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How to Use LinkedIn to Job Search: Find a Job In 21 Days

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Oct 20, 2021
Jun 28, 2022

How to Use LinkedIn to Job Search: Find a Job In 21 Days

Dave Fano

LinkedIn can help you land a potential job if you are using it the right way. Optimize your profile and build your network. Make your profile stand out.

LinkedIn is an online platform designed specifically for professionals. It connects potential employers with employees and lets you find business leads. LinkedIn has more than 774 million members. If you are currently looking for a job, LinkedIn can be your go-to platform. 

Not many people know how to take advantage of LinkedIn, but today you will know how to make the most of it. There is also a LinkedIn App that lets you use it with ease. If you optimize your profile the way mentioned here, it’s possible that you may hear from someone in 21 days.  

Read on to learn more about LinkedIn. 

14 Tips On How to Use LinkedIn to Job Search 

You may be leaving money on the table by not using LinkedIn to its full potential. It’s an excellent resource to build a professional network. It’s possible that your LinkedIn profile showcases your past experience, but it’s also wise to mention what you want to do in the future! 

#1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile 

The first thing that you need to do when applying to jobs at Linked In is to create a lucrative profile. Your profile should stand out from the competition so try to optimize it. Add the relevant details including your education, certifications, and experience. 

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated. Be specific on the information, but give details of what you know. Your profile represents on your behalf so it should be a reflection of your professional life. 

Fill in the about section! It’s an introduction to who you are and what value you can bring to the table! You are introducing yourself to the world so be comprehensive and make it interesting.

#2. Search for Jobs on LinkedIn 

You can spot the Jobs icon on the top of your LinkedIn page

If you click on search, you can enter job keywords or company names. For example, you can type content writer in the search bar and you will see a list displayed in front of you.

You can also add filters and enter your preferred location. Doing so can help you find the jobs as per your preferences. The Job Alert toggle is off by default so once you apply all the filters, switch it on. Doing so can provide you notifications when a certain job is available. Setting job alerts will be a wise move! 

It’s better if you go through the job posting and see if it matches your criteria. You can also search for jobs using the hashtags, for example, #jobopp, #contentwriter, and more. 

You can also search for posts, for example, type “looking for blog writer” and see if a potential employer has created such a post. 

#3. Apply to A Potential Job 

There are two ways to apply for a job on LinkedIn and these are Easy Apply and Apply. 

  • Easy Apply can let you apply to the job on LinkedIn. 
  • Apply will take you to the third-party website where you can apply for the said position. 

You can apply for jobs from the job page or you can simply search for a job using the search field on the home page of LinkedIn. 

Many employers and companies post jobs on LinkedIn, but you have to apply for the ones that match your qualifications and experiences. 

#4. Increase Your Credibility 

Ask for endorsements as it shows that people recommend you! It adds to your credibility. Let recruiters find you via LinkedIn, make sure your profile is updated. Add images of your rewards and certifications. 

Also, make sure your other social media profiles align with your credibility. You may want to show yourself as a professional person on LinkedIn, but on the other hand, you could be sharing inappropriate posts on other social media accounts. A single LinkedIn recommendation will also be great for your profile’s credibility. 

When you have connections on your LinkedIn profile, it will be easier for the recruiter to verify your standing and analyze if you are a potential candidate for a job.

If you are using a profile photo that’s from when you were young, it may leave a negative impression on the employer. 

#5. Update Your Headline

It must provide a clear message to the searcher. For example, content writer for hire. It shows that you are a content writer who is available to work with a company. Your cover letter may show your interest in the company, but your headline shows what exactly you can do! 

Also, your LinkedIn profile should be such that you don’t sound desperate for the job. Don’t put actively seeking a position in your headline. Your headline has to be about your skills. 

#6. Professional Profile Picture 

It’s important to bear in mind that LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram. You will see people with professional profile pictures. 

You are looking for a job, so your profile should showcase your experience. A professional photo will let the recruiter know who you really are and not a fake profile. 

The profile picture needs to be perfect and professional. Don’t show yourself doing something immature. Also, it has to be recent and not from ages ago! 

#7. Work on Networking 


You can import your connections from Gmail and LinkedIn will let you build your network. When you have the right connections, finding a potential job can be a lot easier. 

Connect with people, potential employers and follow the companies you are interested in applying to. In short, try your best to be remembered! 

Your information has to be easily available as not all LinkedIn members use the premium version.

LinkedIn lets you find the hiring person so that you can directly message them. It’s hard to neglect the power of networking. You never know who can introduce you to a hiring manager. 

One way of getting noticed is by leaving comments on the posts of influencers. Doing so can increase your chance of increasing your network connection. 

#8. Provide Value 

Share content that adds value to the readers. Remember your boss is on LinkedIn so it won’t be ideal to share poetry on a professional platform. 

Some people may just copy and paste their resumes on LinkedIn. Well, that’s not the right way to do it! You have to fill in your profile in a way that it’s highly optimized and interesting at the same time. The goal is to attract the attention of the recruiters and potential employers. 

Storytelling is an art and if you are a good storyteller you can use it for your benefit. On your profile, you can share stories of how you were able to overcome a challenging situation. And if you remember from your interviews it’s a favorite question from the employers during an interview! 

You can also create posts on your LinkedIn profile. If you want to use LinkedIn successfully you can also take short courses available online. In fact, you can learn new skills at LinkedIn Learning that can help you move forward in your career 

#9. Optimize Your Profile 

When people are hiring you virtually, they rely on the information available online. 

Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of your skills and expertise. When applying for a job, look for the keywords in the job description. You can optimize your profile by using the right keywords! You can remove the skills that are outdated or are not essential for the position you are interested in applying for. 

#10. Add 50 Skills 

LinkedIn allows you to add a maximum of 50 skills to your profile. You can take advantage of this feature and add all the skills! It can help recruiters search your profile as the skills serve as the keywords for the profile. The search results can be in your favor by adding skills. 

If you find yourself confused about what skills to add then take a look at the profiles of other people in your connection who work in the same industry. Find a highly optimized profile and get inspiration from how it is! 

#11. Prepare for An Interview 

You can use LinkedIn’s job board to find a job. Use the filter feature to get the results of your choice. When finding jobs on LinkedIn, you are searching for dream companies

Usually, a career expert can guide you better, but LinkedIn can also help you prepare for the interview. When you know who is the person interviewing you, it will be easy to look them up and search for relevant information about them. You can use that information to give interesting answers.

LinkedIn is great for job seekers and recruiters use LinkedIn to find a suitable candidate. You can even find the hiring manager on LinkedIn. 

#12. Connect With Alumni 

Your alumni connection can also help you land a job. Let’s say you are relocating so you can increase your network by connecting with alumni in that location. 

It’s also possible that you find alumni working at companies (you want to apply for!) so you can ask them to provide more information about the company’s culture. 

Also, join LinkedIn groups from your industry. Doing so will give you a chance to connect with key people of your niche. 

#13. Showcase Your Work 

You can share interesting content on your profile, create posts, and even write an article about it. Let’s say if you are a writer looking for a job then you can create articles that will serve as samples! 

 Your recent experience can help you land a potential job. Let the potential employers and recruiters know about your recent experiences.

When you mention your previous work on the profile, it should be easy on the eyes. 
Don’t forget to mention your volunteer experience. You can use LinkedIn to find other profiles with similar experiences to get some inspiration. 

#14. Maintain Privacy While Searching Jobs 

Focus on the privacy settings on your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t want to share each update with your network, you can change it from the settings. 

You get the option to select what you want to show in your public profile. It’s also possible to make your profile visible only to LinkedIn members. It’s important to learn how to use LinkedIn to job search while maintaining privacy online. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How should a beginner use LinkedIn?

The information above can help you get started. You can sign up and start using your profile by adding relevant information. Add your skills, experience, certifications, and add people to your network. It may sound hard, but it’s simple once you are in the game. When getting started, you can also familiarize yourself with how to use LinkedIn by watching a short video on it. 

How do you get recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn? 

Update your LinkedIn profile and fill it with all the relevant information. Add skills and don’t forget to make your LinkedIn headline catchy, interesting, and professional at the same time. Introduce yourself so that recruiters may know what value you can bring to the table! 

What is the best way to use LinkedIn? 

You can connect with potential employers, colleagues, and even clients if you are a business. It helps you build a network and find the right candidate for a job. You can give and receive endorsements and even engage with your favorite influencers. 

Is LinkedIn free? 

Yes, there is a basic version and a premium version. LinkedIn Premium is available for a certain fee ($29.99) per month with added features. However, you can take advantage of the free version by optimizing your profile and make yourself discoverable. 

Should I make a LinkedIn profile without experience? 

Yes, you should make your LinkedIn profile even without any prior work experience. You can volunteer at some place and add as you go! You could be a student so any kind of experience can count. Plus, you can add your educational background and relevant skills. Later, you can add job titles as you gain experience. 

Final Thoughts 

LinkedIn helps you build a professional virtual presence that’s much needed in today’s world. The purpose of using LinkedIn is to make yourself searchable and discoverable by potential employers and companies. The professional summary on your profile is the elevator pitch so make it count. Share your success with the world. Let the world show that it’s your time to shine. 

It’s not a promise, but try optimizing your profile and soon you could be hired! LinkedIn is suitable not just for finding jobs, but you can be in the position of hiring someday and LinkedIn can come in handy!

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