What to Expect When Applying for Entry-Level Sales Jobs in 2022

An entry-level sales job can be the stepping stone for your career. It's good to know what to expect from the entry-level sales jobs so you can make sure you have the right education and experience.

As a salesperson, you deal with the company’s customers and sell the products or services. Therefore, you have effective communication skills and also the art of persuasion. You are aware of the marketing and advertising tactics, and there are various mediums to help you achieve your goal. You can sell products and services via phone, cold email outreach, or even social media!

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What Are The Most Common Entry Level Sales Jobs? 

A quick web search can show you results with entry-level sales jobs in various industries. You can find jobs with titles such as: 

  • Early career inside sales representative 
  • Sales associate
  • Junior sales representative
  • Inside sales agent
  • Sales development representative 
  • Business development representative 
  • Client development representative 
  • Customer success associate 

You can easily land an entry-level sales job in the new year if you have sales skills! Sales skills can help you in every walk of life. 

According to Indeed, the entry-level sales representative salary in the United States is $64,156 per year. However, the pay varies by state, so if you are in Fort Myers, FL, you can expect $78,254 per year, while in Towson, MD, the income is $53,955 per year. It also depends on the company and the industry. For example, on Glassdoor, some companies offer a high salary and a signing bonus. You have to dig a little deep, and you can find some gems. However, check the company's ratings and views from other employees to understand what to expect. 

What Are The Best Degrees for Entry Level Sales Position? 

According to ZipRecruiter, some entry-level sales representative jobs are open to all candidates; however, some employers may prefer a bachelor's degree in the related field. 

Some companies may even offer on-the-job training, so you need not worry about the hassle! However, you must focus on the resume and the cover letter when applying for a job. Also, you must gain relevant experience. You can volunteer if you have no work experience and develop some skills. 

In the beginning, you can start a job that teaches you basic sales skills. Then, later, you can jump to higher-paying jobs! Finally, if you already have the skills or if the company seems legit, you can start at the entry-level position. 

How to Achieve Success And Growth In The Entry Level Sales Career?


You may probably wonder what's next after sales level and how long it will take to climb this ladder! It depends on your skills and the industry you are working for, for example: 

  • If you have a strong network, you can quickly get more clients. However, it's interesting that you need to attempt an average of eight cold calls to reach a prospect! Plus, you need to follow up and find the best time to win potential customers. 
  • Social media has made it easier to convert audiences to potential customers! According to the Hubspot 2021 blog poll of 1000 plus marketers, 73% of marketers favor Instagram for influencer marketing. 
  • To achieve success in the new year, you can make a profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 800 million users in 200 countries and regions. 
  • You can acquire skills by getting certifications or enrolling in courses to improve your chances of success in the sales career. It all comes down to your hard work!

Final Words 

Depending on your skills, experience, educational background, location, and industry, you can find your dream sales job! There are various factors to consider, but many companies offer high-paying jobs to employees, and they even offer on-the-job training. You have to see what's the most viable option for you!

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