Google Docs Resume Templates for Resume Creation

In today's competitive job market, a standout resume is essential for catching the attention of potential employers. Enter Google Docs resume templates, a solution that empowers job seekers to create visually appealing and well-organized resumes effortlessly.

With a diverse range of professionally designed templates available at your fingertips, Google Docs resume templates help simplify the resume-building process, eliminating the need for design skills, a resume expert, or professional resume writers.

While there are benefits to creating a resume in Google Docs, there are limitations, as well. Because of this, using other platforms for resume creation might prove more effective.

Let's dive into the world of Google Docs resume templates.

4 takeaways you'll get from this article

  • The benefits of using a template for resume creation
  • 5 Google Docs resume template examples to explore
  • Limitations to Google Docs and the option to use Teal as your go-to resume creation platform
  • Access to our new selection of free resume templates that have been pre-design with best practices

What is a resume template?

A resume template is a pre-designed format or layout that serves as a framework for creating a professional resume. It provides a structure for organizing and presenting your personal information, work experience, skills, education, and other relevant details in a clear and visually appealing manner.

Resume templates typically come with predefined sections and placeholders for entering your information, allowing you to focus on customizing the content to match your qualifications and career goals.

They are available in various styles and designs, catering to different industries, job roles, and personal preferences. They are often provided in popular word processing software formats, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, making it easy to edit and customize the template to suit your needs.

Should you use a Google Docs resume template for resume creation?

Using custom resume templates streamlines the resume creation process, ensures a professional and consistent appearance, and allows you to focus on showcasing your qualifications and achievements effectively. It's a valuable tool for job seekers seeking to make a strong and memorable impression on a hiring manager in their job applications.

Although there's no official Google Resume Builder, Google Docs resume templates for resume creation offer several compelling advantages:

  1. Time-saving: Resume templates provide a pre-designed and structured layout, saving you valuable time and effort in formatting your resume from scratch. The sections and formatting are already set up, allowing you to focus on crafting the content rather than the design.
  2. Professional appearance: Templates are created by design experts and professionals who understand the best practices for resume layout and aesthetics. By using a template, you can ensure that your resume has a polished and professional appearance, making a positive impression on employers.
  3. Consistency: Templates help maintain consistency throughout your resume. They ensure that headings, fonts, spacing, and formatting are uniform across all sections, creating a cohesive and visually appealing document.
  4. Organization: Resume templates often include predefined sections for skills, work experience, education, and other relevant information. This structure guides you in organizing your content effectively, making it easier for hiring managers to review and comprehend your qualifications.
  5. Customization: While templates provide a foundation, they also allow for customization. You can tailor the template to your specific industry, personal style, or branding by adjusting fonts, colors, and section headings. This flexibility enables you to create a unique and personalized resume while benefiting from the template's structure and design.
  6. Compatibility and Accessibility: Resume templates in popular formats like Google Docs offer compatibility across devices and easy accessibility. You can work on your resume from any computer with an internet connection, collaborate with others, and save your progress seamlessly.

Pro tip: While Google resume templates offer a convenient and accessible way to create professional resumes, it's worth noting that there are other tools available. Teal's AI Resume Builder leverages generative AI technology for quick and easy resume creation. Don't worry, there will be more on this later.

How to make a resume in Google Docs

  1. Log into your Google account or create one
    You need to have a Google account in order to create a resume in Google Docs. Sign up for a free account by following the prompts, or login with your existing credentials if you already have an account. 
  2. Choose a template
    Once you’re logged into your Google account, there are two ways to access the free Google Docs resume templates from the template gallery:
  3. Navigate to the Google Docs application homepage and select a basic resume template from the menu at the top of the screen.
  4. From Google Drive, click “+ New” on the left. Then, hover over “Google Docs” and select “From a template.” 

Google Docs free resume templates include:

  • Coral
  • Modern Writer
  • Spearmint
  • Serif
  • Swiss

Depending on how you want to present yourself as a job candidate will determine which template you choose for your resume. Being Google Docs templates, each offers the advantages of easy collaboration and accessibility. You can edit and share your resume with others, allowing for seamless collaboration with colleagues, mentors, or hiring managers.

Let's take a closer look at each Google Docs resume template.


The Google Docs resume template "Coral" is a visually appealing and modern option for professionals seeking a clean and professional look. With a sleek and well-organized, one page resume, it grabs attention and leaves a positive impression.

The "Coral" template typically includes sections for personal information, summary or objective, work experience, education, skills, and additional information. These sections are clearly defined with bold headings, making it easy to navigate and comprehend the content.

As a minimalist resume template with en emphasis on simplicity and effectively utilizing white space, along with an editable color palette of neutral tones, this template creates a professional yet contemporary feel. Typography, featuring modern sans-serif fonts, enhances readability and adds elegance.

"Coral" is suitable for various industries and job roles, including corporate, creative, and tech fields, providing a professional canvas to showcase qualifications and achievements effectively.

Modern Writer

The Google Docs resume template "Modern Writer" is a contemporary and stylish option for professionals in writing, journalism, or creative industries.

The sleep and well-crafted template design typically includes sections for personal information, summary or objective, work experience, education, skills, and additional information. These sections are carefully organized and visually separated with bold headings, creating a structured and easy-to-navigate layout.

Typography takes center stage in the "Modern Writer" resume template. It utilizes modern and elegant sans-serif fonts that give a professional and sophisticated look to the resume. The font choices are optimized for readability while adding a touch of uniqueness to the overall design.

The color scheme in this template is often kept minimalistic, utilizing shades of black, gray, and sometimes a pop of accent color. This restrained color palette helps maintain a clean and professional appearance, allowing the focus to remain on the content.

The "Modern Writer" template's contemporary and stylish design makes it well-suited for professionals in writing-focused roles. It provides a visually appealing canvas to showcase your writing skills, creativity, and professional accomplishments effectively.


The Google Docs resume template "Spearmint" is a refreshing and visually striking option for professionals who desire a unique and creative resume template design. The template features a well-organized layout with a touch of mint color accents, giving it a modern and energetic appearance.

This template typically includes sections for personal information, summary or objective, work experience, education, skills, and additional information. The sections are neatly separated with clear headings, ensuring easy navigation and readability.

One of the key highlights of the "Spearmint" template is its use of a refreshing mint color scheme. This adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the resume, setting it apart from more traditional designs. The mint accents are strategically placed throughout the template, providing a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Typography in this template is clean and contemporary, using sans-serif fonts that are easy to read and complement the overall modern aesthetic. The fonts create a sense of professionalism while maintaining a fresh and energetic vibe.

The "Spearmint" template's modern and creative design makes it particularly suitable for individuals in marketing, communications, or creative industries, such as graphic designers. It offers a unique canvas to highlight your qualifications, skills, and achievements in a visually engaging manner.

It's worth noting: Incorporating color into your resume may not be the most effective approach to distinguish yourself as a qualified job candidate. Make sure your resume effectively highlights your qualifications and represents you as a professional.


The Google Docs resume template "Serif" is a popular choice for professionals aiming for a classic and elegant look in their resumes.

This template offers a well-structured, two column design layout, typically including sections for personal information, summary or objective, work experience, education, skills, and additional information. The template's organization allows for clear and logical presentation of your qualifications and achievements.

With its emphasis on classic typography, the "Serif" template provides a sense of professionalism and refinement. The serif fonts used in headings and body text give a traditional and formal touch, enhancing the readability and visual appeal of the resume.

The color scheme in the "Serif" Google Docs template is often kept minimalistic, utilizing neutral tones such as black, gray, or muted colors. This restrained color palette ensures that the content remains the focal point while maintaining a professional aesthetic.

The versatility of the "Serif" template makes it suitable for a wide range of industries and job roles. This template is also a good option for career changers, as it can effectively highlight transferable skills and showcase the career transition.

It's worth noting: Opting for a two-column resume design may not be the most efficient use of space and can pose challenges when it comes to including crucial content and getting past applicant tracking systems (ATS). Consider your years of professional experience when choosing a Google Docs resume template.


The "Swiss" template on Google Docs is a popular choice for professionals seeking a minimalist and polished design for their resumes. With a clean and modern layout, it emphasizes simplicity and readability.

The template's well-organized, two column design structure and clear section headings make navigation effortless, covering essential sections like personal information, summary, work experience, education, skills, and additional details. This makes it a great template for entry to mid-level resumes.

One of the key benefits of the "Swiss" template is its adaptability to various industries and roles. Its minimalistic design allows the focus to remain on your qualifications, skills, and achievements. Whether you are applying for a corporate position, a creative role, or a tech job, the "Swiss" template offers a versatile and professional foundation for presenting your credentials.

With its neutral color scheme and clear sans-serif fonts, the "Swiss" resume template serves as a versatile and user-friendly foundation for professionals aiming to create visually appealing and impactful resumes.

How to format a resume in Google Docs

You don’t need to use each Google Docs template exactly as it's presented—we recommend customizing it to showcase your individual preferences and style. 

Fonts and font size 

Fonts are a great way to showcase creativity and personality. However, the best fonts for a resume are easy to read and give a professional vibe. Some fonts you could experiment with on Google Docs include: 

  1. Arial
  2. Calibri
  3. Georgia
  4. Helvetica
  5. Times New Roman

The resume headings/section names on your resume should be no larger than 16 pts. Aim for a font size of 10-12 pts for body text. 

Adjust margins 

A standard resume has one inch margins on the top, bottom, left and right sides. 

However, if you want to fit more information on your resume, you can set the margin size in Google Docs to a custom size from the Page Setup window. Avoid going below 0.5 inches, as that will make your resume more difficult to read. 

On the flip side, don’t make your margins larger than one inch. Too much white space on your resume may leave the impression that your resume is too barren. 

Use styles like headings, subheadings, and bulleted lists 

On your resume, you should take advantage of different formatting options to establish a hierarchy of information.

Your first and last name, for example, can be in bold or in a larger font size than the rest of your resume. Beyond that, section headers like Summary, Experience, and Education, can be bolded to make your resume more scannable. 

Similarly, for readability and clarity, your experience should be listed in bullet points rather than paragraphs (that’s what your cover letter is for). You can also put your skills in a bullet list if you prefer. 

Tailor the resume to the job description 

Your resume should call back to the job description in two main areas: your experiences and skills. Creating a unique resume for each job you apply to will help your resume stand out and increase your chances of landing more interviews. 

For your experience section, the bullet points you list should be rich with keywords. That means that the keywords within the job description should be directly mentioned in your bullet points to the best of your ability (without sounding forced or false). 

To make crafting your accomplishment bullet points more seamless, Teal’s AI Resume Builder can scan each job posting for keywords. After doing so, it guides you through crafting a resume that hits them all. That way, you can send your resume knowing you’ve optimized it to its full potential. 

Teal’s AI Resume Builder compares the skills in a job description to the skills in your resume to give you a Match Score.
Teal’s AI Resume Builder compares the skills in a job description to the skills in your resume to give you a Match Score.

Your skills section also gives you the opportunity to call out both hard and soft skills that are mentioned in the listing, such as software names. 

Save resume as PDF 

When you’re finished crafting your resume in Google Docs, save it as a PDF. Navigate to File on the top left corner of your document and hover over where it says Download. Select PDF Document.

By using Teal's AI Resume Builder, you can export your resume directly as a PDF.

Use Teal's AI Resume Builder to optimize your resume for each potential job opportunity.
Use Teal's AI Resume Builder to optimize your resume for each potential job opportunity.

Limitations of creating a resume in Google Docs

While Google Docs is a great free resource for crafting your resume, it has a few drawbacks. 

Limited customization

Google Docs only lets you do so much. Ultimately, there is limited customization for your resume format when it comes to design choices like fonts, colors, and overall layout. 

If you need more creative control, we suggest looking into a different platform, and porting your resume into your Google Drive once you’re finished designing it. 

Online connectivity requirement

Because Google Docs is a cloud-based platform, it automatically saves your resume to your Google account. This is great because it means you can access the latest version of it on any device, with the caveat being you need an Internet connection. 

There are ways to save your files locally and edit offline (via Chrome extensions, desktop apps, and certain settings) but these methods are either difficult to configure or not reliable. 

Security risks

Google Docs gives you the ability to share a link directly to your resume file. However, this poses a security risk because, depending on your settings, anyone you share the link with can then forward it to other people without your knowledge. Your contact and other personal information can end up in the hands of bad actors or hackers. 

Compatibility issues 

Google Docs does not have 1 to 1 parity with other popular word processors like Microsoft Word. Your resume may have incorrect and inconsistent formatting if you create it in Google Docs, download it, and then open it later in a different word processor. 

Use Teal's AI Resume Builder to craft a winning resume

While Google Docs resume templates offer a convenient and accessible way to create resumes, it's worth noting that there are other options for resume creation. Teal is one of those options.

Teal provides a dedicated platform specifically designed for crafting professional and impactful resumes. To supercharge your resume writing and your job search, Teal’s AI Resume Builder lets you: 

  • Upload a current resume or import your LinkedIn profile to conveniently store all your career history in one place
Optimize your resume using Teal’s AI Resume Builder.
Optimize your resume using Teal’s AI Resume Builder.
  • Create and optimize resumes, each tailored to a specific job description, all in one place
  • Access to customizable templates with formatting capabilities to to ensure your resume gets past the applicant tracking system
Format and use professional templates within Teal’s AI Resume Builder to make your resume stand out.
Format and use professional templates within Teal’s AI Resume Builder to make your resume stand out.
  • Craft a professional summary, optimized achievements, and a personalized cover letter with AI technology

While Google Docs templates are a viable choice, Teal offers a more comprehensive and specialized approach to resume creation, ensuring that your application stands out from the competition.

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