How To Remove #OpenToWork From Your LinkedIn Profile

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October 26, 2022
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When you’re job-hunting, enhancing your LinkedIn profile to gain attention from recruiters, hiring managers and even industry peers can help others know that you’re on the lookout for a new job. 

That’s where LinkedIn’s “Open To Work” feature comes in handy. It flags your profile in recruiters’ candidate searches and even delivers a green photo frame with the hashtag #OpenToWork to make it super clear that you’re on the market for a new job.

So, what happens when you do get a job, or you decide to turn off the “Open To Work” feature? This article will walk you through the steps of how to remove the “Open To Work” setting on LinkedIn so that it’s no longer visible on your profile. You’ll also learn how to adjust your settings so that you’re only showing up in recruiter searches.

How Do You Turn Off the “Open To Work” Feature on LinkedIn?

Chances are that, at some point while looking for a new job, you turned on the “Open To Work” feature on your LinkedIn profile. But what happens once you’re no longer looking, or if you need to take a break from your search? Here’s how you turn off the “Open To Work” feature.

First, navigate to your profile page. If you already have the “Open To Work” feature turned on, you’ll see that represented as a gray text box in your profile description section, as shown in the image below. 

LinkedIn profile description section - Open To Work

Click the pencil icon to make edits. Once you click the pencil icon, you’ll arrive at this page:

LinkedIn "Open To Work" - delete from profile

Here, you’ll see all the job titles you previously expressed interested in, along with other details about your workplace preference, location, and start date.

From here, you can completely delete the “Open To Work” feature from your profile simply by clicking the blue text that reads, “Delete from profile.”

How Do You Remove the #OpenToWork Photo Frame on Your LinkedIn Profile Photo?

When you turned on the “Open To Work” feature on your LinkedIn profile, you may have also turned on the #OpenToWork green photo frame on your profile photo. It looks like this:

LinkedIn Profile - Open To Work banner

If you still want to keep “Open To Work” turned out to let recruiters find you, but you want to remove the green #OpenToWork photo frame that appears on your profile picture, here’s how.

Click the down arrow that you see next to “All LinkedIn Members.”

LinkedIn job preferences

Once you click that arrow, you’ll be able to toggle the selection for “Recruiters only,” so that only people who are actively using LinkedIn Recruiter will be able to see that you are open to work.

LinkedIn Open To Work - visibility options

The other selection shows the green photo frame to anyone on LinkedIn, including recruiters and people at your company. 

Removing the green photo frame gives you a bit of privacy during your job search, although, as LinkedIn mentions in their terms and conditions, they can’t 100% guarantee that your current employer won’t see your “Open To Work” status. 

Note: You may need to refresh your browser to see your updated profile picture without the green #OpenToWork photo frame. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will removing the #OpenToWork feature from my LinkedIn profile affect my visibility to recruiters?

Removing the #OpenToWork feature will not affect your overall visibility on LinkedIn. Recruiters can still find your profile based on your skills and experience. However, the specific signal that you are actively seeking opportunities will no longer be visible, so you may want to use other methods to indicate your interest in new job opportunities.

Can I reactivate the #OpenToWork feature after I've removed it from my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, you can reactivate the #OpenToWork feature at any time. Simply go to your LinkedIn profile, click on the "Show recruiters you're open to work" option, and set your preferences again. This will reinstate the feature and make it visible according to your chosen settings.

If I set my #OpenToWork preferences to "Recruiters Only," will my current employer be able to see it?

When you set your #OpenToWork preferences to "Recruiters Only," LinkedIn takes steps to prevent your current employer and affiliated company recruiters from seeing your job-seeking status. However, LinkedIn cannot provide a 100% guarantee due to factors like recruiter account settings and shared company networks.

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