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Rewrite your resume in seconds with AI. Instantly transform your resume with our AI-powered rewriter and craft job-specific content that lands interviews.

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Rewrite and Revise Your Resume for Impact

Rewrite to Win: Craft Resumes that Land Interviews

Struggling to rewrite your resume for each job application? Our AI rewriter personalizes your resume in seconds, highlighting relevant skills and achievements to match the job description.

Every job application deserves a unique resume. Use our AI rewriter to quickly adapt your resume to each position, highlighting the skills and experience they're looking for. Showcase your perfect fit and land your dream job faster.

Rewrite for Readability: Enhance Clarity and Impact

Rewriting your resume doesn't have to be painful or time-consuming. Our AI tool helps you rewrite for readability, ensuring your message is clear, concise, and impactful.

Grab the attention of hiring managers and land more interviews with a resume that...

Speak the Job's Language: Rewrite with AI to Align Perfectly

Stop using a generic resume for every job. Our AI rewriter helps you match your skills and experience to the specific requirements of each position.

Land dream jobs faster with targeted resumes that speak the hiring manager's language.

How Resume Rewriting Can Supercharge Your Job Search

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all resume. Today's competitive job market demands dynamic resumes that showcase your unique value proposition for each specific opportunity. But crafting multiple, tailored resumes from scratch can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

That's where our AI Resume Rewriter comes in. It empowers you to rewrite and refocus your resume in seconds, ensuring your skills and experience resonate perfectly with each job description. No more struggling to remember which achievement goes where - our AI does the heavy lifting, suggesting targeted content and language that highlights your perfect fit for the role.

But it's not just about speed. Our rewriter goes beyond automation, offering intelligent suggestions and guidance to help you craft compelling narratives that captivate hiring managers. Say goodbye to generic summaries and keyword stuffing - rewrite your way to a resume that tells a powerful story and lands you more interviews.

Remember, your resume is your marketing tool. Rewrite it with the power of AI to showcase your adaptability, relevance, and value proposition for every job you pursue.

Revise Your Resume

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Kim St John
Job seekers dream come true! No more spreadsheet tracking; the extension makes job tracking seamless. Given the current job search market, Teal’s simple and organized tool is critical for me.
Jan 2, 2024
Charmaine Reroma
I started my job search in the beginning of December 2023, and the discovery of Teal has been a game-changer. This invaluable tool has significantly enhanced my ability to stay focused, organized, and efficient throughout the process. I highly recommend using the extension, exploring additional services, and tapping into the incredible resources offered by Teal. A heartfelt thank you to Teal HQ for providing such a beneficial platform!
Dec 29, 2023
Katherine Paras
The extension has really made a difference in my job search! It is easy to add info from a number of job boards to my Teal account to track positions I’m interested in and effectively manage a lot more information on possible career tracks than I could do with a conventional job application tracker system. It is easy, effective, works with most major job boards applications (like Workday or LinkedIn) and in cases where it doesn’t play seamlessly it’s extremely efficient to copy and past info from the site. It’s a terrific little tool with a big impact.
Dec 21, 2023
Zack Turnbow
I use this extension to quickly bookmark opportunities so I can do more research at a later time. It’s so much easier to use this extension than bookmarking the job post or sending myself an email. It certainly keeps me organized.
Dec 29, 2023
Holly Babitzke
Teal is amazing and the Chrome extension is invaluable! Not only does Teal offer the ability to track job postings, take notes, rate the jobs, provide resume guidance, and track the whole application process .. for free .. the Chrome extension allows one to save the job with as little as two clicks. Even if the job board or site isn’t supported by the extension, it still provides the opportunity to easily copy/paste the information without having to navigate multiple tabs or windows. GOLD!
Dec 18, 2023
Brandon Saltzman
Teal is a great resource to organizing and managing my job search. For months I have been struggling to keep up with all the job postings, my progress, and contacts to network with. In a week, Teal has organized the entire process. Using the chrome extension is necessary for proper functionality because I simply add postings from LinkedIn or Indeed directly to my bookmarked list of jobs. 5 stars.
Dec 18, 2023
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How to Use the Resume Rewriter


Import Your Resume Into the Resume Builder

Bring in your current resume with ease! Import an existing draft, start from scratch in our builder, or connect your LinkedIn profile.

The more comprehensive your career history, the richer your AI-powered rewrites will be.


Attach a Job Description to Your Resume

Get a head start on customizing your resume. Go to the 'Matching' section to attach a specific job description to your resume.

Our tool will analyze the job requirements to provide tailored suggestions and help you rewrite your summary, work experiences, and skills.


Rewrite, Customize, Improve

Take the guesswork out of resume rewriting. Generate a refreshed version of the content tailored to your career experience and the job details, including alternative phrasing, skill keywords, and fresh sentence structures.

Toggle between your original content and the re-written versions to craft the most impactful resume possible.


Save and Repeat

Your resume should evolve with your job search. With Teal, it’s easy to save multiple versions of your resume that you can quickly return to and revise for the next job application.

Use the Resume Rewriter to customize your resume content for every job you apply to.

What's Free & What's

  • Unlimited Resumes
  • Unlimited Resumes Templates
  • Unlimited Job Tracking
  • Top 5 Keywords
  • 1 Email Template Per job stage
  • Limited AI Usage for Resume Achievements (5), Professional Summaries (2) and Cover Letter (1)
  • Basic analysis in the resume builder
  • Basic Resume Keyword Matching
  • Everything in Teal Free
  • Unlimited Advanced Resume Analysis
  • Unlimited Resume Keyword Matching
  • Unlimited AI Usage for Resume Achievements, Professional Summaries and Cover Letter
  • Unlimited keywords (hard and soft skills) listed in the job tracker
  • Unlimited Email Templates
  • No ads across the entire platform
  • 24/7 Email Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI really improve my resume?

Yes - AI-powered resume rewriters offer several advantages. They can identify ways to make your language stronger and more specific, adapt your phrasing for different job descriptions, and even suggest relevant keywords based on industry trends.

However, It's essential to view AI as a tool to enhance your own writing process, not replace it entirely.

How does the Resume Rewriter handle different job industries?

The Resume Rewriter uses advanced language models to adapt your resume's tone and focus based on the job description you provide.

Whether you're targeting a technical role, a creative field, or a sales position, the AI will adjust its suggestions accordingly.

Is the Resume Rewriter better than rewriting my resume by hand?

The Resume Rewriter excels at speed, precision, and adaptability. It can offer fresh perspectives and language choices you might not consider on your own, speeding up the revision process. 

Combining its suggestions with your own understanding of your skills and experience ensures the final resume is both unique and tailored for success.

Will using the Resume Rewriter make my resume sound generic?

Not at all! Because the Resume Rewriter considers both your career history and specific job targets, it offers custom-fit adjustments. This helps you  stand out from cookie-cutter applications.

Plus, you always have the final say on editing and combining the best of both worlds – your original content and the AI-powered suggestions.

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