Requirements for Senior Analytics Engineer

  • A data pioneer spirit! For you, every untamed SQL query is an opportunity to teach your teammate how to be more effective. Every messy data swamp is something you’d love to drain
  • A pirate's mindset. Not just because you might talk R, but because you’re willing to get curious and question conventional wisdom
  • Allergic to one-off data products. You have a visceral reaction towards ad hoc work that’s become permanent and faux-production. You have a compulsive need to build things that are modular and reusable
  • Trilingual fluency and translation skills in engineering, data, and business speak
  • Comfortable problem solving in public - you’re not afraid to revisit your choices and change course
  • Consistent advocacy for data best practices throughout ConvertKit
  • Live and breathe dbt or some other transformation and testing platform
  • Extensive data modeling experience
  • SQL expert
  • R or python expertise
  • Reverse ETL experience - we currently use a combination of Census and Python
  • Help manage our data engineering contractors, particularly in determining what strategic projects they should work on
  • GitHub mastery and advocacy - you love getting other people committed to disciplined usage
  • Ability to thrive in an ambiguous, fast-paced, and flexible environment with a high degree of autonomy
  • Comfortable working in a 100% remote environment
  • Have enthusiasm and belief in our mission, vision, and values

Responsibilities for Senior Analytics Engineer

Architect and Wrangler

  • Design the Data Model for our Redshift Data Warehouse and wrangle and transform our data so that it’s simple for analysts and business users to do their data things
  • Fastidiously document data lineage and gotchas
  • Set up and maintain our R environments and other analytic tools for seamless access for analysis and delivery to end-user consumption. This could involve setting up pipelines from R to Redshift, a Shiny Server, and maintaining Docker images
  • Channel Merriam-Webster and create, maintain, and make accessible our Data Dictionary
  • You believe in community policing - you’re not heavy-handed in insisting it’s your way or the highway. Instead, you listen to folks to build context and then create standards that incorporate what you’ve learned. Because you create collaborative standards, you also teach others to help you enforce the rules.
  • Enforce consistent data collection requirements from our application and websites - we currently use Segment to capture much of our website data and extract data from third party data sources
  • Catch bad data before it commits any crimes. Outline potential impact if bad data gets through
  • Advocate for safe data usage
  • Create reproducibility laws like naming conventions, code style guides, project structures
  • Ruthlessly hunt down rogue one-off custom queries and analyses and rehabilitate them
  • Level-up analysts to think and work like software engineers and increase their efficiency by teaching them things like advanced SQL/R, command line automations, proper Git etiquette, etc.
  • Hold regular training and office hour sessions on how to use our reporting tool
  • Write quick FAQs and starter guides on how data works at ConvertKit
    General Store Manager
  • Be the friendly face that owns and runs ConvertKit’s reporting tool (AWS QuickSight), delighting your customers with the data nuggets they uncover
  • Create standardized technical and business definitions for our business metadata layer
  • Clearly communicate any data issues and resolution steps


  • Front end website tracking experience with Segment, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics
  • Deep AWS ecosystem experience - you’re comfortable with Redshift, Athena, DMS, Glue, QuickSight, etc.
  • R expertise. You’re an ardent Tidyverse and Hadley Wickham fan. Using Rmarkdown and Shiny are second nature to you


  • Profit Sharing
  • Four weeks paid vacation per year
  • $1,000 yearly vacation bonus for taking five consecutive days of vacation, fully unplugged from work
  • Equity in ConvertKit - when you join and when you help us hit company targets
  • 401k with a 5% match
  • 10 paid holidays a year
  • Two weeks of paid sick + mental health and wellbeing time per year
  • Up to six weeks of paid bereavement leave, medical leave, and disaster after six months of employment, two weeks of each paid leave in your first six months
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave and flexible scheduling in your child’s first year
  • $3,000 annual childcare benefit
  • Monthly medical benefits up to $1,600 a month toward premiums. Dental and vision premiums covered 100%
  • Gender-affirming benefits
  • $4,000 equipment allowance for your first two years, $3,000 budget every following two years (US employees only)
  • $3,500 annual learning & development budget
  • Four-week, paid sabbatical after five years with the team
  • The team gathers twice a year for fantastic virtual or in-person retreats

About this position

In the delightful land of ConvertKit, there’s a lawless Data Wild West that has vast untapped potential and is primed for transformation and data domestication. If you possess the adventurous spirit of a data pioneer, the ConvertKit Data and Analytics team could be the place for you to stake your claim as our Senior Analytics Engineer!
You’ll be our data architect, wrangler, law-person, teacher, and general store manager. You will work with our engineers, analysts, and business stakeholders to take our unprocessed data and turn it into a 24-karat, gold-standard data set that anybody can use, in everything from data science research to self-service analysis.

This job is no longer online. We keep it on here for reference only.

Job Summary

Years of Experience
US Remote
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