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We've raised 5 million in funding to help people navigate their careers for the long term.

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Jul 7, 2020
Jun 28, 2022

We've raised 5 million in funding to help people navigate their careers for the long term.

Dave Fano

We’re excited to announce we’ve raised a 5 million dollar seed round from some incredible investors to help our plans become a reality.

How do you manage your career? How often do you fix up your resume? When was the last time you negotiated a raise? What do the next 5 years of your career look like? What about the next 10?

These are hard questions even in the best times, but over the past few months 29% of the country has filed for unemployment and we’ve all watched or been a part of thousands of careers come to a halt. The global pandemic has added new layers of ambiguity and anxiety to our important career questions.  

While no one could have planned for this, if you’re one of the over 44 million people displaced or abandoned by your employers, we feel you and are here to help.

The Truth about Career Growth

Whether you realize it, most of us are always job seeking. If you’re not laid off or looking to switch companies, then you’re typically job-seeking within your company in the form of a promotion. We know that most people turn to the internet for useful resources on how to navigate these transitions, but ultimately none of these solutions solve the two biggest struggles associated with job searching: loneliness and uncertainty. 

In late 2019, we started off building a service called Career Agent, where we gave 1:1 tailored advice to professionals. Once the pandemic and layoffs hit, we decided that there were too many people that needed help and in order to help, we needed a new plan. 

That plan? Help people fundamentally change how they approach and plan their careers — together. We could create a space where, instead of navigating all the frustrating trials of job searching and career planning alone, people could work collaboratively with their peers to provide real-world feedback and help each other find the right paths.

When you’re employed, your company may provide you with tools to support you, opportunities to grow and a community of coworkers to lean on. When all of that goes away however, you’re left to your own devices with no place to turn to. That’s why at Teal, we’re building out an entire ecosystem to provide that same infrastructure whether you’re unemployed or not —  career tools, guidance, and community that you can take with you from job to job.  A career advocate that works for you.

Where We Are and the Road Ahead

Since we launched in April, Over 1,300 professionals have joined our Career Assist program so far, which takes a modern community approach to job searching, and the feedback has been incredible. Teal members have gotten roles at amazing companies such as eBay, Atlassian, Master Class, Chief, Twilio, and more. As our member base grows, our plan now is to build out our robust membership offering to professionals who want to build successful and fulfilling careers.

We’re excited to announce we’ve raised a 5 million dollar seed round, led by Flybridge Capital and including Lerer Hippeau, Corigin Ventures, Aleph, Oceans Ventures, High Output, and some incredible smaller funds and angel investors, to help our plans become a reality.  It was important to us to have investors that believed in our mission and had the experience of launching brands in D2C with a technology focus. We could not have asked for a better outcome. 

Jesse Middleton, General Partner at Flybridge Capital says, “We saw that Teal had an opportunity to be the agent — the business manager — for every single professional in the world. In industries like entertainment and sports, those stars and athletes have an agent or manager that looks out for their best interests. It’s about time that we offer that same ‘superpower’ to everyone else looking to build their careers. Teal makes that possible.” 

"Teal is uniquely focused on not just helping people find jobs but rather, helping them find the right jobs," says Ben Lerer, Managing Partner at Lerer Hippeau. "People change roles more frequently today than ever and need a platform that has their best interests in mind as they take control of and navigate their careers. We believe that’s Teal."

With this round, we look forward to growing our community, building out our digital experience, and developing more ways to support our members in their professional endeavors and beyond. 

We want to thank our investors and our entire Teal Community for making this journey possible. We are excited for what’s to come. 

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Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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