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Practical Guide to Job Search Spreadsheets vs Job Tracking Software

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Sep 1, 2021
Jun 28, 2022

Practical Guide to Job Search Spreadsheets vs Job Tracking Software

Dave Fano

Keeping track of the jobs you're applying for is an important part of the job search. Read about the job search spreadsheet and if it's the best tool to use today.

It takes candidates an average of 100-200 job applications to get a job offer. 10-20 of these applications will lead to an interview, and it takes 10-15 interviews to get a job offer.

With so many applications and job interviews to manage, most people use a job search spreadsheet to keep track of everywhere they've applied. Yet, spreadsheets can be confusing, especially if the software isn't user-friendly.

But have you ever tried job tracking software? Software like Teal's Job Tracker makes it easier to organize your job search without requiring expert knowledge in programs like Excel, Notion, Airtable or Google Sheets.

Ready to organize your search and land your dream job? Learn about the differences between job search spreadsheets and job tracking software below.

The Job Search Spreadsheet

Some popular programs that people use to keep track of their job search are Excel and Google Sheets. Some people even catalog their job search by hand in a notebook!

Some common job search spreadsheet ideas include the following items:

  • Company name
  • Link to the job posting
  • The date you found the job
  • The date you applied
  • Whether you sent a follow-up email
  • Whether you did an interview
  • Any notes you have 

A good piece of job search spreadsheet advice is to use different colors to highlight whether you applied for a job and whether you got an interview.

But even if you're an expert with Excel or Google Sheets, the spreadsheets in these programs aren't designed for job searching. Remember to factor in how much time it will take you to create a detailed job search spreadsheet.

The best job search spreadsheet is customized, so if you download a free one online, you will need to customize the spreadsheet to suit your needs. 

The Benefits of Teal’s Job Tracking Software

Unlike spreadsheets, job tracking software is designed to help you keep track of your job search. Job tracking software like Teal's helps you to manage your job search all from one place. 

Plus, when you have less visual clutter and an easy-to-use and understand interface, you can focus on what matters: finding your dream job faster.

Besides being user-friendly, Teal's Job Tracker is jam-packed with tools to help you conduct a more efficient job search.

Convenience Saves You Time

Even if you have job alerts saved, searching for jobs can take up hours of your day, especially if you're still working full time at your old job. When you use a spreadsheet, you have to manually input all the information into it.

But with Teal's Job Tracker, you can save jobs from popular websites like LinkedIn and Indeed. All you need to do is download the Teal Chrome Extension, pin it to Chrome, and start searching for jobs.

For example, let's say you were searching for jobs on LinkedIn and found one you liked. Once you click on it, you then click on the Teal Job Tracker.

The Job Tracker will pull the job information for you, including the company, the job title, and location. Then, you can choose whether you'd like to keep job searching on that site or switch to another job board such as Indeed.

You can access all the jobs you've saved on your Job Tracker, which gives you a quick view of each job description, the skills necessary for the job, and company information. This saves you time, as you don't have to type anything in or create any columns by hand.

And while software like Excel comes at a cost if you don't have a Microsoft Office subscription, Teal is completely free!

Track Your Progress

While you can track your progress on a spreadsheet with columns, and dates, job tracking software presents the same information in a more visually appealing (and less confusing) way.

On Teal's Job Tracker, all you need to do is click on the job, then click on the step you've completed. The color will change to dark green for each of the following completed steps:

  • Saved
  • Preparing
  • Applied
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating
  • Accepted

Of course, you can do all this on a spreadsheet, but the benefit of Teal's Job Tracker is that you don't have to click on different columns, type out statuses for each job application, or change any colors. One simple click is enough to make sure you track your progress with each job.

This saves you a lot of precious time you could spend on job searching. It also lets you see everything in one quick, visual snapshot.

Personalized to You

One of the best job search spreadsheet tips is to take notes on anything that will help you, such as any research you did on the company or potential interviewers.

Of course, you can take notes on a spreadsheet, but you may not have enough room to write comprehensive notes.

Teal's Job Tracker lets you take notes at each stage of your application process. You can also add contacts for each job and any extra information such as notes on the company or connections that may be able to refer you.

Another great feature of Teal's Job Tracker is that you can rate your excitement for the job from one star to five stars.

Having a visual indicator of which jobs you're most excited about helps you decide which applications to put the most effort into. This feature is also helpful if you have more than one job offer.

One of the features of Teal's Job Tracker is that the program will scan the job description for you. It will then highlight the most important keywords that you need to put on your resume so that you can deliver the best application possible.

Stay Organized With Teal’s Job Search Tracker

Job searching may not always be fun, but it doesn't have to be hard. 

While people tend to default to using a job search spreadsheet, specialized job search software is the best way to keep track of your job search without feeling overwhelmed.

With the Teal Job Tracker, you get all the benefits of a spreadsheet on a platform that's convenient, user-friendly, and helps you conduct a faster, more efficient job search.

Ready to start job searching so you can snag your dream job? Sign up with Teal for free today. 

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