How to Leverage Teal Work Styles for Your Job Search

In my last blog post, What is Teal Work Styles?, I provided a brief overview and introduction to Teal’s Work Styles and how it’s a tool to help you build self awareness. In this post, I want to share some ways to leverage the tool to help you in your job search.

When you take the assessment, you will receive a report that will help you gain insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. It can be helpful to job seekers in determining the right work environment, type of tasks, communication styles with colleagues, and how much autonomy you may want in your job. Teal’s Work Styles can also help you understand the best way to approach your job search.

Here are example of how each style may approach a job search:

1s tend to be clear on their job search goals, but it may take more effort to maintain momentum on day-to-day tasks. Pitching themselves to employers comes easy. 1’s communication skills may help them with the job search process once they get their foot in the door.

2s tend to be natural at networking and finding new opportunities, but staying organized, tracking, and following through may take more effort for them. They tend to have natural people skills and a positive attitude, which can make acing interviews and handling negotiations easier.

3s tend to be organized and natural at building deep relationships. They seem to be process oriented, so things like customizing their job application materials to each opportunity takes minimal effort. 3’s are focused on people and have an ability to make meaningful connections and read other people, so interviewing may be an area where they thrive.

4s tend to be meticulous and thorough, which means they are more  likely to have a detailed strategy for finding jobs and applying to them. Researching and preparing for interviews and negotiations comes naturally to 4’s. They are good at presenting data to back themselves up.

It’s important to remember that Teal’s Work Styles is a tool to help you become more self aware and not put you into a box. If you have been searching for work aimlessly, it might be time to take a step back and think about how to best manage your job search in line with your natural strengths.

Haven't taken the assessment yet? Find your Work Style today.

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Dave Fano

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