Recession-Proof Jobs In 2020

As the economy enters a recession, people who need a job often wonder, what are recession-proof jobs? During an economic downturn, finding a job is hard for both recent college graduates and seasoned employees. No one is completely immune to a recession, but there are jobs that are safer than others.

In this article, we will discuss what jobs are always needed. We'll also focus on content for recent college graduates trying to obtain employment.

What careers are recession-proof?

If you haven't started higher education or are just starting out, you might consider focusing your degree on a recession-proof industry. Even in a great recession, there are still industries that always need people. Below are some examples of industries, products, and systems that fare better during a great recession.

Health care

Jobs in the health care space are always needed. Registered nurses, doctors, or other medical professionals are typically still in high demand during an economic downturn.

If the recession is caused by a health care pandemic, this would be the best field to enter. A senior in high school might consider going into nursing school if we are in a recession. You may want to check what education is needed for nurses or other health care workers.

If you want to get into a health care job, search for vocational education in your area. This a great place for nurses to start.


Teachers and other jobs in education are usually recession-proof. Even in a great recession, there is still a need for teachers and people who work in schools. A teacher can usually gain employment even when the economy is bad.

If you don't have a degree in education, consider positions within a school that you have the background for.

Other recession-proof jobs

There are many industries that are recession-proof. Unfortunately, if you have been doing one thing for a long while though, it can be hard to start over in one of these roles.

If you are in need of work, consider getting a certificate or taking classes in a different field. This can help make finding your next job easier. You can also think about your skills and what other industries you could transfer to.

For example, if you were an executive assistant considering looking for assistant jobs in other fields. Assistants might be needed in the tax service industry or a physician's office could need a bookkeeper for example.

Recessions are tough and you've probably heard stories of people who can't get a job. Think of services that people use regardless of the economy.

  • People always need technicians to make home repairs.
  • Therapists and counselors are usually in high depend during a recession.
  • Public servants such as police officers, EMTs, and firefighters are always in need at the state and local levels.
  • There are likely government jobs available during a great recession.

Recession tips for students and recent college graduates

It looks like 2020 will be one of those years that will be remembered as a great recession. If you are graduating from high school and deciding what to study in college, you might want to focus on a recession-proof job that we have discussed.

If you're currently studying for your bachelor's degree, think of jobs that your degree translates to. Newer students can refocus their bachelor's degree on a more recession-proof category.

In order to make money, it might be necessary to get training in a different field. There are jobs with less risk during a financial downturn. You can increase your chances of getting a job after you graduate by getting a master's degree or an associate degree in one of these fields.

Having a skill can make you more desirable during a recession. Plumbers, electricians, and HVAC specialists are always required. While these jobs are less glamorous, they can be more stable than joining the business world during a great recession.

The best advice we can give you is to pay closer attention to what is going on during an economic downturn or a great recession. You may need to lower your expectations for landing a great job right out of school. If you are graduating in the middle of a recession, it could take longer for things to stabilize.

See if there are local jobs in the areas near your home. Make a list of things you could do. If you can stay in school and get a new or additional degree, consider that.

If you're new to college during a recession, consider majoring in a job that is in demand during a great recession. We always need nurses, health care workers and teachers.

Remember, even the worst of recessions come to an end. Stay positive and be creative. Even if it's not your ideal job, there will be employment opportunities out there.

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