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Level Up in 2022: The Best Technical Skills for Marketing

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Jun 23, 2022
Jun 28, 2022

Level Up in 2022: The Best Technical Skills for Marketing

Nate Howell

The best technical skills for marketing range greatly, but they all present amazing opportunities to make an impact on your organization.

What technical skills are required for digital marketing? How do they compare to marketing soft skills? Which should you learn? The reality is that it depends. This list is meant to help provide clarity on some of the technical skills required for a marketing manager. Since they vary in complexion, we recommend picking one or two to start with that resonate with you. Honing in on just a few of these skills will vastly increase your overall fluency in the field of marketing and enable you to level up your impact on your organization’s goals. 

Technical skills versus marketing soft skills

What exactly does “technical marketing skills” mean? Technical marketing skills are specialized abilities that require acquired expertise to perform in a marketing context. Soft skills are important as well, but they’re less centered around practice.

10 technical marketing skills to learn

Which are these are for you? That depends on the organization you work for and your existing professional skill set. The first step in answering that question for yourself is developing a strong understanding of some of the current ones that organizations rely on widely. Then you can go on and decide which ones you want to add to your toolkit. 

1. Graphic design software

Almost every type of marketing relies heavily on visually compelling design. In addition to their expertise with user interface, user experience, and various content channels, graphic designers use software like Adobe Pro to create their assets. So, in addition to their artistic talent, they also have a strong arsenal of technical proficiency across different software platforms. With more versatility and mastery of these platforms come more opportunities to make an impact. 

2. Content management systems (CMS)

Content management systems help centralize the process of publishing content online or creating pages. Some companies use popular platforms like Wordpress, while others build their own CMS platforms. Sometimes trying to use these systems can be tedious or complicated when you start out. If you can master them and ramp up your efficiency, you’ll be an asset to any marketing team. 

3. Project management software

A project is a specific undertaking that involves a set of operations that are intended to accomplish one goal. In order to more easily manage multiple projects, many marketers use project management software. This type of software organizes multiple projects and their statuses, and also provides visibility on who is working on what and how things are pacing. They can be a little complicated and overwhelming at first, but once you learn how to use them, you’re essentially able help lead your team towards successful efforts on multiple fronts. 

4. Budget planning 

While your marketing plan outlines the team’s strategy, tactics, and goals, your budget determines how much you can spend on those strategies. Since they’re so comprehensive, marketing budgets can be complicated. Budget planning is a skill that helps you align your strategy with the overall goals of the business, so if you can, it’s worth developing a working knowledge. 

5. Data analysis 

How effective was your team’s marketing campaign? Did you hit your goals? In order to answer these questions, you need to read the data and analyze it. While math is a huge part of it, there’s also simply an acquired ability to understand what to look for and which numbers to leverage to answer questions. If you’re the one on your team who can find those answers in the data, you might very well be a critical link between your team and your organization’s senior leadership.

6. Data visualization

Data visualization refers to the act of analyzing and elucidating complicated sets of data and finding a way to present them in a visual format. This is particularly useful when presenting or explaining complex data to relevant stakeholders or leadership. Data visualization retains attention and makes numbers easier to look at and understand. 

7. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an increasingly vital tool for marketers. It allows businesses to optimize its digital, written content on the internet so search engines like Google are more likely to show that company’s website higher up the page. It’s like learning a slightly new way of writing. As search engines evolve, so does SEO, so learning this skill is an ongoing process. 

8. User experience (UX) design

UX designers have the job of overseeing the experience users have while using any product. If your organization is working on its website, it will heavily rely on its UX team for insights. Similarly, if your organization is building a game console, UX designers will play a key role. 


Front end development skills are incredibly useful in digital marketing. Using HTML & CSS, you can design and structure important materials such as blog posts, forms, landing pages, and emails. Most teams have front end developers, but they’re often slammed with work, so having basic proficiency can go a long way in expediting a project. 

10. Social media marketing 

Social media channels have become the best way to get your message out to the right audience. Social media has grown incredibly sophisticated, which presents more opportunities to tell your brand story. Most people interested in marketing will likely have some sort of relationship with social media - but mastering it as a technical skill requires time, effort, and creativity. 

Resources for technical marketing skills

We built this list to empower you on your journey to build a true arsenal of marketing skills. The beauty of these skills is that with enough practice, you can make incredible strides. 

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Nate Howell

Nate is a professional writer with 9 years of global experience, passionate about products and ideas that bring people together.

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