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Social Media Manager Job Interview Tips

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Mar 2, 2021
Aug 3, 2022

Social Media Manager Job Interview Tips

Dave Fano

Social media is part of nearly everyone's life, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. This makes social media marketing one of the most exciting areas to work nowadays.

Social media is part of nearly everyone's life, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. This makes social media marketing one of the most exciting areas to work nowadays. 

As a social media marketing specialist, your task will be to help companies by marketing their brand on social media channels and launching successful social media campaigns. If you're social-media savvy with a talent for marketing then a social media manager role could be your calling. 

But how do you ace an interview to get a job in social media marketing? Knowing what interview questions and answers to be prepared for will be an important part of your preparation for interview questions from department leaders, social media managers, and hiring managers. Keep reading to learn how to prepare for an interview for a social media marketing job, as well as some commonly asked questions to think about.

Have a Social Media Presence

If a company is going to hire you to market their brand on social media, they'll want to be confident that you actually know how to use various platforms and have a social media management skill set. So make sure your own social media profile is up to date and professional as a social media specialist.

It's a good idea to be active across different social media profiles and platforms as this will show that you are a confident and skilled when it comes to how you use social media. This will also help you to view social media marketing from the customer's point of view, as you will be able to judge the effectiveness of ads and digital marketing campaigns in your own feed.

Know the Trends

Social media is all about trends, with something new trending every week. This is another reason why being active on social media platforms is essential for preparing for your social media specialist interview. Employers will want to hire the person with their finger on the pulse and who understands the constantly changing nature of social media.

If you are representing their company brand, you will be tasked with creating a marketing strategy that focuses on the current trends. That's why being aware of these trends will help you understand how to align the company's social media content with their business goals.

Be forward-thinking

As we all know, social media changes rapidly from week to week, even day to day. Static strategies would not allow flexibility in your approach to social media management, and many companies understand that. As a social media specialist, you have to be adaptable and forward-thinking to keep up with the demands of a company's target audience.

That's why in an interview, you should already have a plan in place about how you intend to launch a social media campaign and spread brand awareness. An interviewer will be sure to ask you about your social media marketing strategies for their business so they know that your ideas align with their specific goals.

In order to stand out, you should think ahead and be innovative in your plans for social media optimization. Which social media platforms a company uses for marketing might depend on their target audience or the product/service they want to promote, so candidates be knowledgeable about all the different platforms out there, not just LinkedIn and Facebook for example. 

Common Interview Questions

Let's look at the most common social media interview questions you could be asked, and how candidates can prepare the best answers. How you answer interview questions can set you apart as a candidate, even if you have no social media management experience yet.

How would you improve our social media marketing efforts?

The best way to answer this question is to do your research in advance about the company and their social media campaigns. Search for the company on each social media platform and think about how effective their strategies are and what you would do better.

For example, if you find that they are only active on one or two platforms, you could recommend broadening their reach to other social media channels in order to reach a larger audience. The important thing here is to show an understanding of their business goals and which approaches will best serve them.

What metrics do you use to measure the success of social media marketing efforts?

An interviewer will ask this question to ensure you understand how to provide evidence for the success of your campaigns. A company will want to see the results of your efforts as proof that they are working as you say they should. In your answer to this question, you need to mention the most important metrics for tracking social media marketing success, which are engagement, reach, and leads.

Be sure to mention the most relevant metrics for the company and the type of campaign. You can also discuss things like reputation management, Google analytics, digital marketing best practices, and content marketing best practices. 

What social media channels do you think are most relevant to this company?

This interview question allows you to show your understanding of the company in question and their marketing goals. All good social media managers are knowledgeable about the various social media channels that can be used for marketing purposes.

But knowing the best ones to use for each business and in what ways shows your understanding of the company, their goals, and their target audience. Social media campaigns can take a lot of time and money, so being able to narrow down the most promising channels for lead generation will make you a valuable asset to the company.

What tools do you use to manage your social media channels?

As a social media manager, it's your job to organize the marketing team to work with the best practices for social engagement. That's why the tools you use to manage the company's social media accounts matter.

Some of the most popular social media tools are Hootsuite, Buffer Publish, Sendible, and Loomly. Each tool will better suit different purposes, so answer with the ones you think are most relevant to the company and the type of social media efforts they use.

If you're active on social media, on top of all the latest trends, and innovative in your approach, you will be all set for a social media marketing interview. Just be sure to prepare for social media manager interview questions beforehand for the best results. 

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