Posh Peanut is a company that specializes in providing high-quality baby clothes and accessories. Their mission is to provide fashionable, comfortable, and eco-friendly clothing for babies and young children while promoting a strong sense of community and social responsibility. They aim to offer clothing and accessories that are made from the finest materials and are both stylish and practical, while also committing to sustainable practices and giving back to those in need. Ultimately, their goal is to help families create special moments with their little ones, while promoting a positive and inclusive message.


Posh Peanut Children’s Boutique was born in 2011. Fiona Sahakian created Posh Peanut to address the need for reliably chic pieces for mommies and babies. While Fiona's showstoppers may be her beautiful, versatile, easy to wash and wear baby and toddler clothing, she has created an undeniably chic line of complimentary robes for mommies that are not only great for the early stages of postpartum but also convenient for breastfeeding and keeping nice blouses and suits spared from baby messes. Having previously worked as a hair and fashion stylist in Beverly Hills California, Fiona drew inspiration from some of the most fashion forward and celebrity moms in the country. The mommies she met were accustomed to having their photos taken often, during the time when many moms do not feel their best, postpartum. She also observed that new moms who came to her for beauty services had a much more happy and optimistic mindset after a beauty treatment when they felt their most beautiful. Being a mother herself, she knew firsthand how a simple boost in self confidence, makes a big difference. Merging her love of fashion and beauty and a desire to make every mom feel beautiful and appreciated she created, Posh Peanut.

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