How to Use a Chatbot to Create a Resume

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April 21, 2023
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3 key takeaways:

  • How an AI chatbot can create an entire resume
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using an AI chatbot for your resume
  • Why an AI chatbot might not be the best solution for you

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, job seekers are constantly exploring new ways to stand out and make a lasting impression on potential employers.

Enter AI chatbots like ChatGPT, which offer innovative solutions for creating polished resumes that set your application apart. 

That's why, in this post, we're going to tackle the following questions head-on: can you use a chatbot to create a resume, and if so, how?

By the end of this article, our goal is to make sure you feel confident building personalized resumes for each of your applications. That way, you can secure more interviews and get closer to landing your dream job.

Before anything else, though, let's clarify what we mean by the term "AI chatbot."

What is an AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot is a digital tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to engage in human-like conversations through text or voice interactions. With natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, reputable chatbots can understand and respond to your messages in a way that's barely distinguishable from human writers.

But for the sake of clarity, it's important to understand that the word "chatbot" can refer to two different things.

One type of chatbot is designed for businesses to manage customer support by resolving queries and offering information. You're likely familiar with this type of chatbot if you've ever used one while resolving an issue with a company.

But a different kind of chatbot with even more potential for individual users has recently hit the market. 

And it's this second type of chatbot that we'll be discussing today.

AI chatbots like ChatGPT extend their capabilities well beyond customer support. These advanced chatbots assist individuals and companies in research, writing, editing, translating docs, and much more. They're like having a well-rounded and multi-faceted virtual assistant available 24/7.

As you might expect, highly motivated applicants are using AI chatbots to help make their resumes and cover letters stand out. Let's take a look at specifically how.

Note: Looking to work specifically with ChatGPT? Check out this helpful post: How to Write Your Resume with ChatGPT.

How a chatbot can help write your resume

There are many ways a job hunter might use an AI chatbot to make their resume. However, the most common ways include:

  • Getting advice on proper formatting
  • Polishing your resume's writing
  • Optimizing your resume for specific keywords

Let's look at each of these in more detail.

Give you tips on the best resume format to use

An AI chatbot can be a valuable resource for applicants who need advice on the best resume format to use.

First, a chatbot can assess a job seeker's experience level and career trajectory. For example, if an applicant is coming back after a long pause from work but they have relevant work experience for a role, a chatbot may recommend a combination resume format:

This would emphasize the applicant's relevant skills and achievements to compensate for the small gap in their work history.

The chatbot would then guide the user on how to create a functional resume step-by-step:

Once you let a chatbot know your work history, experience, and the context of the job you're applying for, it can help identify the best type of resume for your next application.

Did you know? When you build a resume with Teal, you can quickly and easily change the format of your resume in a few clicks:

Use Teal's AI Resume Builder to choose a professional format for your resume.

Why not see it for yourself? Sign up and try Teal 100% free by clicking here.

Polish each section of your resume’s writing

An AI chatbot can help applicants refine each section of their resume by providing suggestions to improve content, structure, and clarity.

Here are the most common sections people use a resume bot for help with:

  • Professional summary: Write a compelling and personalized summary or objective statement in seconds to highlight your most relevant skills and experience.
  • Work experience: Get tips for improvements on using quantifiable achievements and action verbs to showcase your contributions to previous roles.
  • Skills: Identify and prioritize your most relevant skills for the target job, ensuring that those skills effectively showcase your strengths and align with the requirements of the position.
  • Customization: Gain insights into tailoring the resume to specific job postings, identifying relevant keywords and phrases from the job description.

Want to take a deeper dive into using a chatbot to make your resume? Read this in-depth post about how you can best leverage ChatGPT for your resume.

Optimize writing for specific roles using targeted keywords 

An AI chatbot can optimize writing for specific roles, like a marketing manager role, by incorporating targeted keywords that can be picked up by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software.

Here's how an AI chatbot can help with this:

  • Analyzing job descriptions: Extract relevant keywords and phrases from the job description, identifying the most important skills, qualifications, and attributes that the employer is seeking.
  • Identifying industry-specific terminology: Recognize industry-specific jargon, acronyms, and terminology, ensuring your writing reflects the language commonly used within the target sector.
  • Prioritizing keywords: Prioritize the most impactful keywords to effectively highlight your most relevant qualifications and experiences.
  • Strategically incorporating keywords: Add targeted keywords throughout your writing in a natural and contextually appropriate manner.

Worried about ATS software not prioritizing your resume? Don't be. Instead, check out this helpful resource: How to Optimize Your Resume for ATS.

Can an AI chatbot help with a cover letter, too?

Yes, an AI chatbot can help a job seeker build a cover letter. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, chatbots like ChatGPT can quickly generate a first draft of a cover letter that includes the right words and phrases to capture the attention of hiring managers and increase the job seeker's response rate.

You can even ask ChatGPT to create modifiable cover letter templates that you can use to personalize for specific roles:

When creating your cover letter, highlight your work experience and skills that align with the requirements of the job. An AI chatbot can analyze the job posting and identify the key qualifications and responsibilities that the employer is seeking, helping job seekers tailor their cover letter to meet these expectations.

And using an AI chatbot to build a cover letter can save time for job seekers who are applying for multiple jobs.

Rather than starting from scratch each time, an AI chatbot can generate a baseline cover letter that job seekers can then customize for each job application, ensuring that they are highlighting the most relevant skills and experiences for each position.

So, to recap: 

  • Yes, AI chatbots can help write your cover letter, but you’ll need to manually feed ChatGPT resume information
  • You can also give ChatGPT the original job posting, so it can highlight the most relevant skills in your cover letter 
  • Finally, ChatGPT is great for adapting and personalizing resumes when applying to multiple jobs

And while this is a huge time-saver, it’s not a feature that’s particularly unique to ChatGPT. 

In fact, Teal's AI Resume Builder has generative AI built into the dashboard that allows you to write tailored cover letters for each position you're applying to.

Plus, once you’ve created a resume for a specific role, you can use Teal’s AI Resume Builder to create custom cover letters for each one. 
Plus, once you’ve created a resume for a specific role, you can use Teal’s AI Resume Builder to create custom cover letters for each one. 

Advantages to using a chatbot to make your resume 

Here are a few advantages to working with a chatbot like ChatGPT to build your amazing resume.


Chatbots can offer valuable insights and recommendations on crafting a compelling and effective resume tailored to the user's specific industry and target role. From structure and formatting to content and phrasing, an AI chatbot can share best practices to help job seekers showcase their qualifications and achievements most effectively.


Creating a resume can be a time-consuming process, but an AI chatbot can significantly streamline this task. By providing instant feedback and suggestions, the chatbot accelerates the resume creation process, enabling job seekers to produce polished and professional documents quickly.


AI chatbots excel at optimizing resumes for specific roles using targeted keywords and industry-specific language. This optimization not only increases the chances of the resume passing applicant tracking systems (ATS) but also makes it more appealing to potential employers, as it demonstrates the candidate's strong alignment with the desired position.

Plus, once you get good at working with ChatGPT, you can use it to improve other assets in your job search. For example, check out this post to learn four ways ChatGPT can optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Limitations to building your resume with a chatbot

Like any tool, working with ChatGPT can have certain drawbacks when building a resume. Here are a few of the most common concerns.


While AI chatbots can provide helpful suggestions on resume structure and organization, they don’t generate the most visually appealing or industry-specific formatting. As a result, job seekers may still need to invest time in fine-tuning the layout and design of their resume to ensure it stands out and aligns with industry standards.

Lack of Personalization

AI chatbots are great at offering general guidance and recommendations, but they may not always capture the unique qualities and nuances that make a candidate stand out for a specific role. You should always review and edit the chatbot's suggestions to ensure your resume effectively communicates your personal brand and distinct value proposition.

Accuracy of your work history and accomplishments

Software like ChatGPT is prone to something called "hallucinations." This is when the chatbot confidently fills gaps with fictitious information when it doesn't know the answer. And since ChatGPT doesn't know your work history, it could "hallucinate" parts of your work history, skills, accomplishments, etc.

Again, it's always important to manually edit your resume when using an AI chatbot to help you build it.

Can a chatbot write a resume?

In short, yes, a chatbot like ChatGPT can write a resume. Drawing on its extensive knowledge and natural language processing abilities, ChatGPT can offer expert guidance on crafting an effective resume tailored to the user's specific industry and target role.

That said, it may not be the silver-bullet solution you're looking for.

Chatbots are great because they use generative AI to bust through the first draft of your application materials (professional summary, achievements, a cover letter, etc.). But generative AI is no longer unique, and most apps can now work with GPT language models (3.5 or 4), the same engine that runs ChatGPT.

Teal, for example, has generative AI built directly into the AI Resume Builder dashboard:

With a single click, you can watch as impactful sections of your resume gets written like magic:

That means Teal's AI Resume Builder not only helps you intuitively format your resume, but it also helps you write major portions of it, too.
That means Teal's AI Resume Builder not only helps you intuitively format your resume, but it also helps you write major portions of it, too.

This is a big advantage over working with a chatbot like ChatGPT that can give you the writing and research you need but could be better for formatting the final output into a shareable resume.

Plus, it comes with a host of other tools to:

But hey, why not compare for yourself? Both ChatGPT and Teal are free to start!

Try Teal at no risk today and see how easy it is to get a personalized resume and cover letter in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot is an intelligent software program that uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to human language in a conversational manner, often used for customer support, information retrieval, or simple task automation.

Can an AI chatbot create a resume for my job search?

Yes, an AI chatbot can help create a resume for your job search by gathering information about your work experience, education, and skills, then formatting and organizing it into a professional and visually appealing document.

Should I hire a professional resume writer or use an AI chatbot?

Both options have their merits in your job hunt. A resume writer offers personalized attention and expert knowledge for resume writing, while an AI chatbot can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution. Your choice depends on your needs, budget, and the level of customization you require for your resume.

Which is a better solution for landing an interview: a resume builder or an AI chatbot?

The better solution depends on your preference for guidance and the amount of control you want in crafting your resume. Typically, a tool like Teal's AI Resume Builder gives you more control over the formatting of your resume while still helping you write the content.

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