

The main Resume Worded service is free to use, while Resume Worded Pro unlocks powerful additional features. With the Pro plan, you can get more complete resume and LinkedIn analysis, and you’ll get a comprehensive report on missing keywords. The cap on Score My Resume gets removed, and there’s a better set of Word templates that professional recruiters have vetted.

Features and capabilities 

  • The Powerful AI-enhanced resume checker provides actionable feedback.
  • Resume Worded’s core experience is free to use.
  • Resume templates for both Google Docs and Word help with initial resume creation.


The core Resume Worded experience is free to use. Resume Worded Pro is $49 per month or $229 per year and adds unlimited complete resume and LinkedIn profile reviews and more than 200 handpicked resume lines.

Elevate your job search today with Teal

Careerflow has plenty to offer for job seekers, but only Teal’s Chrome Extension integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn to offer you LinkedIn profile suggestions. And Teal’s AI Resume Builder helps you polish, customize, and target your resume to every job opportunity.

With Teal, you’ll make yourself a more attractive candidate—and you’ll avoid common resume pitfalls that may keep you from landing an interview.

Join Teal today to supercharge your resume with the AI Resume Builder, track your job applications, and leap forward toward the job of your dreams.

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