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So, Should I Use A Staffing Agency to Find A Job In 2022 or Not?

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Jan 14, 2022
Jun 28, 2022

So, Should I Use A Staffing Agency to Find A Job In 2022 or Not?

Dave Fano

Should I use a staffing agency to find a job? It’s okay to apply for a job directly, but there are benefits to using a staffing agency.

There could be tons of things on your mind as a job seeker. For example, you may wonder whether you should spend time looking at the job boards and finding job openings as per your skillset or whether you must look for employment agencies. 

It’s good to know when to consider staffing agencies only and when to consider yourself a good fit and apply to open positions. For example, a staffing agency works best for temporary workers. You can consider working with a staffing agency when finding permanent positions in a specific industry. However, when finding a job with a particular company, you can try applying directly for the role. 

If you’re applying for jobs directly or through a staffing agency, using Teal’s free Job Tracker can help you keep track of your job search. Manage your applications, track each job, set follow-ups, and more!

The job market is highly competitive in the age of information technology, so you must know what’s best for you! 

Read on for more information. 

Should I Use A Staffing Agency to Find A Job? 

Nowadays, people turn to social media and job boards, and some may even connect with hiring managers. For filling the position and acquiring a long-term job, you must create an excellent also remember that a company could be interested in temp-to-hire! Now the question comes down to whether you should be using a staffing agency to find a job in the new year or not! 

Let’s discuss: 

Benefits of Using A Staffing Agency 

You might want to consider a staffing agency when: 

  • The staffing agency has a reputation in your industry and has positive reviews from many customers. You have to choose the legit staffing agency to help you get a job you would like!
  • You could be trying very hard to find a job, but it’s been a long time since you heard from any potential employer. Trying a staffing agency could be a good next step if you're feeling stuck in your job search.
  • The staffing agency may know many employers from different industries, and thus, they would be aware of job positions that are fit for you that you may not know of! 
  • A staffing agency can help you save time and energy, especially if you are busy with life. Sometimes, a job search can fell like a full-time job and a staffing agency will help lessen that load.
  • You may also get feedback on your resume and cover letter. You can learn to make it better and more applicable for future job opportunities.

You should consider using a staffing agency when you feel you will get better and more opportunities. Be sure to use the one with the best and genuine reviews! 

Benefits of Applying Directly for A Job 

When applying directly for a job, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • You can apply to any company of your choice! In addition, you can customize thee resume and cover letter for each job and land the job of your dreams! 
  • You can avoid the hassle of paperwork with staffing agencies when applying directly to a job. 
  • You are on your own when applying directly, and this feeling of landing a job on your own can boost your morale and motivation level.
  • You can learn from your mistakes when you miss an opportunity or get rejected from a potential job. 
  • Sometimes, salary ranges for jobs found through staffing agencies can be lower than jobs sourced on your own. This is because the staffing agency charges the companies a fee when one of their recommendations is hired, and oftentimes that cost comes from the future employee's salary.

So, if you have the time to job search on your own and you're not running into too much rejection, job searching on your own can be a great path.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you would be using a staffing agency or not, it all comes down to your personal preferences! Under certain circumstances, you may find it easier to find a job through staffing agencies, but you may be good on your own and may not need the services of an outsider to find a job for you.

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