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Aug 22, 2022
Sep 15, 2022

How to Add a Promotion on LinkedIn (With Pictures)

Caitlin Huston

You got a promotion at work. Congrats! Here's a step-by-step guide to add a promotion on LinkedIn, when you've changed job titles within your company.

Congratulations! You earned a promotion, and you’re ready to add your new title to LinkedIn. 

Unfortunately, adding a promotion to your profile is not as straightforward as you might think. I’m going to walk you through how to add a new job within the same company to your LinkedIn work experience. 

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Add your new job title
  2. Review your changes
  3. Share your promotion with your network

There are two ways to add an additional position with the same employer: edit your current experience or add a new position. 

I’ll outline both, but I recommend the first option. To get started, open your LinkedIn profile in a separate tab or window.

LinkedIn promotion step 1

Option 1: Edit your experience to add your promotion

This trick will use your current job information to add your new position. Trust me, it saves time.

LinkedIn promotion step 2

To edit your experience, click on LinkedIn’s pencil icons. Confusingly, you have to do this twice. First, scroll down to your work experience. Click the pencil in the top right-hand corner of the section. This will cause pencil icons to appear by all your positions. 

LinkedIn promotion step 3

Second, find your current employer in your experience section. Click on the pencil icon corresponding to your most recent job title. This will bring up a box labeled “edit experience.”

The first text box has your job title. Delete that text and enter your new title. Don’t worry; we’ll be able to keep them both!

Entering a new title should trigger a new prompt immediately below the text box you’ve just edited. LinkedIn will ask “Did you get promoted? Add a new position to show your career progression.” Click the “ + Add new position” blue text to add your promotion. 

LinkedIn promotion step 4

Go ahead and do a little happy dance, too. You earned it!

Note: if your titles are similar, LinkedIn may not recognize this as a new position. In that case, follow the steps for option two.

Option 2: Add your promotion as a new position

LinkedIn promotion step 5

Instead of editing your current position, you can add your promotion as though you were adding an entirely new job. To do this, scroll down to your experience section. Click on the plus sign.

LinkedIn promotion step 6

Click on “add position” and move on to the next step.

Add your new experience

This should look familiar. This is the same way you added your other work experience to LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn promotion step 7

The top section of this “add experience” window gives you the option to “notify network” of changes. Toggle this on or off now so you don’t forget after you’ve made your changes.

If you accessed this window by editing your current job, you will already see your new job title and employer information. If you’re adding your promotion as a new position, enter this information manually.

LinkedIn promotion step 8

You’ll need to add your employment type, company name, location, and industry manually. Since you have the same employer, this information will remain identical. Be mindful of adding exactly the same employer information—your promotion won’t display correctly otherwise. Again, this information will be filled out for you if you choose the “add a promotion” route.

LinkedIn promotion step 9

You can adjust your start date at this stage, as well as select the option to “end current position as of now.” These options come in handy if you’re updating your public profile after the promotion has taken place. 

LinkedIn promotion step 10

You can add a description of your new role. It’s fine to skip this section for now and come back when you can better describe your impact in your promoted position.

LinkedIn promotion step 11

Your profile headline may or may not be the same as your current job title. You can make changes from this window to reflect your promotion. 

LinkedIn promotion step 12

LinkedIn allows you to showcase skills you use in specific roles. This will list skills within your experience section as well as in your skills section. 

Note: this is not available for profiles that already maxed out LinkedIn’s 50 skill limit.

LinkedIn promotion step 13

The last section here is a media section. Like the description, you can come back to this when you have more time in this position. 

Remember to save your changes!

Review Your Edits

As many writers and editors know, the best time to spot your typos is right after saving your changes (or sending an email). After you click save, refresh your page and double-check that the changes you made are in fact correct. 

LinkedIn promotion step 14

Review the start date, the job title, and any other changes you made in the “add experience” popup window. If you added a new position instead of adding a promotion, use this opportunity to check that the positions are nested under one company profile. If not, troubleshoot by ensuring the employer is exactly the same for both and that the dates don’t overlap.

Look for common typos:

  • “Manger” instead of “manager”
  • “Principal” instead of “principle” (or vice versa for school administrators)
  • “Buisness” instead of “business”
  • “Pubic” instead of “public”
    “Liason” or “liasion” instead of “liaison”
  • “An” instead of “and”

Share Your Promotion With Your Network

LinkedIn promotion step 15

LinkedIn is a social networking platform. Many people still have LinkedIn’s default job update settings, meaning the platform will notify your connections when you make a change to your employment. You can change these settings for all your updates in the “visibility” section of your settings by clicking on “share profile updates with your network.”

LinkedIn promotion step 16

Whether you opt to share this notification or not, consider making a post to announce your new job on LinkedIn. Your network (hopefully!) wants to celebrate your career progress with you, so give your former classmates and coworkers the chance to congratulate you. Consider announcing that all your hard work has paid off with a heartfelt message of gratitude, recognition, and appreciation.

Final Thoughts

Your LinkedIn profile is a great place to share your new job with your professional network, whether you’ve changed employers or not. Your LinkedIn is one of your first results to show up on Google, so it’s smart to keep your current position accurate.

Your connections will support you throughout your career. Sharing a win—such as your promotion—is a simple way to keep people from your professional life up to date on your accomplishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a promotion to LinkedIn from the app?

You sure can! It’s the same process from mobile apps.

Does LinkedIn automatically notify my network when I change my job title?

It depends on your settings. As of 2022, LinkedIn defaults to sharing job title updates with your network. You can change this from your settings or from the “add experience” window.

How can I change my job title without notifying my network?

In the “add experience” window, LinkedIn gives you the option to “notify network” of changes. Toggle this "off" before updating your profile. Once you save the changes, your LinkedIn profile will be updated without notifying your network.

How can I delete the job update LinkedIn shared with my network?

Whoops! You notified your connections accidentally. It happens!

Go to your profile. Click on “show all activity.” Any recent posts from you will be here. When you see the one notifying your network of a job update, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on “delete post” to remove it. 

Should I add my promotion on other social media sites?

You can, especially if you added your previous title. This is the time to update your Twitter profile, TikTok, or Quora so you share accurate and consistent information about your employment.

How long should I wait to update LinkedIn with my promotion?

Similar to starting a new job, it's best to wait two weeks to update LinkedIn. If you're sure this new position is what you want in your career, you might feel comfortable sharing the news right away.

How do I show a promotion on my resume?

You can list each new job title as a separate entry, repeating the company name. Or you could contain all job titles under one company headings.

>> Read More: How to show promotion on resume

Caitlin Huston

Caitlin is a career advisor who has been quoted in Business Insider, Fortune, Forbes, and The Muse on topics related to remote work and landing the right job. She’s also a freelance writer, SEO strategist, and content editor.

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