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Picture of Teal member Natalie Ostoic

Natalie Ostoic

Product Marketing
at ShopRunner

It has made my job search much easier to track and update. I never am lost in my job search and it enables me to tailor my applications within minutes. Highly recommend!
Picture of Teal member Janet Yen

Janet Yen

VP of Marketplace
at Jobandtalent

I've been using the Teal job tracker over the last few months and it's been so helpful in staying organized and upleveling my job applications. I'm SO thankful to have Teal throughout the job search process

Matthew Melendez

Executive Recruiter

Amazing extension and perfect for keeping track of the job search while also tailoring your resume.

Shirene Niksadat

Customer Success
at Eventbrite

I am telling everyone I know about Teal. Job tracking has turned into a wonderful experience.

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