Lead Front-end Engineer

Job Description

Have you ever struggled with career decisions? Have you ever needed to be the friend that helped someone wrestle with finding a job or getting unstuck at work? Does the idea of building a platform that helps people make the best and most informed career decisions excite you? Then you should consider helping us deliver on our mission: enabling fulfilling careers by providing technology, content & support that travels with YOU from job to job.

As Lead Frontend Engineer at Teal, YOU will lead and define the architecture and execution strategy for all frontend efforts across the Teal platform.

As Lead Front-end Engineer at Teal You Will:

  • Architect and implement best practices for the Teal frontend client
  • Collaborate with backend engineers, designers and business stakeholders.
  • Develop and shape the company’s frontend coding standards and processes 
  • Grow and build the frontend engineering team

You Have Experience:

  • With our stack: React, Redux, Typescript
  • With testing, and you love it
  • Working in a startup environment where helping to build culture and processes is just as important as building code.

What Great Looks Like:

  • In 1 Day you’ve made your first pull request.
  • In 1 Week you have a good idea of how to take the existing frontend client to where it needs to go in terms of high level architecture and low level pattern changes.
  • In 1 month you have moved the needle on the frontend client, structuring it in such a way that future functionality becomes easier, not harder to implement.
  • In 3 months we are in flow, moving at speed because of the prior foundational work, adding new features, able to iterate and test and measure with confidence.
  • In 6 months your tools have been in people’s hands for months. You’ve helped grow the team. You’ve personally seen that your work has affected the lives of thousands of people as they gain employment through the tools you’ve created. 

 What We Offer: 

  • Fully remote work team
  • Unlimited vacation and sick days
  • 16 week paid maternity / paternity leave
  • 80% coverage of health insurance for full family, Commuter Benefits & 401K Benefits with company matching.
  • Guaranteed 1 month severance if things don’t work out. You are trusting us with your career, we want you to know we take it seriously.   

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity & Harassment: (Come as you are. Feel welcome. Feel safe.) We are committed to safeguarding our workplace from all forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, disability, military status, or family status. This commitment extends to all aspects of the employment relationship including recruiting, interviewing, selection, hiring, transfers, promotions, training, terminations, working conditions, compensation, and benefits.

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