How to Write a Resume With Google Gemini

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December 8, 2023
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3 key takeaways

  • What Google Gemini is
  • Three ways to use Google Gemini to write a resume
  • Best practices for writing your Gemini resume

Your resume is more than just a document—it's the customized key to your next career opportunity

But all the time spent writing, editing, optimizing, and tailoring your content can make managing your resume a daunting, time-consuming task.

Google's latest release, Gemini—the advanced technology behind Google Bard—can revolutionize how you approach your job search assets (especially your resume!).

Using Google's advanced tech, creating a Gemini resume becomes a streamlined, more intelligent process, transforming resume writing into a dynamic, more effortless experience, leaving you with more time to focus on your next move.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is the hardware that drives Bard. It's the technology behind Bard's ability to understand prompts, generate text, and answer your questions comprehensively. While Bard is the interface you interact with, Gemini does the heavy lifting behind the scenes—understanding your prompts and generating responses.

Natural language processing (NLP) helps Gemini break down your prompts into words, understand their grammatical roles and relationships, and extract meaning. Based on this analysis (and its continually evolving knowledge base), Gemini predicts the most likely and relevant continuation of text, producing responses.

Unlike ChatGPT, Gemini is unique in handling formats beyond plain text like images, videos, and code, making it more versatile. Gemini also leverages technology like tree search (exploring all possible solutions to a problem, like a branching tree, then picking the best course) and reinforcement learning (improving skills through trial and error) to continuously improve.

Can I use Gemini to write my resume?

Similar to writing a ChatGPT resume, using Gemini to create, update, and tailor your resume is a smart application of AI that'll help you streamline the process efficiently and precisely. Here are some benefits:

Saves you time and effort: Gemini can help you create a base resume and generate multiple versions—each tailored specifically to a job and reducing the time needed to create customized applications.

Improves your chances of getting found by hiring professionals: By integrating relevant keywords from the job description, Gemini helps increase your chances of being found by human reviewers searching the Application Tracking Systems (digital filing systems) for specific keywords, skills, and qualifications.

Highlights relevant skills and achievements: Google Gemini can analyze your experience and identify the most impactful skills and achievements for each job, ensuring your resume showcases alignment.

Creates a polished and professional document: When prompted, Gemini offers unlimited edits and checks for grammar and spelling errors, demonstrating attention to detail and professionalism.

How to use Google Gemini for your resume

The job of your resume is to showcase your skills and experience in a way relevant to each role you apply to.

And whether it's for your dream job or to take the next step in your career, in addition to showing your qualifications, your resume should always be a clear, concise synopsis of how you've had an impact in previous roles in a way that connects to a potential in a new position.

Here's how you can write a Gemini resume to do that:

Teal Note: To use Gemini and Google Bard to write a resume, first, head to Google Bard's homepage. At the top right, select "Sign in" and sign in to your Google account.

Creating resume achievements tailored to specific job descriptions

Even though your professional summary sits above your work experience on a resume, it'll be much easier to write that summary if you have an idea of your specific achievements in each role customized to a particular job.

It's important to understand that when it comes to work history achievements, they should be quantified as often as possible—incorporating hard skills and soft skills alongside metrics and numbers in a way that shows impact.

To write resume achievements using Gemini's technology:

  1. Copy the responsibilities from the job description of the role you're applying to.
  2. In the space provided, enter the prompt:
  3. "Using practical language, write three to five resume achievements based on my work experience as a [role] at [company] tailored to the job description below." [Press "Shift" + "Enter," then copy and paste the job description under the prompt.] Then click the "Submit" button to the right of the prompt.
  4. Once you've received a response, copy and paste the output into your resume—edit for accuracy if necessary. (Remember, your resume should be a real representation of what you've done. It's best practice not to embellish or stretch the truth.)

Use Teal's AI to create tailored achievements faster

If you want to skip the steps and create custom resume achievements quickly, try the Teal AI Resume Builder's updated achievement tool.

Rather than toggling from program to program, Teal's AI generates your resume bullets in the same place where you create, store, and update your resume—speeding up your workflow and using your previous work experience and the job description of the target role—making your achievements relevant.

Teal's AI achievements are fully customizable, with options to incorporate specific keywords, zero in on precise job descriptions, and create custom AI prompts.

Writing a professional summary

Your professional summary is a quick overview of your greatest achievements and overall career story. Think of it as a highlight reel that showcases your top skills, accomplishments, and unique value in a way that drives a hiring manager or recruiter to dig deeper into the rest of your resume.

Much like your achievements should be tailored to every specific role, your professional summary should be, too. That means writing this section of your resume with Gemini involves a bit of toggling between programs or pages, but the end result will be a summary that's aligned with the job you want.

  1. Copy the responsibilities from the job description of the role you're applying to. Paste them into the prompt space provided and press "Shift" + "Enter"—but don't hit submit just yet.
  2. Copy the achievements (and other relevant details) from your resume. Paste them below the responsibilities from the job description in the Bard prompt and space press "Shift" + "Enter"—but again, don't hit submit just yet.
  3. Now, beneath the job description and the details of your resume, write the prompt:
  4. "Using practical language, write a professional summary using my work experience and the job description above. Include my total years of experience and keep it shorter than 5 sentences."
  5. Once you've received a response, copy and paste the output into your resume—edit for accuracy like you edited your achievements.

Write your professional resume summary with AI

Much like achievements, Teal's AI functionality can create professional summaries in seconds without toggling between screens or programs.

By using Teal's Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker, you can save all your job search assets in one place easily—eliminating the need to copy and paste content from multiple places while keeping multiple documents organized.

Improving your existing resume

In addition to using Gemini to create or write your resume, you can also leverage AI to update and edit your existing content. Here's how!

Teal Note: To work with Gemini on an existing resume, copy and paste your content into the prompt space or upload your entire resume as an image or document.

  1. Upgrading your work experience with impactful language: Language is the key to grabbing attention and creating connection. Prompting Gemini to help you incorporate action verbs and power words can help you articulate your impact in a way that resonates.
  2. Personalize your professional summary: If you feel like your resume is in a good place overall, use Gemini to modify your existing summary so it's even more aligned with the requirements of a specific job—making necessary adjustments to ensure you position yourself as a great fit.
  3. Provide relevant skills, experiences, and achievements: Revamping the existing content in your "Work Experience" or "Skills" sections can help you customize your existing resume to specific jobs. To ensure you get the best Gemini resume output, share both the text from your resume and the job description so the tool can identify gaps or improvements.
  4. Review your resume for errors: Another recommended use of Gemini and Bard is to have it review your current content for any grammar mistakes, typos, or poorly structured sentences you might miss in your proofreading. (Remember you want your resume to have a professional look and feel, which means being free from errors.)

Bonus: Writing a Cover Letter

While not a part of your resume, cover letters are an important component of your job search assets.

Using Gemini and Google Bard to write a cover letter will not only help you tailor it to the role you're applying to but can also incorporate your experience in a way that's concise, aligned, and faster than staring at a blank page and hoping the words will come to you.

Here's how you write a Gemini cover letter:

  1. In the space provided, enter the prompt:
  2. "Using practical language, write a conversational, persuasive cover letter for [role] at [company] using my resume and a job description below." Then press "Shift" + "Enter," but don't hit the submit icon.
  3. Once you've written your prompt, copy the responsibilities from the job description of the role you're applying to. Paste them into the prompt space provided and press "Shift" + "Enter." (Again, don't hit submit just yet.)
  4. Finally, copy your resume and paste it below the responsibilities from the job description in the Bard prompt and space press "Shift" + "Enter" and hit "Submit."
  5. Once you've received a response, copy and paste the output into the program of your choice and review and edit for accuracy.

Pro Tip: Cover letters are another part of Teals AI Resume Builder that can help you skip multiple steps. Use the AI Cover Letter Generator to quickly write a customized document relevant to the role you're applying for and your work history in less than 30 seconds. 

An AI tool writing a cover letter similar to writing a Gemini resume and cover letter
Write a personalized cover letter in under 30 seconds with Teal's AI.

Best practices for using Gemini for resumes

To help you leverage AI tools like Gemini and ChatGPT for job applications and assets, below are four best practices to keep in mind:

Provide detailed, specific prompts.

Writing effective prompts is the key to getting the most out of AI's capabilities. Do your research, tweak your language, compare output, and if you find specific prompts that work really well, don't be afraid to use them more than once.

Give AI what it needs to succeed.

You asked Gemini to review specific details (like your resume and job descriptions) in each section above to craft a personalized response. By providing AI with the resources it needs, you're more likely to get output that's created specifically for you.

Review and edit output.

Never lie on your resume or in your job search assets. Always review the output from AI. Remember: AI is a tool to assist you in your job search, not a tool to fabricate your professional journey.

Proofread and double-check for errors.

AI isn't always correct. Use a tool like Grammarly for grammar and spell check. (Or opt for Teal's built-in spelling and grammar review so you can do this all in one centralized location.)

Leveraging AI to write a better resume

With the help of AI tools like Gemini for your resume, you can create a well-written, tailored, and personalized career history that highlights your impact, skills, strengths, qualifications, and experience in the most relevant and best possible way.

Using the steps above, you can leverage Gemini to write your resume, update your existing content, or tailor your experience to a specific job. But Teal can streamline this process even further—simplifying your workflow and speeding up the entire process.

Teal's AI Resume Builder is already integrated with AI technology, offering a range of tools to optimize your resume, including your summary, achievements, cover letters, and more—without toggling between screens and programs.

Ready to streamline your resume writing, updates, and customization with the power of AI?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unique advantages of using Google Gemini for creating a resume?

Google Gemini's AI resume builder offers a personalized experience by suggesting job-specific phrases and bullet points, optimizing keyword usage for applicant tracking systems, and providing design templates that are both professional and visually appealing. Its intuitive interface allows for quick edits and real-time feedback, making it a powerful tool for crafting a standout resume.

Can Google Gemini help me tailor my resume for different job applications?

Absolutely, Google Gemini is designed to assist in customizing your resume for various roles. By analyzing job descriptions and industry keywords, Gemini can recommend changes and additions to your resume, ensuring it aligns with the specific requirements and terminology of each position you're applying for.

How does Google Gemini ensure my resume remains up-to-date with current hiring trends?

Google Gemini leverages the latest AI technology to stay abreast of evolving hiring practices and trends. It continuously updates its database with new job titles, skills, and formatting preferences, ensuring your resume reflects the most current standards and increases your chances of catching the attention of hiring managers.

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