Quick Tip: New Year, New You


When thinking about what you'd like to change and accomplish this year, how do you start taking steps towards these goals? In this Quick Tip Friday episode, Vincent shares his method for getting started towards building and maintaining your goals for this new year.

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Hi everyone, who’s excited that it’s 2021? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely happy to put 2020 behind me.

So the question that I have for you today is, what are you going to do to make 2021 a great year?

Hi, I’m Vincent Phamvan, and welcome to this Quick Tip Tuesday episode. Vyten helps business professionals achieve a fulfilling career with the pay and purpose you deserve. 

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Okay, so today we’re going to be talking about New Year, New You. Every year I hear about New Years Resolutions like losing weight or eating healthier, but what separates people who stick with these new habits versus those who do not?

Success in life boils down to two things: knowledge and action.

Every year, I see well-intentioned goal seekers kicking off new years resolutions, but by the end of January, what’s the #1 thing that separates people who stick with these goals?

The answer is Vision.

Vision is actually what the V in Vyten stands for. When you set a vision for yourself, it should be focus on what you want to be doing, not who you want to be.

So many people are focused on what they want to be.  For example, they want to be a manager or director, or they want to be rich, or they want to be living in a big house.

Instead, you should think more about what you want to be doing. For example, do you want to help teach others, do you want to make the world a better place by improving the environment.

The difference is that when you focus on what you want to be doing, it gives you purpose. It gives you something to wake up excited about, it gives you the perseverance to see it through.

Once you determine what you want to be doing, the next step is to visualize what your life would be like when you’re doing this.

If there was a documentary film crew following you around, what would the camera see? Where’s the environment you’d be in? What would the camera catch you doing? How would you feel when you’re doing this?

When you set a goal or start a new habit, you have to be able to visualize what success looks like. This is what will give you the motivation to move towards your future.

And lastly, those who stick with their new years resolutions reward themselves when milestones are reached.

Perhaps you have a goal to exercise daily. When you find the energy and strength to follow through, perhaps you can reward yourself with something you enjoy, like a smoothie or stretching or warming down with your favorite podcast episode.

If you have a goal to learn new marketing skills this year, perhaps for each skill that you earn, you reward yourself with an episode of your favorite Netflix series.

Setting these small rewards for yourself helps keep you motivated and accountable for making progress, but it also breaks down larger goals into smaller, more manageable achievements.

I believe in you, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year.

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