Resume Keyword Scanner

Analyze and refine your resume keyword usage to align perfectly with the details of the job you’re applying for. Make sure your skills and experiences stand out to employers by optimizing your resume content strategically with the right keywords.

resume keyword scanner

Start Using Resume Keywords Strategically

Analyze the Keyword Patterns in Your Resume

The Resume Keyword Scanner examines your resume to identify the most prominently mentioned words/themes in your content.

Discover if you have any important keyword gaps in your resume based on the priority words from the job description you’re comparing it to.

Optimize Your Resume with the Right Language

Use the keyword insights to not only find gaps in your resume, but opportunities where you can adjust the verbiage to align closer with the role.

Review the keywords report to see which phrases are being emphasized in the job details, and optimize your resume to address these.

A Data-Driven Approach to Improving Your Resume Content

Our tool offers a repeatable process for revealing important resume keywords, and helping you incorporate them into your content.

Use the Resume Keyword Scanner to take a more methodical approach to how you customize your resumes for future applications.

Enhancing Resume Impact with Strategic Keyword Analysis

In the realm of job applications, customization is key. You cannot afford to present a generic resume for diverse job roles. Every position has its own unique set of keywords and themes that are crucial to the employer. Our tool was made to help you speak the same language in your resume, and make every word count.

The Resume Keyword Scanner is designed to fine-tune your resume keyword usage to pair closely with the nuances of the job you're eyeing. It analyzes your resume against the job listing, to highlight not only the keywords you've matched but also those you've missed

This process empowers you to make targeted adjustments, ensuring your resume speaks directly to the employer's priorities.

Scan Your Resume for Keyword Gaps

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How to Use the Resume Keyword Scanner


Import Your Existing Resume into the Resume Builder

Don't have an existing resume? Import your LinkedIn profile, or build a resume from scratch in minutes.

The more career details you provide, the better your keyword insights will be.


Attach a Job to Your Resume

Next, select a job description that you want to pair with your resume for the keyword analysis.

This should be a position that you're looking to apply for.

You can use the dropdown menu to choose an existing job directly from your job tracker, or you can create a new job here to use for the comparison.


Review the Keywords Report to See Insights

In the keywords report, you’ll see a breakdown with two different sections – “High Priority Words” and “Remaining Keywords” that highlight important words, skills to incorporate into your resume.

resume keywords report
resume keyword optimization

Optimize Your Resume Keyword Usage

From here, take action on the recommendations from the keyword report and start making gradual improvements to tailor your resume content to the target role.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Resume Keyword Scanner help with ATS compatibility?

While it's important not to overemphasize ATS systems, our Resume Keyword Scanner does play a vital role in ensuring your resume is ATS-friendly.

The tool helps by highlighting keywords and phrases that are relevant to your job application, which are often the same terms used by ATS to filter candidates. Remember, the primary goal is to showcase your qualifications effectively to both human and digital evaluators.

How often should I use the Resume Keyword Scanner for the same job application?

We recommend using the Resume Keyword Scanner each time you make significant changes to your resume or when you plan to apply for a new position.

This ensures that your resume consistently aligns with the specific requirements and keywords of each job opening, maximizing your chances of success.

Is it possible to over-optimize my resume with keywords?

Yes, there is such a thing as over-optimization. While it's crucial to include relevant keywords, your resume should remain natural and readable.

Our tool helps you strike the right balance, ensuring that your resume is keyword-rich yet maintains a professional and coherent narrative.

Does the Resume Keyword Scanner offer suggestions for improving my resume’s format as well as content?

The primary focus of our Resume Keyword Scanner is on content optimization through strategic keyword usage.

While it doesn’t directly suggest formatting changes, a well-structured and keyword-optimized content inherently contributes to a better-formatted resume.

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