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How to Set Goals to Optimize Your Career

Setting a concrete plan can help you prioritize what’s important in your life, as well as future aspirations. Looking in depth at your accomplishments and setbacks and asking yourself what you can work on is helpful for self-reflection and setting intentions for what you want to complete.

Setting goals for yourself can be a useful aspect of progressing through your personal and professional life—especially when it comes to the job search or making a career pivot. Our free workbook can help guide you through the process so you can evaluate and establish important goals, creating a clear idea of what you’re working towards.

First, rate your level of satisfaction with the areas of life on the list and add in any specific details. This will help you prioritize the sections of your life you may want to work on and what your goals should relate to.

Then, reflect on the aspects of your career like obstacles, milestones, and successes. Answer questions like what went well? What didn’t go well? What do you want to focus on now? This will lay the base for the goals you are going to set. The workbook also offers many additional resources and tools for you to use to help with your career growth and goal setting.

Finally, create the goals for your year based on everything else you wrote down and plan how you’re going to complete them. These goals should focus on helping you grow and accomplish steps in your career. Remember, these goals should challenge you but still be achievable in the end.

Access the free workbook here, and sign up for Teal to start saving and applying for jobs that align with your values.

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Dave Fano

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