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How to Request a Recommendation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recommendations are one of the platform’s many features — and one of the most sought after. They represent the professionals that can speak to your work quality. For hiring managers looking at candidates’ LinkedIn profiles, recommendations offer a deeper look at how someone conducts themselves professionally. 

Hiring managers are also looking at which individuals recommend you. Are they leaders or experts in their field? Recommendations are more effective when they focus on quality instead of quantity. If your LinkedIn profile has recommendations from former managers or high-profile individuals in your field, that will leave an even bigger impression. 

Sending the Request 

You can request a LinkedIn recommendation directly on the website or app. However, some people prefer to use email as a more formal approach. Both are good options. If you are asking for a review from a well-respected leader, a professional email that highlights why you'd appreciate that person’s recommendation can go far. 

When writing your message, explain your why. You are reaching out to them for their influence and opinion, so share why you respect their experience and why you are asking for a recommendation. Will you be seeking out jobs soon or are you working on building a more robust profile? Share this information with your connection so they can understand your purpose and goals. 

If they agree to write a recommendation on LinkedIn, be sure to thank them. You can also return the favor by recommending them as well. 

Steps to Request a Recommendation Directly on LinkedIn

  1. Scroll down to the Recommendations section of your profile.
  2. Click the Plus sign.
  3. Select "Ask for a recommendation".
  4. Type the person's name, then click "Continue".
  5. You'll be prompted to select your relationship with the person from a dropdown list.
  6. Select the position you held at the time. LinkedIn populates this dropdown list from your profile.
  7. Include a personalized message.
  8. Click "Send".

Sample message asking for a recommendation

Hi [NAME],
Hope you're doing well. I'm in the process of [CURRENT CAREER GOAL] and thought a recommendation from you would help my profile shine. I thoroughly enjoyed our time working together at [COMPANY]. I especially appreciated getting the chance to do [ACTIVITY] on [PROJECT].
With that in mind, would you be open to writing a short recommendation on my LinkedIn profile?
Please let me know if I can assist in any way and if you'd like a recommendation on your profile as well.
Thank you,

Example of a Received Recommendation

You'll have a chance to approve the recommendation before it's shown on your profile. LinkedIn showcases the following information:

  • The person giving the recommendation
  • Their relationship with you
  • The date the recommendation was given
  • The recommendation itself 

Linkedin recommendation example
Chad is such a genuine and engaging supervisor. He is able to balance his humor and professionalism easily. He supports his team well and is very good at giving advice and feedback constructively. Chad has truly been a pleasure to work for, and I hope to continue working with him for more years to come.

Three Questions To Ask Yourself First

You can enhance your LinkedIn profile with a glowing recommendation section. But before you log in and send requests to every connection you’ve ever made, here are some questions to consider. 

1. Do you know the person well enough?

Former managers, former coworkers, and former clients all make good sources for recommendations. Avoid requesting a recommendation from someone you've never worked with. If the person doesn’t know who you are, they’re going to say "no" — and they may be turned off by your request. 

Active LinkedIn users with many connections and followers are used to receiving connection invitations from strangers. People feel connected to the resources, topics and discussions these leaders post. Their name on your profile may offer clout, however, if you’ve never had a conversation with this person, don’t ask for a recommendation.

2. What’s your relationship like?

When requesting a recommendation on LinkedIn, your relationship with the person is important. It's best to send requests to people you know you have a good relationship with and who have seen you perform at your best. Think about how you worked together in the past and what they could speak on in regards to your experience and work ethic.

3. Are you willing to return the favor?

You might be asked to provide a recommendation in return. Be ready to do so if requested. 

Giving Your LinkedIn Profile a Boost

As you’re seeking out recommendations to support your expertise, consider other ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile. There are many ways to build a strong LinkedIn presence — whether that’s your profile picture, headline, about section, and more. 

If you need some help taking your LinkedIn profile to the next level, Teal offers a free LinkedIn Review tool. This free browser extension offers personalized suggestions on how to enhance your profile and make it appear higher in search results.

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