11 Best Job Search Apps to Get Organized, Noticed, & Hired in 2024

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January 19, 2024
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Camille Trent
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3 key takeaways

  • 11 best job apps on the market for your search
  • The best free and tech job search apps
  • How to use the Teal Job Application Tracker to improve your job search—for free

Job seekers don’t have time for buggy or overly basic job search apps. 

Every minute wasted learning one-dimensional job search tools is a minute you could be earning more at a new job. Good job search apps blend seamlessly into your busy life. They ensure every step of your job search—from navigating job listings with the right insights to organizing applications and sharpening your interview skills—is as efficient and effective as possible.

The best job search apps enable you to handle the complexities of the job search process while considering your career goals so you can focus on finding your dream job confidently and easily.

The importance of job search apps

Job search apps are revolutionizing how professionals approach career moves. With advanced algorithms and personalized settings, they do more than just list job openings. Job apps are designed to sift through the noise, helping you focus on targeted opportunities and optimize your search in a way that aligns with your objectives and skills

This personalized approach to job hunting transforms an often overwhelming flood of possibilities into a streamlined, focused search—, empowering you to apply to the roles that fit your career path.

Let's explore how these innovative tools make job hunting more efficient, organized, and successful.

The best job search apps will help you:

  • Curate job search listings to focus on relevant roles, leaving you less overwhelmed.
  • Streamline your application process to make applying for multiple roles quicker.
  • Organize your job search to improve efficiency by keeping track of applications, interviews, and follow-ups in one place.
  • Provide tailored advice to boost your confidence and your chances of success.

Top job search apps

1. Teal

A screenshot of Teal's Job Application Tracker home page being used to identify one of the best job search apps.
Use an all-in-one job search app to stay organized and efficient.

Teal is an all-in-one job search app and career growth platform with multiple features and tools to help you manage your job hunt—end-to-end—in one dynamic platform.

With Teal, you can streamline your process using the Chrome extension to bookmark jobs across 40+ job search sites, identify the top five skills for every position, keep detailed notes, autofill applications, and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

The Chrome extension integrates with the Teal Job Application Tracker so you can seamlessly: 

  • Monitor every application
  • Keep track of contacts
  • Set follow-up reminders
  • Get built-in guidance for every step of your process

No more toggling between programs, sifting through messy desktop files, or navigating multiple job search tracking spreadsheets. (And you can do this all in the same place where you create, store, and manage your resume.) 

Best for: Job seekers who want a comprehensive and organized approach to managing their search across multiple platforms, with easy bookmarking, detailed application tracking, guidance, and follow-up reminders in one solution.

Pricing: Teal's Chrome Extension, Job Application Tracker, and AI Resume Builder are free. Premium features, like unlimited skills and autofill job applications, are $9/week.

A screenshot of a Chrome Extension review giving Teal five stars as exceptional tool.
Download the Teal Chrome Extension to track your job search for free.

2. LinkedIn

A screenshot of the LinkedIn homepage
Use LinkedIn for personal branding, networking, and job searching.

As a top job search app, LinkedIn is the go-to social platform for personal branding and professional networking; it's also integrated with job search and professional development options as a one-stop shop for career advancement.

With LinkedIn, you can showcase your career journey, share insights, and publish content—establishing yourself as an expert in your field while building and strengthening relationships. With over one billion members, you can use LinkedIn to connect with a global community and expand your reach with peers and potential employers. 

LinkedIn's 'Easy Apply' feature also simplifies the application process—allowing you to apply to multiple job postings worldwide in just a few clicks based on personalized job recommendations. 

Best for: Job seekers who want to blend networking, personal brand building, and job searching.

Pricing: Basic networking, content creation, job alerts, and Easy Apply are free. With LinkedIn Premium, features like unlimited LinkedIn Learning and Applicant Insights start at $39.99/month. 

Pro Tip: Use Teal’s free LinkedIn Profile Review tool to analyze your profile. Then, make any suggested changes so your profile is optimized according to current best practices. 

3. FlexJobs

A screenshot of the FlexJobs homepage
Use FlexJobs to find flexible or remote work.

FlexJobs is a niche job search app focusing on remote and flexible roles—including full-time, freelance, part-time, and work-from-home positions.

With a detailed screening process to ensure each job posting is valid, FlexJobs is one of the job search websites that safeguards your job hunt so you can hit apply without worrying about deception. With a range of features, like advanced job filters and comprehensive categories for different skills and experience levels, it's a gateway to more balanced and flexible work.

Best for: Job searchers willing to invest in a scam-free subscription for remote and flexible job prospects.

Pricing: FlexJobs is subscription-based but offers a short trial for $6.95. Monthly subscriptions start at $14.95.

4. Yoodli

A screenshot of Yoodli's homepage
Try an AI tool like Yoodli to help you improve your interview skills.

The perfect app to complement your search, Yoodli is an AI tool for honing your interview skills. It offers real-time feedback during practice sessions (and even after live interviews!), helping refine your communication.

So how does it work? Yoodli analyzes speech patterns to reduce filler words and improve clarity. It also asks contextual follow-up questions based on your answers to simulate an actual interview.

Best for: Job seekers who want to boost their interview performance and public speaking skills.

Pricing: Yoodli offers five free sessions to start; the tiered package featuring unlimited Yoodlis begins at $10/month, billed annually.

5. Glassdoor

A screenshot of Glassdoor's homepage
Use Glassdoor to get insider insights about potential employers and workplace trends.

One of the best job search engines, Glassdoor, is known for its extensive company reviews, offering insights into company cultures, work conditions, and management styles based on current and former employees' experiences. 

The platform's workplace snapshots provide a glimpse into different companies' environments to help you make more informed decisions about potential employers. Think: How does management handle change? What's the day-to-day like? But remember to use Glassdoor app reviews somewhat cautiously, as they're based on personal experiences that can (and do) vary. 

Best for: Job seekers who want in-depth insights into company culture and employee experiences.

Pricing: Glassdoor is free, but users must contribute one insight about a current or former employer (or interview) each year to read unlimited company insights.

Best free job search apps

Cost-effective solutions are a lifeline for many people. Below are the best free job search apps that provide fantastic tools and resources to navigate your journey—without breaking the bank.

6. StillHiring.today

A screenshot of StillHiring.today's homepage
Use StillHiring.today to find an up-to-date list of tech job openings.

StillHiring.today is one of the best free job search apps focused on tech companies that are actively hiring right now. By quickly removing companies that have suspended hiring or recently experienced layoffs, StillHiring guarantees its list is a true reflection of current job openings—steering clear candidate pipelines.

As a community-driven portal, verified employees from different companies submit their current hiring status via simple form. StilHiring then collaborates with Keyplay to enrich the list with up-to-date hiring and growth signals. This includes detailed information that's refreshed nightly and re-crawled weekly. Despite the high-tech approach, the platform maintains an easy-to-view table and encourages user feedback for ongoing improvement.

Best for: Job seekers in the tech industry looking for up-to-date and verified hiring information and those who value a community-driven, accessible platform.

Pricing: StillHiring.today is free for all users.

7. Wellfound

A screenshot of Wellfound's homepage
Use Wellfound to find jobs in emerging startups.

Wellfound is a free job search app designed for tech and startup candidates. Hosting 100,000+ job opportunities—from established companies to emerging startups—it stands out with over 8 million matches made.

By creating a profile on Wellfound, you can highlight your unique skills and preferences, with a feature for one-click applications to simplify the process. Additionally, Wellfound provides insights into salary and stock options before applying, ensuring transparency. It's important to note that Wellfound limits the number of applications members can submit at one time to encourage a more thoughtful and strategic job search plan.

Best for: Job seekers who are tech professionals and startup enthusiasts looking for a personalized job search experience.​

Pricing: Wellfound is free for job seekers.

8. ZipRecruiter

A screenshot of ZipRecruiter's homepage
Use AI to improve your job search with ZipRecruiter.

The ZipRecruiter job search app offers a smart dashboard, AI matching technology, and a mobile-friendly option for a more simplified application process.

In addition to searching for roles, you can use the AI recruiter (Phil!) to help you identify relevant positions, match with potential recruiters, find salary insights, and dig into career paths to make sure you're on the right track.

Best for: Job seekers looking for an efficient and mobile-friendly experience with access to an AI assistant.

Pricing: ZipRecruiter offers different pricing plans for employers, but job seekers can access the free features above at no cost by creating a profile.

Best job search apps for tech jobs

In an industry that's seen its fair share of change, there are still many innovative tech companies hiring in 2024. Here are the top job search apps for tech designed to help you navigate this more dynamic field.

9. Comprehensive.io

A screenshot of Comprehensive.io's homepage
Use Comprehensive.io to dive deep into compensation and salary insights.

Unlike other job search apps, Comprehensive.io is a compensation management app you can use to make salary-based decisions. Developed by the creators of Layoffs.fyo (a platform that tracks tech layoffs), Comprehensive focuses on providing detailed salary ranges tailored to tech positions.

As a job seeker, you can use Comprehensive to access real-time salary data from over 5,000 companies as a benchmark for understanding industry standards and fair compensation. Additionally, you can break down the data by location, job title or type, company stage, industry, and more for valuable insights into compensation trends and variations.

Best for: Job seekers looking for the best job search apps for tech jobs that offer detailed salary insights and compensation analysis.

Pricing: Comprehensive.io is free for job seekers, unlike other apps that require monthly payment for detailed compensation information.

10. TrueUp.io

A screenshot of TrueUp's homepage
Use data to empower your career with TrueUp.

TrueUp.io is the ultimate app for tech job seekers. Using the power of AI to scan over 190,000 tech roles in real-time, it provides you with the inside track on the best opportunities tailored to your skills and unique preferences.

With a diverse range of tech company rankings, including top remote, fintech, space, and diversity-focused companies, and unique curated lists (looking at you "Work for Elon Musk" category), TrueUp.io equips you with the essential tools to make informed and strategic career decisions. It also does all of this with a foundation of consistent messaging: Doing your own research through data is the best way to empower your career.

Best for: Job seekers in tech looking for data, transparency in company information, and personalized career recommendations to grow in their professions.

Pricing: Trueup.io is free for job seekers.

11. RepVue

A screenshot of Repvue's homepage
Uncover insights and job listings for sales roles with RepVue.

RepVue is a job search platform tailored for sales professionals, offering an insider's view of sales organizations with valuable insights from team members. 

Use RepVue to gain access to verified ratings with in-depth details of company culture, team dynamics, and performance. It also has hundreds of open sales job listings for account executives, sales representatives, sales managers, and customer success roles. 

Best for: Sales professionals looking for more in-depth details on sales organizations, salary information, and the opportunity to contribute to the sales community anonymously.

Pricing: Free for sales reps. To get more tech job search app features (like a salary calculator and access to company tech stacks, quota details, and more), join anonymously and share your experience by rating one B2B sales organization. 

Use job search apps like Teal to thrive

The best job search apps and job boards help you balance your process, stay organized, and streamline your workflow. But Teal is more than the best resume app; it's a comprehensive management tool for your entire search and career.

By storing your resume and managing your process in one platform, Teal eliminates:

  • Messy spreadsheets
  • Scattered desktop files
  • Unmanageable manual tracking

By listing the top skills and keywords in every job description, Teal helps you: 

  • Build a targeted job search
  • Align your skills with every role 
  • Create a more manageable process because you're only applying to roles that match your skills

If you're ready to take control of your job search with efficiency and alignment with your career goals:

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I prioritize when choosing a job search app?

When selecting a job search app, prioritize features that streamline your search process, such as personalized job recommendations, easy application tracking, and notification alerts for new postings. Additionally, look for apps that offer resume-building tools, networking opportunities, and industry-specific search filters to enhance your chances of getting noticed and hired.

How can job search apps increase my chances of getting hired?

Job search apps can increase your chances of getting hired by providing access to a wider range of job listings, enabling you to apply quickly and efficiently, and allowing you to set up alerts for new opportunities that match your skills and experience. They also often include tools for organizing your job search and preparing for interviews, which can give you a competitive edge.

Are there job search apps that cater to specific industries or career levels?

Yes, some job search apps are tailored to specific industries, such as tech, healthcare, or creative fields, offering curated job listings and networking opportunities relevant to those sectors. Others are designed for certain career levels, from entry-level to executive positions, providing resources and job openings suitable for your experience and career goals. It's important to choose an app that aligns with your industry and career level to maximize its benefits.

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