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Ever wish you could stop asking Google all your career questions and talk to an actual human being instead? Our Career Guides and private community will provide you with expert advice that cuts through the noise to deliver actual results.

Live workshops and interactive
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Our Career Guides host regular interactive workshops and curated discussions for our members.
Check out just a few of the workshops we offer to our members that cover various career topics.

Career Visioning Workshop

This workshop is about pulling together your dreams, needs, and unique personality. If you're feeling lost in your career you’ll learn how to create a vision for where you want your career to take you.

Identifying Skills Workshop

In this workshop, we'll help you discover abilities hidden within your past and current experience that can help you stand out or better discern which direction to go in next.

Customizing Job Applications

Customizing your resume for jobs is a tedious but important part of the job search process. We'll teach you how to be more efficient in your job search using our tools.

Understanding Compensation & Negotiation

Compensation is arguably one of the most daunting career topics, but it doesn’t have to be. Get a solid grasp on how to handle this important stage of career growth, and learn tips on how to negotiate.

Understanding Work Styles

The way you naturally work is vital to understand if you want to find the right role and organization for your needs. Discover more about our Work Styles framework in this deep dive workshop.

Starting a New Job

You’ve landed a new position, congrats! Now Teal can teach you how to navigate the first 90 days. Discover how to make the most of the opportunity and increase your impact.

Teal Content Library

Career Speaker Event Series

We hold regular fireside chats, Career Conversations and events with top thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Grab a drink and tune in.

All Workshop Recordings

Miss one of our weekly events? No sweat. All of our workshops are recorded and added to our growing library of content.

Career Growth Summit Talks

36 hours of content complete with our keynote speakers, workshops, and video replays from our annual Career Growth Summit.

Member Panels

Teal Members regularly present, contribute, and give back to the community. Panels are just one way we learn from one another.

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