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Quick Tip: Reflecting on Happiness

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Oct 16, 2020
Jun 28, 2022

Quick Tip: Reflecting on Happiness

Dave Fano

What if there was one thing you could do dail

What if there was one thing you could do daily that made you happier? What if it also helped you reduce stress and anxiety? What if it made you a better, kinder person? Would you make the change?

In this episode, Vincent talks about this one simple routine that takes just a few minutes a day. 

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Hey my friends. It’s quick tip friday, and we’re back here with another episode. This past week, I’ve been sharing tips with text community. If you and I have been texting, then you already know this week’s theme was Reflection.

So this year has been unexpected. And I might even go as far as to say that it has been the most disruptive year of my entire life.

And you might be sitting here thinking okay Vincent. Thanks captain obvious.

So where I’m going with this is that this week, i’ve really been reflecting on 2020.

When things don’t go your way, it’s really easy to blame and complain. 

That’s just the reality is that if you haven’t accomplished what you’ve wanted to accomplish this year, then the world’s biggest scapegoat is right there in front of you.

And it’s so easy to just blame it on the pandemic.

I have a close friend who last year… at the end of 2019 told me that she was planning on leaving her job in January to pursue her next career step of becoming a VP at a similar company to where she worked at the time 

So in January, she left her now previous employer and set out on a job search to find VP role in the intersections of e-commerce, marketing, and all things digital.

Then when the pandemic hit, let’s call it in March when it really became real.. She was right in the middle of her job search! 

And she didn’t get laid off, she voluntarily left her old job.

It would have been really easy for her give up.

It would have been really easy for her to blame the pandemic.

It would have been really easy for her to blame the job market.

It would have been really easy to her to blame any lack of progress on the fact that companies were in hiring freezes.

But she didn’t. She pushed forward. And this year, she accomplished what she set out to accomplish in 2020.

And I commend her for that. 

And as I reflect on this year, this pandemic… it’s stories like these that give me optimism and hope.

When you fall into a rut, you end up in a pity party.

Where you complain, where you feel sorry for yourself.

But as I reflect on this year, I want to share with you what others in the community have texted me this week 

On Wednesday, I asked whether or not you kept a journal. If you did, what did you write about or what would you have written about the day before?

One person wrote back, “my day yesterday was awesome my wife had a day off and we spent quality time helping the kids with their school work and also watching movies”

Weevern wrote, “I would have written about how beautiful the trees are as they prepare for the coming of winter by shedding their leaves. Michigan is truly a sight in the fall!”

I know it’s hard. I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic right now.

But that means that right now, it’s even more important to do this.

If you want to get started, all you have to do is ask yourself these three questions each day.

Number one.  What am I grateful for?

Number two. What did I learn today?

And Number three. What do I have to look forward to?

Keep these on a note pad on your phone and pull it up in the morning when you wake up. Or write it on a post it note and keep it on your nightstand. Whatever works best for you.

Here’s what I know that makes me optimistic right now, even with all the crazy things that are happening around us.

I know that according to the New York Times, the fastest time to produce a vaccine in the past is 4 years. And so even with a vaccine broadly available and distributed in 2021, that was done in record time.

And in my country, where I live. In the United States, we’re in an election year right now. And we’re seeing record turnout in an enormous wave of early voting. This is breaking records for how many Americans  have already voted in the general election. Yesterday, I waited in line for an hour and a half to vote, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. 

Here’s what this can do. Here’s what can happen if you build gratitude into your daily habits. 

Practicing gratitude can rewire your brain. It allows you to see past your anxiety.

And right now, I know I have a lot of anxiety. I have a lot of stress. 

But what if you could refocus your energy?

Practicing gratitude builds confidence. It gives you the confidence to not put your goals aside.

It gives you the confidence to say, I’m going to focus on what I can control.

I’m going to focus on being thankful for what I have.

I’m going to focus on returning kindness to others 

I’m going to focus on the things that make me happy.

And it’ll happen, the more gratitude you have, the happier you’ll become.

And if you do choose to adopt this quick tip. Here’s what’s possible. Here’s what can transform.  Stacey sent me a text this morning that said, “Thank you for these texts, Vincent. I have been practicing gratitude since February and it has definitely improved my outlook and my inherent optimism has returned.” 

Alright, that’s all for this quick tip friday episode.

I hope all of you have a great weekend. And if you haven’t already, shoot me a text 615 667 8433. That’s 615 667 8433. 

And wherever you’re watching this, scroll down and leave a comment for me. Let me know what you’re thankful for.

Alright, let’s go get ‘em.

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