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3 Reasons to Conduct Your Job Search by Degree

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Aug 22, 2021
Jun 28, 2022

3 Reasons to Conduct Your Job Search by Degree

Dave Fano

Conducting your job search by degree can be an easy way to quickly find and filter the jobs you meet the requirements for. Here's how to get started.

Does the idea of searching for a new job fill you with dread? We get it - committing to a new career is an enormous step in life and the job hunt can be daunting.

But it doesn't have to be a miserable experience, it can also be exciting! All you have to do is use the right tools. For example, conducting your job search by degree. It's a great way to narrow your search and find jobs you are qualified for in the desired industry.

Not convinced? This article shares the top 3 reasons you should conduct your job search by degree.

Job Search by Degree

What do we mean when we say "job search by degree"? Well, to start, there are several popular job search platforms you can use to find your next opportunity. And while they each operate a little differently, they all use some type of search and/or filter feature.

You can use the filtering or search feature to include your highest level of education (i.e., your degree). If you have a Bachelor's of Science degree in chemistry, filter by B.S. Chemistry. You could also filter by only Bachelor's Degree if you wanted to broaden your options.

The same is true for other degrees - Bachelor's of Arts (BA), Master's of Science (MS), or Master's of Arts (MA). Even if you have a more specific degree, such as a master's of public health (MPH) you can use that degree in your search. 

It wasn't too long ago that people could only search for jobs based on their location. But with the rapid rise in remote working opportunities, your physical location matters less and less in the job search. Depending on your industry, you may search for only remote opportunities.

The other common way to search for jobs is by job title. However, different companies have different names for very similar positions, making it hard to use search terms that capture all potential opportunities. So, skip searching by title and keywords and start searching by degree - and here are three convincing reasons!

1. Save Valuable Time

Time is a resource you can never get back! So don't waste it searching for jobs that aren't a good fit based on your relevant qualifications and their education requirements. 

Imagine this scenario - you are looking for your first job after college as a graphic designer. You go online and search for "graphic design" positions. You get a list of 100 potential matches, hooray! But upon further review, 10% of those jobs require a master's degree and 10% are internships you're overqualified for.

So, now you've wasted an hour sorting through jobs that aren't what you're looking for. And you'll never get that hour back!

Most employers seeking to hire will specify the educational requirements in the job posting. When you search for jobs by degree, you can automatically weed out any of the jobs that don't match your educational background, saving you a lot of precious time!

But what about jobs that list over one degree? For example, an employer hiring a content manager position might look for anyone with a degree in journalism or English. Fortunately, when you search by degree, you'll capture job postings like this too.

2. Increase Your Opportunity for Success

Here's the cold, hard truth about job hunting - on average, you will send 20 applications before landing an interview. Hiring managers are looking at anywhere between 15 and 150 resumes for a particular job. So, how do you increase the number of interviews you get and eventually land the perfect job? You apply for the right jobs!

People often waste time applying for jobs that don't match up with their educational background or experience. And then they are disappointed when they don't get an interview. Over time, this rejection can hurt your overall confidence about getting a job.

When you search for a job by degree, you are already ensuring you meet one of the biggest criteria the company is looking for. Therefore, you increase the likelihood of getting an interview and eventually the job.

3. It Works Regardless of Education Level

If you are a soon-to-be college graduate, you can list your college degree on your resume with the expected date of completion. Employers will recognize that you are getting a jump-start on the job search.

But what if you didn't go to college? Or if you started but weren't able to complete your degree? That's okay too! 

When you search for jobs by degree, you can also filter for jobs that do not require a college degree. There are plenty of opportunities for individuals without a college education. These job opportunities often focus on experience rather than education to determine whether you are qualified.

You can also use the job search by degree feature if you completed a 2-year rather than a 4-year program. Community colleges offer 2-year programs for specialized fields such as medical sonography or web development. If you have a 2-year degree, you are still qualified for tons of different jobs. And the best way to find them is using your degree as the search feature.

So, no matter what level of education you've completed, searching for jobs by degree will help you narrow your search to those opportunities you are most likely to thrive.

Land Your Dream Job Now

You. Got. This. Any company would be lucky to hire you! And as you start your job search it's important to recognize the value you bring to potential employers. 

Start with a job search by degree. It's the best way to save yourself time and energy. Apply for jobs that match your unique qualifications and increase the likelihood of an interview and an offer.

And to keep your opportunities organized, you can sign up for the Teal Job Tracker today. Teal's free job search tracking system makes it easier than ever to find, save, and track all of your potential job opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Find your dream job now!

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Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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