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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some words or phrases that I should avoid using on a resume?

There are certain terms that are overused on resumes and come across as cliche. In general, it's best to avoid using vague phrases like "hard worker", "good communicator", or "team player". Descriptors like these fail to provide any meaningful insight or evidence of your abilities and won't add value to your resume.

Instead, it's better to demonstrate your qualities with specific examples that align with the job description.

How can I be sure I'm using the right words in my resume?

Using the right words in your resume comes down to describing your experiences accurately and carefully tailoring your language to each specific job description. Review the job responsibilities, qualifications and highlight key phrases that overlap with your background and skillset.

Focus on incorporating this language into your resume to demonstrate you are a strong fit for the role. For additional guidance with your resume, Teal can help.

Which sections of my resume should I pay the most attention to with my word choice?

Focus on choosing strategic and compelling synonyms in your resume summary, work experience, and skill sections. These are the crucial areas where strong wording can capture a hiring manager's attention right away.