4 Ways to Use ChatGPT for LinkedIn to Optimize Your Profile (+ Prompts)

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January 8, 2024
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‍3 key takeaways

  • Why you should use ChatGPT for your LinkedIn profile
  • Four ways to use ChatGPT for LinkedIn
  • How to use the free Teal LinkedIn Profile Review Tool to optimize your social presence

First impressions matter—especially when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. And because you only have a few seconds to catch someone's attention, your profile needs to be solid, engaging, and professional.

Enter ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an AI (artificial intelligence) tool trained in understanding and generating human-like text. And with its capabilities, you can optimize, enhance, and personalize your online presence and digital communication.

This article and the video below are a guide to using ChatGPT for LinkedIn. Explore how you, as a professional, can harness the power of AI to refine your LinkedIn profile, make it stand out, and ensure it resonates with your target audience.

Benefits of using ChatGPT for LinkedIn and as a professional

ChatGPT makes many processes simpler by eliminating time-consuming steps and delivering results both quickly and accurately. 

As a networking professional, there are multiple ways you can use ChatGPT for your benefit without having to jump through hoops. 

  • Save time and use ChatGPT to write your resume. Use it to create your professional summary, resume bullet point achievements, highlight key skills, and more.
  • Draft concise summaries of documents.
  • Create engaging content like written copy for your portfolio or professional website.
  • Use ChatGPT to write your cover letter.
  • Leverage it as a guide for interview prep—whether you're a job seeker or a hiring professional. 

ChatGPT allows you to spend far less time on repetitive and often time-consuming tasks and instead use that time for more strategic work. 

Why is LinkedIn the best place to get started with ChatGPT as a professional?

LinkedIn hosts more than 875 million professional profiles.

Because of this, you can reach out to a nearly unlimited pool of network connections and future opportunities. Everything from seeking a new job to maintaining a visible personal brand is possible.

And if you already know this, maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you need to update and use LinkedIn on a deeper level for quite some time. Or perhaps you have a very well-optimized, updated profile ready to go and know how time-consuming it can be to keep your LinkedIn in that condition. Well, ChatGPT can help with either of these scenarios! 

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to test out if you want to get comfortable with ChatGPT as a professional because it’s approachable, requires a significant amount of copy to be successful, and can be executed without the need for an employer, peer, or tech review.

Pro Tip: Want to see how your LinkedIn profile stacks up? Use the free Teal LinkedIn Profile Review Tool to quickly asses where you excel and what needs work. Just download the Teal Chrome Extension and then navigate to your LinkedIn Profile.

ChatGPT LinkedIn profile, optimized by Teal
Optimize your LinkedIn profile with Teal.

Want to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

How to install and use ChatGPT on your LinkedIn profile

Enhancing your LinkedIn profile with ChatGPT technology is easier than you think, and it’s also completely free. Below are all the ways you can use ChatGPT with many LinkedIn features.

Before you get started, you'll want to grab a copy of your resume. (Now's also a good time to create a ChatGPT account and sign up for a free Teal account if you haven't already to speed up the processes outlined below.)

Four ways to use ChatGPT for your LinkedIn profile

And now for the fun part: tangible tips on how to use ChatGPT for your LinkedIn profile.

1.) ChatGPT for your LinkedIn summary

Using ChatGPT as a LinkedIn summary generator is a game-changer for crafting a compelling personal narrative that builds rapport with your LinkedIn connections (and positions you as an expert professional in your field!).

A ChatGPT LinkedIn summary will amplify your unique strengths with relevant keywords, encapsulate your experiences in a concise way, and make your profile more engaging to your target audience.

Here's how to use an AI tool (specifically ChatGPT) to create the first draft of a professional LinkedIn summary, otherwise known as your LinkedIn “About” section.

  1. Pull up a copy of your resume (you can create unlimited versions in Teal's free AI Resume Builder tool.)
  2. For the prompt, write:

    "Write a LinkedIn "About" section using my resume below as a guide." Or “Write a professional summary using my work experience and include my total years of experience, the keywords [keywords you want to include], and keep it shorter than 150 words.” [Press "Shift" + "Enter," then copy and paste your resume under the prompt.]
  3. When you get your result, save it in a separate area.  
  4. Click "Regenerate" to develop two more versions. Just remember to save ChatGPT’s response each time. 
  5. Sort through the options, pull what you like from each generated version, and add any personalization. The result should be a ChatGPT LinkedIn summary that reflects you best.

Another way to use AI to create a LinkedIn "About" section: repurpose the professional summary from your resume.

Try Teal's LinkedIn Summary Generator, designed to help you craft a standout summary that gets noticed. (You can also use the "Generate with AI" feature within the Resume Builder to write tailored resume achievements and a cover letter in seconds!)

All Teal members can create two AI-generated professional summaries for free with no obligation.

2.) ChatGPT for your LinkedIn job descriptions

Next is how to use artificial intelligence to craft the first draft of your LinkedIn job descriptions. Your LinkedIn "Experience" section covers your career history. For each job you list, there's also the option to add a description.

  1. Pull up a copy of your resume (you can create unlimited versions in Teal's free AI Resume Builder tool) or a copy of the job description for the role you're focusing on.
  2. For the prompt, write:

    "Write three resume achievements for a [your title or role] and include success metrics that include [metrics you wish to highlight] using the details from the [resume or job description] below. [Press "Shift" + "Enter," then copy and paste your resume or job description under the prompt.]
  3. When you get your result, save it in a separate area (Try the Work Experience achievements in Teal's free AI Resume Builder).
  4. Click "Regenerate" to craft two more versions. Remember to save ChatGPT’s response each time.
  5. Sort through the options, pull what you like from each generated version, customize the metrics as needed, and adjust to make it sound more like yourself.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each of your previous roles

Achievements are equally as important on your resume as they are on your LinkedIn profile.

With Teal's free AI Resume Builder, you can skip ChatGPT and access free AI-generated resume achievements created with the help of your previous work history.

All members get five generated achievements for no cost, and Teal+ members have unlimited access.

3.) ChatGPT for your LinkedIn headline

Now, let's go over how you can use ChatGPT to create a stellar LinkedIn headline. You can ask ChatGPT to create a headline in a specific writing style, so keep that in mind, and don't be afraid to add your own custom enhancements. (That said, caution with too many emojis in your headline. They can be hard to read.)

  1. For the prompt, type:

    "Write a LinkedIn headline using my resume and keep it shorter than 220 characters.” Or “Write a LinkedIn headline in a conversational tone using my work experience and the keywords [relevant keywords you want to include]. Keep it shorter than 220 characters.” [Press "Shift" + "Enter," then copy and paste your resume under the prompt.]
  2. When you get your result, save it in a separate area (we recommend Teal's free AI Resume Builder).
  3. Click "Regenerate" to create two more versions. Remember to save ChatGPT’s response each time. 
  4. Sort through the options, pull what you like from each generated version, tweak as needed, and finalize a headline that reflects you best.

4.) Use ChatGPT to craft LinkedIn messages

This final LinkedIn tip involves using AI to write LinkedIn messages to new connections.

This is especially helpful when you’re in a job search and connecting with hiring managers or potential team members. 

  1. For the prompt, ask ChatGPT:

    "Write a LinkedIn message thanking a hiring manager for her time and for the interview of [role] at [company].” You can use a similar prompt to check the status of your application or express initial interest—just be specific. 
  2. When you get your result, save it in a separate document, then click "Regenerate" to write two more versions. Remember to save ChatGPT’s response each time. (You can save them in the Notes section of your Teal Job Application Tracker!) 
  3. Sort through the options, pull what you like from each generated version, tweak to make it sound more like you, and eventually, finalize a perfect follow-up message that reflects you best and send it. 

How to know if your LinkedIn profile is optimized

Before officially using ChatGPT for your LinkedIn profile, try Teal's free LinkedIn Profile Review tool to analyze your content. With personalized suggestions on how to improve specific areas like your "Experience" and "About" sections, the tool helps you improve your profile so it ranks well in the LinkedIn search and showcases your achievements in the best possible light.

Once you know which areas you need to work on, you'll know exactly how to use ChatGPT to improve it. 

After you’ve tackled your summary, headline, experience, etc., with the help of ChatGPT, run your profile through the LinkedIn Profile Review analyzer for an additional time to see how you've improved and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. 

Bonus: If you're using LinkedIn for your job search

Having an optimized LinkedIn profile and, more specifically, a professional online presence will automatically open you up to more opportunities if you're currently a job seeker. And if you’re ready to capitalize on these opportunities, there are intuitive tools that can help!

Alongside the LinkedIn Profile Review tool, Teal offers a free Job Application Tracker and AI Resume Builder.

Use the Job Tracker to save job postings directly from LinkedIn and 40+ popular job-search sites. You can also manage your applications, contacts, communication, and more.

Pair that with the AI Resume Builder to find the right keywords from the jobs that you save so you can tailor your resume for every role you're applying to. And now, with Teal AI technology, all Teal members can generate professional summaries, write resume achievements, and craft compelling cover letters in seconds.

Recommended reading

We hope you found these tips helpful! Please check out additional Teal articles on ChatGPT below if you’re interested in learning more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are best practices for AI content creation?

To safely and effectively use a valuable tool like ChatGPT for any content creation:

Ensure data quality: AI can produce inaccurate or misleading content without quality data training. Always double-check facts.

Appreciate nuance: Remember that AI can miss subtleties like sarcasm or cultural nuances. 

Implement ethical guardrails: AI could produce harmful or biased content without them. Use caution and human oversight.

Maintain a human touch: Relying heavily on AI may yield formulaic content. Always balance AI assistance with human creativity.

Remember: AI is an enhancement tool, not the primary content creator. That's you. With the right prompts, AI can aid your creativity, but trust in your judgment remains vital when using this advanced technology.

Can ChatGPT write a LinkedIn summary?

ChatGPT can quickly and easily generate a LinkedIn summary draft for you to build upon!

However, we highly suggest you still provide details about your experience, strengths, and goals to craft an authentic final version.

We also suggest revising the final version until it meets your expectations and accurately reflects your background.

How do I use ChatGPT on LinkedIn?

You can use ChatGPT in a variety of different ways on LinkedIn. Firstly, you can use it to craft your bio with the help of your resume. You can also use it to craft resume achievements, a LinkedIn headline, and your messages and comments. We've even seen people use LinkedIn to create actual posts.

As we've mentioned, we highly suggest tweaking whatever content ChatGPT creates for you to make it authentic and accurate. We also suggest that you provide as much guidance as possible in your prompts.

What is the AI tool to improve LinkedIn?

There are plenty of AI tools on the market to improve your LinkedIn profile—including ChatGPT.

But, if you want to skip the steps and prompts, try Teal's free LinkedIn Profile Review to optimize your profile directly on LinkedIn.

How do I use ChatGPT on LinkedIn?

You can use ChatGPT on LinkedIn for your summary, experience, to optimize your profile, and more.

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