How to Write a Google Bard Cover Letter (With AI Prompts!) 

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May 18, 2023
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Thinking about using Google Bard to craft a cover letter that stands out in today's market? 

Look no further. 

You see, Bard is more than just AI—it's your secret weapon for navigating the complexities of the job search and job application process. Whether it's writing resume achievements, researching skills, or, in your case, writing an exceptional cover letter, Bard is your go-to tool. 

So get ready; your journey to creating a standout Google Bard cover letter (and elevating your job search) starts now.

3 key takeaways

  • Can Google Bard write a cover letter? (Yes!)
  • Best practices and prompts for using Google AI to write a cover letter 
  • A faster way to write your cover letter for free using Teal's AI integration

What is Google Bard 

Google Bard is an extensive language model (LLM) chatbot developed by Google AI. And it's trained on a massive dataset of text and code. 

Bard is still under development, but there's a lot it can do: 

Google Bard can ... 

  • Generate text: Bard can generate text in various styles, including news articles, blog post ideas and posts, code, email, letters, cover letters, resumes, and more!
  • Translate languages: Bard can translate over 100 languages.
  • Answer questions: Bard can answer your questions comprehensively and informally—even if they're open-ended or challenging.
  • Write creative content: Bard can write different kinds of creative content, such as poems, stories, scripts, and musical pieces.

Watch how easily Bard can craft a professional summary for your resume in the video below.

What is the difference between Google AI and ChatGPT

The AI language model most are familiar with is ChatGPT. So what's the difference between the two?

Google Bard and ChatGPT are AI chatbots, but they differ in two ways: focus and data source.

Bard is designed to improve research and understanding across education, business, and other fields. ChatGPT focuses more on text functions and delivering conversational output.

The data source is the primary difference between the unpaid version of ChatGPT and the completely free Google Bard. 

Bard draws directly from the internet, providing users with the latest information and quick access to Google's traditional search engine. A recent ChatGPT update allows paid subscribers to access web browsing and plugins. In contrast, the unpaid version of ChatGPT sources end with data from 2021.

But remember, the field of AI is evolving fast, and both platforms will likely see significant improvements in the near future. To stay up-to-date with the latest in how AI can help your job hunt, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Can Bard AI write a cover letter

Yes, Google Bard can help you write your cover letter. You can also use Google Bard for your resume. With natural language processing abilities, it can help you craft a personalized cover letter for every job application.

But it's important to note that, especially at this stage of AI development, it should never be used without human review

The formatting and structure of your cover letter are crucial to landing your next interview, so always take time to review any AI-generated content for accuracy, spelling, and grammar.

Best practices for using Bard AI for your cover letter

Now that you know that Google Bard can write your cover letter, let's review some tips and best practices for getting the desired results quickly.

Give Bard context around your professional history and experience 

Feeding your resume into Google Bard will help it understand your specific skills and qualifications to generate a more accurate cover letter. 

Unfortunately, Google Bard only works with text-based input, meaning it can't read PDF files. That means you'll need to manually enter the information from your existing resume.

If this sounds like an annoying process, that's because it kind of is. 

It's one of the reasons to try Teal's free AI Resume Builder

Build your best resume with Teal's AI Resume Builder.

You can quickly change the content and structure of your resume to personalize it for specific roles. (Plus, you can use the built-in AI for ai resume creation and cover letters, getting the same output Google Bard or ChatGPT produces. But in fewer steps.) 

Sign up for Teal and start building your resume today! 

Make your AI prompts clear for the best output

When you ask Google Bard to generate your cover letter, be specific about what you want. For example, you can tell Bard the type of job you are applying for and the skills you want to highlight.

Try something like the following cover letter prompt. (You can also use one of the ten (should this be five?) prompts featured below!)

"I am applying for the position of [insert job title] at [company]. Analyze my current resume and draft a conversational, persuasive 200-word or less customized cover letter using the job description below. Be sure to include relevant metrics and my skills in [skill], [skill], and [skill]."

Customize your cover letters

Cover letter writing can be time-consuming. But it's important to remember that writing a personalized cover letter for every job you apply to is critical, as long as you have the right tools (like Google Bard, ChatGPT, or Teal), to make the process efficient.

A customized cover letter will help you stand out and grab attention as a qualified candidate, highlighting critical points with the skills and qualifications the hiring manager is looking for when filling a specific role.

In your prompt, include a list of or tell Bard to pull relevant keywords from the job description and incorporate them into your cover letter.

Verify the information provided by Bard is accurate

This is the most important part when working with any AI chatbot.

Verify that Bard's initial output is accurate—especially when dealing with personal experience, achievements, metrics, and skills. You may have to give several simple prompts to get the answer you're looking for.

Bard is a powerful tool, but it's not perfect. And its writing skills aren't entirely up to par with a person's.

Be sure to verify the information Bard provides before using it in your cover letter. 

5 Google Bard cover letter prompt examples

Now that you've learned more about what Bard is and know how to use it let's dive into some specific prompts you can give Google Bard to create your cover letter. 

AI cover letter prompt for a marketing position

Prompt: Write a cover letter for a [role] at [company], highlighting my creativity, data-driven approach, and passion for innovative strategies. Additional resources: I've included my resume for reference. Use the job description below to pull the most important keywords and research [company name] 's mission, values, and recent marketing campaigns to tailor your letter accordingly.

AI cover letter prompt for a customer success job

Prompt: Compose a cover letter for a [type of position] role at [company], emphasizing my soft skills of communication and empathy, relevant accomplishments, and ability to handle difficult customers. Additional resources: My resume and the job posting are attached for reference. Pull relevant keywords from and study the [company name] 's policies and practices, and mention any relevant experience or training I have.

AI cover letter prompt for a project manager

Prompt: Write a 200-word cover letter for a highly motivated [title] at [company], showcasing my organizational skills, problem-solving abilities, and track record of successful project completion. Additional resources: My resume is included for reference. Familiarize yourself with the [type of industry] and [company] 's areas of expertise. Highlight my relevant certifications or past project successes using metrics.

AI cover letter prompt for a leadership role

Prompt: Write a cover letter for a [title] at [company]. Highlight my employee management skills, communication skills, and dedication to fostering a positive professional team environment. Additional resources: Research [company name] 's approach to CX and EX. Mention any relevant certifications and specialized training using my resume below as a reference.

AI cover letter prompt for a backend engineer position

Prompt: Compose a short cover letter for a [job title] role at [company name]. Emphasize my experience, technical knowledge, and ability to build code using different programs. Additional resources: Learn about [company name] 's products. Include specific achievements and metrics to demonstrate my track record.

A faster way to write your cover letter with AI

If you want to save time, there's a faster way than using Google Bard or ChatGPT to write your cover letters, and that's Teal.

Rather than taking significant time to toggle between screens, copy and paste your resume, write prompts, edit content, and more, Teal has built-in AI functionality to help you write a concise cover letter for a specific job—quickly.

How job seekers can write a cover letter faster with Teal

Now that you understand how to use Google Bard to write your cover letter, you should know there's a faster, more streamlined way to create tailored cover letters to help your application stand out.

Teal has AI functionality built into the software—providing the tools and efficiency you need to make your job application stand out—all in one place.

1. If you haven't already, sign up for your free Teal account. Then, log in and navigate to the AI Resume Builder in the far left panel and select the resume you'll be working with.

2. Click the Cover Letter icon at the top of your screen.

3. To choose the job you want to customize your cover letter for, select a saved job from your Job Application Tracker from the drop-down menu.

4. Finally, click the "Generate with AI" button, and you'll have a cover letter tailored to the job you're applying to with just a click! Use the AI technology integrated within Teal's AI Resume Builder to generate personalized cover letters directly within the Teal platform.

Use the AI functionality within Teal’s AI Resume Builder to tailor multiple versions of your cover letter.
Use the AI functionality within Teal’s AI Resume Builder to tailor multiple versions of your cover letter.

Get started writing your cover letter with AI today

At the end of the day, tools like Bard and ChatGPT should be used as helpful writing assistants. But if you’re serious about landing your dream job, you need a tool designed to help you stand out. 

With Teal, in addition to AI functionality within the AI Resume Builder, you'll also get:

Sign up and try Teal for free and see how much it simplifies your job-searching life today!

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